Violent Leftists Continue To Be Violent When Not Being Merely Stupid

Leftists love pretending to ‘moral’ but their morals are chucked out the door when they get emotional and since they are mostly emotional, morals don’t do much at all.  They demand the right to make violent racket after midnight, screaming their dogma to all and sundry and then get mad and even more violent when asked to stop.  They can’t stop, this is their entire existence now which is why they love the lock down so much: it only locks down full adults, not these ‘student’ rabble who congregate nightly in huge mobs.


In the California case, pro-Trump voters were hanging out in a parking lot, not in the street, blocking traffic.  When a gang of violent leftists approached, itching to riot, a car driven by one of these drove straight into the parking lot, hitting a few people and sending one to the hospital.  The cops on motorcycles went after the car and arrested the driver but then the leftist mob attacked everyone else, as per always.

And in New York City, the rioters mobbed in Manhattan hoping to cause more mayhem when many cops on bikes arrived and arrested them rather violently.  The plan of harassing people forced to eat outdoors has led to many ANTIFA/BLM/DNC menacing diners which is funny since it motivates people to vote for Trump.  Foley Park was closed at midnight and this is why the leftists wanted to riot.  They want to have everything open all the time!


Young people have lots of energy and often very little brains.  Even smart young people are this way, I should know, I was once one of these.  Schools are now indoctrination centers to train kiddies to not think at all which has the usual results: rampant stupidity.


Campus Reform’s reporters are fellow students who know perfectly well, the weakness of the thinking ability of their fellow students and they love doing these videos so here are more samples of stupidity.  Quote leftists while saying they are Trump is a great way to boggle the brains of the brainless youths on our campuses:


There are endless examples of this mindless lunacy.  It is rather sad.  Students are actively rewarded for being brainless.  Show the slightest spunk and question the professors and you are punished with bad grades or kicked out of class.  Employers are discovering that hiring the successful ‘students’ can lead to going bankrupt because they are dangerous ideological lunatics who want a collapse of civilization!  ‘Get woke/go broke’ is unfortunately very true.


 Racial divide erupts among Baruch College professors: lawsuit


Here is a typical story of a mindless professor who is now being destroyed by her own buddies who are ‘Faculty of Color Caucus, a group of educators in the school’s Sociology and Anthropology Department, who accused white colleagues of racism “for no other reason than their skin color,” the professor claims in court papers.’  The article is hilarious, this white professor who is a silly female dug her own grave shovel load by shovel load over the years:


“I thought we were operating as a team here, to address these issues,” said Root, who was out on sabbatical when the caucus made its move. “Now we’re marking out who is white, and who is not white, and you’ve decided without knowing anything about me, without knowing about my background, that I am only white … At a minimum I just wanted to have some dialogue about this, because it is complex and sensitive.”


HAHAHA.  Her entire opus was all about ‘who is white/not white’ and it is not ‘complex’.  Blacks want to have segregation again, they think, as a small minority, they are the majority since they hang out in certain cities after driving off everyone else.  So they think they can lord it over everyone.  On campuses, they congregate in a few fields of ‘study’ and perch there, looking for opportunities to attack white people.


One caucus member declined to even discuss discrimination with white co-workers, allegedly because “all of you behave and practice at different levels of whiteness,” according to the Manhattan Supreme Court litigation.


And if desperate leftist liberals try to be black, they are attacked for appropriating blackness, for example.


Root, 53, says she’s the one who pointed out Di Angelo’s book to colleagues months earlier. “I have no objection to reading a book that I actually recommended the department read,” she said.


She told them to read her favorite book!  A grave sin indeed.


Root says in the litigation she’s spent her academic career “studying and examining complex issues of race and color,” and helped hire and promote minority faculty in her department.


There are many ancient stories about saving a snake and then the snake bites.


When she complained of discrimination and a hostile work environment, Baruch’s chief diversity officer also told her to read Di Angelo’s book, and another dean refused to meet with her, Root said.


I bet those two sneered at her and took immense delight in humiliating her.  This works on white males who are not covered by any laws concerning discrimination or abuse.  But doing this to a white woman may backfire even though there are more white women than white men, they are protected unlike the males.


