Another Shooting After Pro-Trump Rally During ANTIFA Riots In Portland OR

The shooting last night in DNC hell hole, Portland OR, happened on camera with KOIN TV doing a report during the fracas only the reporter gives zero information about what she supposedly saw?  The insanity continues as DNC cities fall into complete chaos as Trump supporters rally peacefully and then are physically attacked openly by Biden communist rioters who have been terrorizing DNC run cities for the last several months, openly physically beating people mercilessly.


Earlier in the day on Saturday, pro-Trump supporters formed a car/truck rally so they would not be spreading disease like the openly mass gangs of far leftists who riot every day now in Oregon.  These patriots got in their vehicles to drive around while waving US flags.  So ANTIFA/BLM/DNC gangs ran illegally into the highways as per usual, and as they always do, physically attacked the Trump supporters by swinging 2x2x6′ sticks and throwing things.


There are videos clearly showing that the Trump supporters are legal and following all correct rules and laws while the Biden communists break every law in the books.  Night fell and as always, the pro-Biden fighters went into total violence and someone was shot dead.  According to the reporter in the top story here, she and her crew saw the murder and even made a video of it and she and they provided zero information when ‘reporting’ this killing.


So we all suspect it was an ANTIFA/BLM/DNC murder.

The radical leftists love stopping traffic and then attacking drivers!  They have been doing this ever since Trump won the previous election.  Note the agressive tools the leftists carry as they violently harass people. We also see toy guns on both sides!  This is rapidly escalating in DNC cities which feature DNC leaders demanding NO MORE COPS!


The ANTIFA radicals are doing everything possible to interfere with traffic.  They do this constantly and then scream with rage when run over by cars after flinging themselves in front of moving cars!  This happens all the time.  As night falls, they chase down and mob Trump supporters and even Congressmen and Congress women even in DC.  Thie abov video shows the shooting, there were MULTIPLE shootings last night, killing one person at the entrance to a parking garage.


Also the last two days, rioters on the far left have besieged the mayor of this dying city, at his apartment in town (he has a safe hole to hide in elsewhere):

Meanwhile, yesterday evening in dying St. Louis MO:

In that other DNC hell hole, St. Louis MO, two police officers were shot, one might die of his head wound, by a violent black man who was terrorizing black women. Just a few hours earlier, the St. Louis police tweeted this:

BREAKING NEWS: After I published today’s story, this came in…


Trying hard to be ‘fair and balanced’ unlike 100% of all Bilderberg media, Fox news ran this editorial by a black Biden supporter, Richard Fowler. In this long screed by a professional victim, he talks about how Trump is evil towards blacks while the DNC has been nothing but good despite all evidence to the contrary.


Nearly 100% of the comments to the editorial are critical of Fowler like this one:


I guess we are going to have to have a “quit fighting, running, and resisting arrest” march. Black Lives Matter, NAACP, Black Panthers, Black Colleges and Universities. Who’s racist?


Yes, I have noted that uniformly, all BLM protests are on behalf of obvious violent criminals resisting arrest or openly attacking police.  This same organization shows zero interest in stopping little black children and babies from being killed by violent criminals who are also black.  Indeed, even mentioning black victims of black criminals gets the communist leftists infuriated to the point of…killing people for saying this!


Now on to Bilderberg violence: here is proof that the gang who run ‘liberal’ (sic) media are either insane or utterly evil:


This is an ASSOCIATED PRESS release!!!  This report falsely says that Senator Paul ‘claimed without evidence’ that he was assaulted after leaving the White House.  This is astonishing.  We have plenty of video evidence that the Senator and his wife were viciously assaulted and police had to surround him to escort him to his destination.  It was all extremely obvious his life was in grave danger from RIOTERS.


A video of the encounter with the protesters, who were yelling for Paul to say Breonna Taylor’s name, shows no attack on Paul, only a police officer who was jostled while carrying a bicycle and then stumbled into the Kentucky senator’s shoulder.


We have a video showing very clearly a deranged mob of violent leftists were trying to harm the Senator and his WIFE.  They pushed so hard to reach him, he and his WIFE could not walk forwards but were jostled quite violently and a police officer was hit by a BIKE deliberately in the hopes of knocking him down so the rioters could attack the SENATOR.

The video clearly shows one of the communist attackers deliberately rushing in to Rand Paul, knocking the police officer who is desperately using a BIKE to shield the Senator and his WIFE.


AP is totally lying about something very obvious to anyone seeing the actual video which they don’t have in the story because it wrecks their fake news story if we see how violent the rioters were that night.


