Portland ANTIFA Murderer Arrested Twice With Gun, Released By Far Leftist DA

Online sleuths have figured out who the Portland OR killer is thanks to his tattoos and other items.  The police have yet to arrest him.  I say, arrest the mayor of Portland OR.  He is directly responsible for the assassination of an innocent man who was walking quietly down a street when an ANTIFA thug decided to kill him for no reason.  This thug was previously arrested TWICE this summer with a gun and released so he could continue going to riots armed with a gun!  This is insanity.  The DA is also a Democrat and released this criminal.  The DA should also be charged with murder conspiracy.

Good lord, this criminal has been very busy this summer, breaking laws!   MULTIPLE gun arrests and released each time, his son, too.  Drag racing also…while mayor Ted Wheeler was talking about how the summer riots were merely celebrations.


Bloomberg news interviewed the killer before he killed, calling him a great ‘snowboarder’ who taught city youth how to do that sport.

This Biden voter is now in deep trouble, the Federal government is now hunting him down, no quick release by communist judges.  Way back when I tried to restore law and order in NYC there were two obvious goals: arrest Democratic politicians and replace Democratic judges.  This worked wonders, slowly, of course, but it works.  Giuliani arresting these political criminals went a very long ways towards fixing the street crime problems.

Lady Gaga keeping it ‘classy’.


By the way, the super liberal ‘we love crime’ shows like the MTV’s VMA awards are in the trash can as viewers vanish.  Pop stars preen and strut and sneer and snarl at us as their audience shrinks rapidly for the last several years.  Hollywood is going bankrupt, doing this too.  Sports is vanishing as even ice hockey bends the knee to the violent criminals of BLM which is excited into action only when violent criminals die while fighting cops:


 But when he won for best R&B video for “Blinding Lights,” the humble star shined a light on the social issues going on that are far bigger than the VMAs. “It’s really hard for me to celebrate right now and enjoy this moment,” he said. “So I’m just gonna say ‘Justice for Jacob Blake’ and ‘Justice for Breonna Taylor.’ ” The anger about all this is at an all time high now.


As the audience vanishes, these clowns double down on the dumb.  I wish they didn’t have top notch police protections in their palatial homes.  I wish the looters and killers could riot in their own sheltered hoods.

This ‘study’ is utterly deranged.  My family came in the Gold Rush, they stayed to put in law and order in the Wild West, they fought in Arizona in the only Civil War battle there (none in California) and did this, fighting for the Union.  Neither the Arizona territory nor California state allowed slavery!  So why reparations?  This is looting people who had nothing to do with slavery so that blacks can get freebies for zero work.  This is pure lunacy.


My father’s grandfather came to California from Germany to paint large pictures of California’s amazing landscape.  My grandfather helped discover Meteor Crater and I grew up with a big hunk of that meteor in the living room until my father gave it to the Smithsonian Museum when my grandfather died.


The man who traveled with my grandfather when doing astronomy work was a freed slave from Texas which my grandfather took under his wing and taught him astronomy and they worked as a team.  Assuming everyone was evil to blacks in the past is a lie.  There was lots of very nasty racism going on but also lots of people resisting racism and I am proud to say, my own family always tried to be fair and honest.


Like NY City, LA and other major CA cities are filled with recent immigrants.  I suppose they will be heavily taxed to pay for ‘slavery reparations’ due to slavery in distant states which California fought to stop.  Yup.  This will finish California once and forever if people who move there and this is a huge hunk of the population, are heavily taxed for crimes against humanity committed more than 160 years ago, far away from California!


I am so happy I don’t live there anymore.  None of my family lives there anymore.  This whole business has turned into a Mafia style shake down of voters:  ‘Nice state you have there, it would be a shame if it burned down!’




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5 responses to “Portland ANTIFA Murderer Arrested Twice With Gun, Released By Far Leftist DA

  1. Jim R

    I have more Native American blood in me than Elizabeth Warren. (which would still register as ‘none at all’ on any respectable test) . . . so EVERYBODY owes me reparations!

    Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  2. KHS71

    Only whites will have to pay even though many of them never held slaves my family included. What about the blacks that held slave before the civil war? Will they have to pay?

  3. Funny how the radicals want the offspring of SERFS to pay for ‘slavery’. HAHAHA. Oh, make the super elites and the British royals pay for all this! They enslaved EVERYONE except fellow Normans. These, they fought tooth and nail for power, killing lots and lots of peasants in the process.

  4. Jim R

    Blacks had slaves — this is a fact I only learned as an adult, we weren’t taught that in school. Also, the owners of the slave trade ships did not capture wild Africans for their evil money-making schemes. No, they BOUGHT them from other Africans, and Arabs.

    Do modern-day Kenyans need to pay reparations for their evil slave-trading past? (or whoever was selling them to the English and Portugese trade ships)

    Interestingly, you can still buy slaves, thanks to Hillary, in what is left of Libya. When Qaddafi ran the place there was a death penalty for human trafficking, but now it’s all liberal and stuff.

  5. lou

    4–you were late to the truth party.
    Slavery is horrible but the facts are Black slaves here were longer lived than african residents. and supposedly better nourished.

    White slaves–Irish or whoever, had a life of 6 years once they arrived in the not free world.

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