A co-worker who left the caucus allegedly told Root the group was targeting her in a bid to “goad” the professor into feeling “marginalized in the same way they felt they had been by the White community” even though no one had directly accused Root of wrongdoing.


Root, a Fulbright Scholar and full anthropology professor, earns about $121,000 a year and has done research on race, public health, and HIV/AIDS issues in Malaysia and Swaziland. She’s been at Baruch since 2004.


Yup, they just wanted to poke at her with a stick because they are emotional. All these lunatics are paid over $100,000 to be terminally stupid.


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23 responses to “Violent Leftists Continue To Be Violent When Not Being Merely Stupid

  1. Petruchio

    The underlying problem here is a deeply flawed Education system. Students come out of High School without a shred of Critical Thinking skills. This used to be very important in one’s education. These idiot College students are an example. These students, like a lot of other people, simply decide whom they ate going to believe and then believe that, with very little questioning. This refusal to teach Critical Thinking skills by our Educators was done deliberately. And these College students are the practical result.

  2. Chris

    Petruchio I posted a link to the documentary The Social Dilemma and a link to a Sam Harris’s podcast with Tristan Harris. There you will find your answer. Critical thinking does not bode well for the economy. We need more sheep!

    Power and money are the only goal, not what’s best for humanity! WASF!

  3. Chris

    Critically thinking and analyzing the left and the right I conclude that the left may have a CHANCE at resolving problems and improving humanity but the right has NO CHANCE whatsoever!


    ELAINE: HAHAHA. Yup, let’s run all of the USA like NYC, LA, SF, Seattle, Portland, Detroit, etc. etc. etc. Way to go! Good lord.

  4. KHS71

    #4, the government does not solve problems, the government exacerbates problems. Neither party wishes to solve any problems. If they did then why would they be needed any more. No more problems. Once they run out of problems, they just make up problems (climate change) and declare themselves as the party that can solve the made up problem. All to have people vote for them.

  5. Jim R

    Elaine, you always delete any comment I make with a Bit Chute link in it. You may not know it, but you do. Could be because of your choice of servers.

    Was trying to link a video by this fellow:

    Many of his videos can only be seen on other platforms because of censorship.


    ELAINE: Way to go: blame me for something I didn’t do. Also, I post videos by Tim all the time, have commented at his own sites hundreds of times, too.

  6. lou

    TRUMP paid little or no taxes…yet lives quite well.

  7. KHS71

    #9, your point? Why do I not care.

  8. Chris

    #7 totally agree! I was referring to “people”. The people on the left (not the extremists) seem to want equality more than what the people on the right do. The Dear Leader supporters want to be just like him! They think the fact that he paid no taxes in 10 of the previous 15 years makes him a genius! I am not left or right – I am an egalitarian so NO politicians (so far) appeal to me. They all want to be a billionaire just like the Dear Leader (cough, cough as if he is a billionaire haha).

    The only reason I would like to see Biden win is because he is a compassionate man as he has experienced severe losses in his life (his first wife and daughter), the Dear Leader has not. To experience that kind of pain fundamentally changes a person and I believe makes them more compassionate. I think it is SO tragic that Elaine chooses to smear him with those false claims of pedophilia. To just throw out that accusation is beyond low.

    Stark difference in their demeanor and at this point I would prefer calm instead of endless chaos. It is the only hope.

    ps And Elaine insulting and disparaging RBG wow that is really low! No respect whatsoever for a woman that fought tirelessly for womens rights and human rights. No credit where credit is due and actually degrading her is what makes your opinion about anything worthless.


    ELAINE: Totally ridiculous, as usual. Talking about flaws or judgements by Ginsberg is now verboten? She is perfect???? Insane! Some of her rulings has caused great damage to society! Same goes for right wing judges, too. Think things are perfect now? With marriages in full collapse on the DNC side and sliding off the cliff even on the right? Something has gone badly wrong here.

    DNC run cities that have DNC higher courts have much higher crime rates than GOP cities and states. What is very troubling is the RICH DNC states are sliding into utter social chaos now and who is to blame for all that? Eh?