Police and other security personnel formed a cordon around Paul and his wife as they left the White House shortly after midnight to walk a few blocks to their hotel, and the couple didn’t appear to come into physical contact with the protesters and were unharmed.


Thanks to the heroes protecting the Senator and his WIFE, they were not beaten to death by violent leftist communist radicals.  None of the radicals were arrested since this is DC, a city run by a communist mayor.


Still, Paul tweeted that he “Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House,” and he thanked police for “literally saving our lives from a crazed mob.”


Yes, the Senator is correct and anyone seeing the video of ALL the rioters who attacked ALL of the people leaving the White House can easily see the truth: the leftists were very violent and no one was arrested for rioting which is insane.  And is also 100% the fault of the mayor of that city.


In a television appearance on Friday, Paul linked the encounter with the protesters to lawlessness and a movement to defund police departments and said nobody would be safe in America if Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, wins the White House.


Senator Paul is correct:  NO ONE is safe now.  And yes, the DNC political machine is siding with rioters demanding no more police.


“We can’t have Joe Biden rule the country and have no police,” Paul told Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.”


Rand Paul is correct.  Biden is stupid.  He should have denounced the far leftists instead, he sided with AOC and her gang of racist violent radical communists.


Biden has said he does not want to defund police departments and claims Trump has proposed cutting money for local police support. Biden said he favors increasing funding for local police forces and deploying more social workers into police work.


HAHAHA.  This shows that Biden is insane or evil.  When did Trump propose cutting money for police???  And how can he cut ‘local police’ when DNC mayors fund ‘local police’ not the Feds?  Also, Biden wants more ‘social workers’ and where is the money for that coming from?


Why, cutting a billion dollars from NYC police, for example!  This is what Biden supporter, de Blasio, has already done!  And NYC is collapsing into chaos thanks to de Blasio!


Paul alleged, without offering any evidence, that the demonstrators were paid to create trouble on the streets of the nation’s capital.  “I think we’re going to find out that these people are hired and from out of town, specifically in our case,” Paul claimed.


He suggested a possibility and was clear about this, he didn’t make any outright accusations about George Soros funding riots.  He suggests we discover how these rioters are funded which is reasonable.  Here is the final line in the AP story which was filled to the brim with lies and deceptions:


This story has been corrected to show Paul’s tweet thanked police for “saving our lives,” not “saving his life.”

Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.


They misquoted him deliberately and were forced to change it!  HAHAHA.  I made the NYT do that long, long ago when they totally deleted me from a story about a policeman who was assassinated right in front of my eyes and I was the only witness.  Note how AP forbids anyone from quoting THEM as they lie and lie and lie!


Sorry, but I can’t write about AP lies without quoting…AP lies!  The debate here is, ‘Does AP lie’ and to discuss this vital news, we have to quote the actual lies and since the entire news story is utterly peppered by outright lies and deceptions, we have extensive quotes of these exact lies and deceptions!


And fake news continues to screw up everything which is why Palin has launched her own lawsuit against mainstream media:

She was under sustained attack by the Bilderberg media for years now.  Her partner when she ran for office, McCain, suddenly went violently to the leftist side when Trump won the election (unlike Mc Cain’s poor showing in his attempt) and that poor, deranged elderly man sided with open anti-patriots to attack Trump over and over again until McCain died of brain cancer.


What a sorry end for that man!  Died on the hill, defending international bankers and brokers and politicians who hate American patriots!  The North Vietnamese are laughing about all this.

the Tea Party has merged with the GOP again now that they are no longer forced to back Bilderberg gangsters who were funded previously to run for office.  Trump broke that camel’s back!  And this is infuriating our Real Rulers no end!



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3 responses to “Another Shooting After Pro-Trump Rally During ANTIFA Riots In Portland OR

  1. lou

    Judas Priest, Portland still has police?

    Unqualified Blacks are being made Police Chiefs everywhere.

    Chuck Lovell is Portland’s eighth Chief in the last six years. He was jumped four ranks from Lieutenant to Chief, bypassing Captain, Commander, Assistant Chief, and Deputy Chief.

  2. Yes, and the female one in Seattle had the same meteoritic rise, too.

  3. lou

    2–Santa Monica has a Celine Dion look alike as popo chief. Her hubby is a cop so they double dip. The last chief was a ‘2 fer’–black and female.
    She reportedly got a 10 million dollar bye bye out and went on to a million dollar a year job.
    Santa Monica [low crime till may 31, when police stood down] spends
    100 million yearly on police, that doesnt include campus police. and park rangers.

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