Democrat Politicians Demand Trump Not Come Visit Hell Hole Cities! HAHAHA.

Democrats have legalized stealing and looting via raising the misdemeanor charge so that one can steal up to nearly $1000 or do damage up to that amount and not be arrested.  This meant two things: criminals get to run riot nonstop now, stealing stuff and this is not recorded as ‘crimes’ so the ‘crime rate’ goes down while actual theft goes through the roof.


I used to give speeches in NY City about this very topic, many years ago.  ‘Petty theft and grand thefts go hand in glove.  In between committing major crimes, criminals commit petty crimes,’ I would explain.  ‘Enforcing the small crime laws leads to criminals unable to live lawlessly so they leave for easier cities to loot,’ I said way back in 1981.


Click here to see video of two police in NYC attacked in the Bronx when they gave a ticket for car parked illegally at fire hydrant:

De Blasio has the parking police not carry guns so anyone can attack them.  Note that the girlfriend tried to stop her hulking boyfriend.  One lady on twitter posted:


In Virginia they just made it a misdemeanor to assault a police officer as long as they are “not hurt” – an argument of perspective & recipe for disaster. Open season on police w/ their hands tied. They want police to be assaulted so more mayhem when officer defends themselves.


Yes, this is true.  The Democratic Party is legalizing fighting cops and if cops do fight back, they can be put in prison!  This is called ‘a lose-lose’ situation.  I know first hand how violent criminals can be when arrested.  Encouraging them to resist arrest has dire consequences for both police and the people they have to arrest.

The President is visiting an American city and the deranged DNC governor demands our President not come because…HAHAHA.  I keep saying, arrest these treasonous creeps!   They are directly connected to the rioters and looters!  They are deliberately destroying their own cities and I have seen this first hand!


When NYC was looted and burned years ago, our mayor, Beame, went on TV to announce all was well and he refused to jail any of the rioters and he did nothing and it took two generations to rebuild the destroyed parts of the city and…another ‘liberal’ mayor who lived right where the 1977 riots occurred, let the city be trashed again!  There is a connection between mayors pandering to the criminal class and cities being looted and burned.


Across the USA, patriots are driving around with US flags which infuriates the rioters and communists who wave the red flag of communism whenever they use flags.  So the rioters attack any caravans that dare fly the bars and stars.  They love to fling themselves on cars and then squeal they were hit by the cars when we have tons of evidence of them deliberately getting in front of moving cars so they can stop these and terrorize the drivers and passengers.  Arrest them all!


No longer intimidated by Bilderberg mainstream media mouthpieces and fake news, citizens are turning up by the many thousands to fly the US flag.  The Democrats will only get the illegal alien/criminal class/welfare/woke women vote and thus, go down in flames now that even many women are figuring out they are in serious trouble if they vote for liberals.


For example, I am for abortions and birth controls.  But I won’t vote for Castro!  That negates the other.  We can fight tooth and nail for birth controls while not voting for communists.  On the other hand, voting for communists who then destroy civilization, that is fatal for everyone!

Chaos is everywhere, like the man who openly jumped a woman on a subway platform in the middle of the day and tried to rape her.  He has been arrested.  Will he be let out on little or no bail?  This is what ‘liberals’ are now doing!  These monsters are being LET OUT AFTER ARRESTS.  Some of them go out and intimidate victims thus, insuring there is never any trials.


The young St. Louis black police officer shot by a black criminal when giving him a ticket, died yesterday:

Meanwhile, MSNBC and CNN both claim there are no ‘riots’:

HAHAHA.  They illustrated their own denial of a ‘riot’ with a store set on fire by…rioters.

Yes, it is funny how nakedly these globalists lie about obvious events.  But then, there are many liberals who are brainwashed by this so it does work but less and less as time passes and even stupid people can figure out who is destroying civilization.

These bill boards, created by a black WOMAN in a black ORGANIZATION has been pulled down illegally by the mayor of Milwaukee.  Telling blacks to work evidently is offensive?  Good lord, the Democrats are in very serious trouble.  What is worse, the bill board quoted the Bible.  Demons screamed with rage.


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7 responses to “Democrat Politicians Demand Trump Not Come Visit Hell Hole Cities! HAHAHA.

  1. T. Erickson

    Are stores that you have to pre-pay before you buy going to start being a trend now? I know some gas stations have that policy.

  2. In NY, nearly all make you pre pay for years now. Only in small towns let you pump and then pay.

  3. Moe

    I ran into this as early as 1988 near Boston. Booth was locked and manned by 3 surly male attendants. I thought it paranoid as hell, nowadays it’s becoming the norm.

  4. Moe, Curly and Harry? 🙂

  5. Moe

    Tsk,tsk, Stooges fans everywhere will boycott your blog: it’s Larry, Moe, and Curly.

  6. Pete

    Is that you Moe?

  7. I am NOT Curly. My hair is straight!

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