Democrats Screech At Trump: DO NOT Come To Kenosha! Biden Leaves Cave To Blame Trump For Everything

Our President lowered the boom on the corrupt, insane far leftist mayor of Portland, OR: Fed agents will now go into the city and restore order even if the mayor doesn’t want this!  Now that Ted Wheeler has openly said he will not protect his own citizens who are stuck in his dying city, the President has the right to save law abiding citizens!  So now, suddenly, the very stupid but not as stupid as Wheeler, the Governor has moved troops into the city FINALLY many weeks too late, like multiple months too late.


Still, the mayor must be arrested for his many crimes.  Allowing wild gangs of communists to run riot for 90 days is criminal, it is even treason.  If I lived there, I would have been very much up in arms over this after all, this happened to me in NYC.  One of the funny things was, when the President of the City Council in NYC who lived about half a mile from me, gave me everything I asked for dealing with criminals and this enabled us to stop crimes.  Once we gained the reputation that ‘break a law in our neighborhood, you go to prison’ was enforced, crime nearly vanished.


Yes, one has to stand one’s ground and fight.  I have done this, physical battles, guns going off, bombs thrown violence.  Far from pulling strings and having the police and politicians do the sane things to keep a city alive, the Machine fought us tooth and nail and their main tool was passive: just let armies of very violent criminals mostly hanging out in ‘public housing’ the right to run riot day and night, month after month, year after year.


We eventually won our battles but the real victory began with the arrest and imprisonment of a parcel of criminal POLITICIANS all of whom were liberal Democrats!  It was great, the transformation after the head of the serpent was cut.


Well, today in Pittsburgh, a short hop from where Biden was hiding, he attacked Trump as if Trump caused the coronavirus and the communist riots in DNC run cities and states.  This is the official DNC position now: take zero blame for their own riots that they refuse to stop or deal with should all fall on Trump which means, very simply, Trump gets to squash these, himself, while the DNC stands there, stupified.


Talk about leadership!  HAHAHA.  Trump said today, he will happily deal with the DNC mayors and governors!  These radicals plan to prevent voters from going to the polls, this is all the DNC has left now that their popularity is collapsing rapidly.  By the way, this old, senile man, Biden, refused to answer even one question after his brief speech he gave in Pittsburgh today.  And his speech was barely different from all the other DNC speeches in that it made no mention of the raging mobs of far leftists systematically destroying our DNC cities and terrorizing our citizens caught up in these hell holes.


The trick the DNC is playing is to condemn the rioting with zero mention, who is rioting and what they are doing, instead, blaming the victims of these many riots is the trick they wish to pull which is why all mainstream media focuses only on things anti-ANTIFA citizens are doing, as they try to stop the violent leftist mobs.  Also, Biden and his buddies never ever mention who is responsible for stopping these ANTIFA/BLM riots: the DNC which is why I normally type ‘ANTIFA/BLM/DNC’ when talking about the collapse of US cities run by Biden’s party.


Here is the Governor of Wisconsin, my birth state, whining exactly like the mayor of Portland, OR, demanding our PRESIDENT not visit his dying city in his deadly state because they are all pooped out after rioting like crazy, nonstop, with zero interference by anyone in the DNC party machine that simply stood aside while raging mobs looted, burned and killed based on the most idiotic reasons, falsehoods and stupid emotions.  It is all ‘Trump’s fault’ with the DNC clowns.

What the hell are they going to ‘rebuild’?  Eh?  Put up more stuff for blacks and young communist radicals can then loot and burn again?  Hello!  That is stupid.  No one wants to do the ‘rebuilding’ if it merely means a repeat of what happened.  Why?


Because we know the ‘authorities’ don’t give a damn!  IF the liberals don’t want to be bothered to stop violent criminals looting cities, then either plow over the city and return it to nature or remove the politicians and replace them with people willing to fight for law and order!  It is that simple.  I love how this very evil liberal governor whines that ‘he has to be focused on keeping the people of Kenosha SAFE…’ when this noxious fool didn’t lift a finger to protect them during the riots!!!  Arrest Tony Evers!  He enabled looting and killing deliberately!


More Coronavirus News: yet another medicine works on stopping the disease: CAT MEDS!


The drugs, dipeptide-based protein inhibitors, referred to as GC376 and GC373, are designed to treat cats with feline infectious peritonitis, a potentially fatal illness caused by another type of coronavirus, feline enteric coronavirus (FCoV), according to a press release about the study. The release explained that FCoV is a coronavirus that has traits similar to the SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.


HAHAHA…amazing.  Yes, this is great news!  Of course, they are going to test and test it.  When everyone is either dead or OK after the epidemic, they will allow us to use these novel cures.  Whoopee.


“The main protease in feline form of coronavirus and the virus associated with feline infectious peritonitis is highly homologous compared to the SARS-CoV2 protease associated with COVID-19,” Joanne Lemieux, a professor in the department of biochemistry at the University of Alberta, stated in the release. The success in treating cats with the medication may carry over to helping humans infected with COVID-19, the researcher said.


“The studies found that GC376 and GC373 were effective in targeting the protease for both SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2,” the researchers stated in the study.


Next time a coronavirus comes, we can at least go to the vet.  BTW, I am taking our dogs to the vet tomorrow.

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