  9. Chris

    The “billionaire” who hides his taxes.
    The “genius” who hides his college grades.
    The “business man” who bankrupted a casino.
    The “playboy” who pays for sex.
    The “Christian” who doesn’t go to church.
    The “philanthropist” who defrauds charity.
    The “patriot” who dodged the draft.
    The “innocent man” who refuses to testify and fires people who are investigating him. Hmm sounds right!

  10. Chris

    The “tough, strong man“ who wears makeup and hairspray but never a mask.
    The “deal maker” who has yet to close a deal.
    The ‘Law and Order’ liar … who has pardoned every convicted felon that has covered for him and became the most corrupt and malevolent POTUS in American History.

  11. So, you hate actors, eh? You hate all the people in politics who have face lifts and wear make up?

    HAHAHA. YOU HATE WOMEN!!! OMG, that explains everything.

  12. Chris

    Who said anything about HATE?! I don’t use that word but you seem to use it frequently. And actors don’t claim to be tough guys like your Dear Leader does. Are you referring to them wearing makeup for their JOB! Your Dear Leader wears it everyday to improve his “looks”, His vanity is off the charts!

    For the record I am not a fan of plastic surgery to try to make oneself look younger. It’s an absolute tragedy that people feel the need to do this! ALL SURGERY is risky! And honestly most of the facelifts look ridiculous! Ya your face looks wrinkle free but what about your hands, knees, etc.? Botox and fillers also make people look ridiculous. Have you seen Kylie Jenner? I mean these people are starting to look like cyborgs! It’s out of control. They totally transform their entire bodies (fake breasts, fake asses, fake hair, fake lips, and a relentless focus on their physical appearance and not an ounce of time spent on what’s inside or their intelligence.. The affect this has on young girls Is sickening! Makeup is a whole different ballgame. No risk to your life or health and you wash it off everyday.

  13. lou

    The “Christian” who doesn’t go to church….I think that is his choice.
    Obama admitted that he is a Muslim.

    The “billionaire” who hides his taxes. ….Id like his money.

  14. Chris

    Lou you can only refute 2 out of 11? Wow that’s impressive! Of course you would like his money – all his supporters feel this way. Greed is good right? He’s a fraud in every way to Sunday!

  15. Chris

    Oh and could you please elaborate on the rulingS (plural) that caused such great damage! I already provided links and statistics on your false claim that Democrat run cities or states have more crime. It is completely false! You really should stop spewing nonsense!

    I mean it really doesn’t make a difference since you have such a paltry following but for your self respect!

    Since your Dear Leader took office (and the lead up to it) you have been cheering this monster on. You think he is going to solve all the problems in the country and you are mistaken!

    I don’t understand how you conclude that I think everything is perfect! You clearly have some problems comprehending what you read (as you frequently accuse others).

    Let me be very clear – WASF (we are so f&#ked)! And I am not looking to blame anyone but the “people” (not the right or the left) who were complacent and allowed the country to go the direction that it did! Time to look in the mirror!

  16. Chris

    Crime syndicate members end up in hospitals jails and morgues….swindler’s list

    Your Dear Leader not only destroyed his and his family’s life but ALL the people who TRUSTED him. He can’t even acknowledge his son’s disability!

    His trail is littered with destruction! All the people he stiffed by declaring bankruptcy. People whose lives depended on being paid – he just stiffs them when he could have paid them if he is the billionaire that he claims to be.

    HE IS A FRAUD! LOCK HIM UP! And I have no doubt that if he is not reelected he will go to jail. He is filthy!

  17. Chris

    If even a fraction of what Mary Trump says about Donald is accurate, in his eyes Barron is flawed – he’s not perfect. Sorta like how he feels about Tiffany who’s only flaw is not being “attractive” enough for him. This is abuse to the 9th degree!

  18. snoosebomb

    Chrissy sees N Korea as model , lowest co2 footprint ! thats how we save the planet !

  19. Jim R

    Elaine, you need to watch that particular video, the one I just posted.

    And, you do censor comments, by way of the server platform you have chosen. is censoring comments. And Youtube is probably going to delete Tim’s channel, for the same reason. It publishes real news.

  20. Good lord, stop being so dumb, Jim and Chris.

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