In All DNC Cities We See Constant Riots After Violent Criminals Are Shot By Cops

Once upon a time in NY City, two people, a man and a woman, were arguing right in front of my brownstone.  One said, ‘I’ll kill you’ and the other said, ‘I’ll kill you deader’ then my next door neighbor yelled, ‘She killed him!’ and I ran out to make an arrest.  The weapon: A KNIFE.  Knives can kill.  Liberals don’t like this reality, they live in la-la-land.  Black innercity populations which have a very, very high crime and a huge murder rate per capita have been given the green light to attack cities and loot them whenever cops kill violent black criminals!  This is a catastrophe caused by LIBERALS.


Philadelphia is a dying city.  It is run by BLACK politicians all of whom are DEMOCRATS.  Each year, it gets worse and worse and worse.  Businesses and special events are all fleeing this hell hole city.


Philly’s toughest Congressional candidate? Female, black and Republican in 2016| PhillyVoice  Several black women are running for office this year all of whom are Republicans.  Trump supports all of these fine ladies.  They realize that mindless riots on behalf of violent criminals is destructive.  In the wake of all these riots, without exception, the communities indulging in this and the politicians allowing this end up a blasted hellscape mess that is impossible to fix and then everyone flees these dead cities seeking somewhere else to riot and loot.


This is earning black communities a very bad reputation!  It is quite destructive of integration, the minute people see black people from looted cities moving into their communities, they flee.  This is running alongside poorly run black schools.  Too many black kids=out of control, violent schools.  Everyone flees including the mothers of the violent kids, bringing them into new communities to destroy.


The fix is simple: stop rewarding violent criminals and making excuses for riots, mayhem and out of control behaviors.  And this is the DNC voter base: out of control, violent riotous communities that destroy cities.


Now to the other crazy beliefs of the DNC: we are ‘roasting to death’ and Biden wants to eliminate all fossil fuels to save us from being warm in winter.  Below is today’s weather map.  A blizzard has moved across the entire West USA and is now in New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska and even into MEXICO.  And it isn’t even Halloween.


There is even a hurricane, too, it will zip into the Southeast on the heels of the snow storm.  These are all signs of global cooling cycles.  This happened during the 1960-1980 cold cycle, I remember that cycle!  We had hellish winters back then.

Biden and his Bilderberg buddies want to fix this cold cycle by cutting off access to coal, oil and gas.  They intend to kill many people.  Who will die?  OH, THE INNER CITY BLACKS!  Duh.  This is painfully obvious.  Blacks think, by mindlessly supporting the Democrats, they will have endless free goodies and nothing bad will happen to them because the Democrats, in power, will shower them with loot so they can…be warm and happy in northern DNC hell hole cities!  Good lord.


I love how Biden now claims he isn’t going to do what he said he was going to do when he ran (or rather walked) for President in the primaries!  He thinks we don’t have a huge number of videos of him saying, he is going to eliminate all fossil fuels by 2026.  He thinks simply lying about this will allow him to escape his own rhetoric!  Meanwhile, all the DNC gang yells, this is what they plan to do.

The winds causing these fires are cold winds from Canada.  It is not hot and dry, it is COLD and dry.  Global warming doesn’t make it cold and dry.  All Ice Ages are…COLD and DRY, too.  Warm Ages like the Minoan or Roman Warm Eras all have lots of moisture and the growing season is longer and further north.

Cold, dry winds blow down electrical lines which bring all the electricity to huge DNC run hell hole cities from very far away where there are dams which the DNC says are evil dams and I don’t give a damn in California voters vote to commit mass suicide by not using dams, too.  That state infuriates me but then, I live in insane NY which is run by NYC liberals who hate us upstaters who vote against them.

And the DNC political machine depends on our money to stay in power and fill our cities with mobs of freeloaders who vote for more money for freeloading while these freeloaders spend their many idle hours robbing, looting, killing, etc.  Then demanding we fix everything they destroyed during these rampages!  NO WAY.

The owner of Twitter should be arrested.  Censoring the President for calling for us to follow the LAW in counting votes while the goofballs in the DNC demand illegal vote counting scams so they can sneak in fake votes after an election…no.  We have very good computers now.  The President isn’t for ceasing counting that is legitimate, it is counting ballots received AFTER the deadline.  Mail in ballots have to have a stamp from the post office showing when they were mailed.


A recap of today’s stories:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Text Messages Show VP Biden and His Wife Colluded to Suppress HUNTER’S ACTIONS WITH A CERTAIN MINOR

Good grief.  The Biden family is a total mess.  Note that this makes zero news with mainstream Bilderberg gang operations.  This is because the gang is a bunch of crazed black magic believers in doing literal evil.  Biden Jr. even mentions his mother is aware of this and warns about him.

Jim Biden begs Jr. Biden to talk to him so they can get their fake stories straight:

Jr. complains he can’t see his kids without an escort:

Great cartoon:


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4 responses to “In All DNC Cities We See Constant Riots After Violent Criminals Are Shot By Cops

  1. lou

    Mexican females and knives, watch out.

  2. Sandra

    Just another smear job which is all your dear leader has in his playbook.

  3. Saint Mike

    I have been told by reliable sources from the main street media CNN, MSwhatever, the other alphabet news companies that BLM are mostly peaceful protesters and this is all the fault of the ” poor boyz “………..?

  4. Mewswithaview

    Where and how Hollywood airs Trump derangement syndrome.

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