Police Kill Violent Black Criminal So Many DNC Cities Are Looted And Burned

Here it is, all over again: in a city run by black Democrats with a white Democrat governor, riots and loots openly for no good reasons.  The event causing this was indisputable: a career criminal with a history of being very violent tried to kill the police with a butcher knife and was shot dead.  And blacks are using this insane thing to loot, to demand no more cops?  And the DNC is silent?  And Biden looks clueless?  But then today we learn that yes, Biden is a criminal, too!!!


Biden denies the obvious case of bribery and from day one, I said his support of his son (he never turned that brat in for any of his many crimes) shows that he is endorsing and enabling many crimes of every possible sort and should go to prison for what his son did in his name.  Playing godfather now is ridiculous.


After a Chicago security guard asked two black female shoppers to put on coronavirus masks in his store, they allegedly punched him, pulled his hair and stabbed him more than two dozen times.


The paper reported that the older Hill allegedly struck the guard with a trash can. Though wounded, he reportedly kept the women in the store until police arrived and arrested them.


Last night, black DNC voters looted and burned Philadelphia and Brooklyn, NY and other cities all in the name of a dead thug who tried to kill two cops and ended up dead, instead:

This is grounds for arresting Governor Wolf as an accessory to a crime.  I wanted Mayor Beame of NYC arrested when he announced, after NYC was looted and burned by black rioters in 1977 due to the power going out during a storm, that ‘it was peaceful’ that night instead of a riotous hell of a night!

Black voters are DNC pets who are allowed to run riot all the time if they vote for the DNC.  So in between  regular riots, they loot and rob in stores and then complain, there are no stores in their hoods.  I have given speeches about this very matter many moons ago.  This has been going on in DNC cities nearly my entire life.

It doesn’t matter who is President, these hell hole cities are being run by corrupt DNC politicians who cynically use the flood of blacks as their voter base.  This keeps the DNC in power and in return, the DNC lets them loot these cities which leads to these cities dying.

When in power, the DNC then pours taxpayer money into these DNC hell holes telling voters, they are ‘fixing’ these cities and the problems there are caused by white racism, not blacks cynically using the DNC to loot cities.

Now on to the other normal stories of DNC lunacy: they are still freaking out that a conservative woman will be a judge.  Oh my.  They want judges who punish anyone who tries to stop black criminals or DNC political criminals.


The DNC hates civilization.  They are LOOTERS.  They simply want to loot.  This is why they pass laws that allow outright theft in stores, for example.  They want lawless laws.  I used to give speeches about this in NYC!  I explained how stopping petty crime stops major crimes.  Let petty crime run riot, major crimes run riot.  This is obvious.

Schumer wants to kill more babies.  He was very angry that this goal would be hindered by others restricting this activity.  Schumer’s ‘apology’ was not an apology at all, he snapped and snarled and DENIED he ever said anything naughty.  Which is typical for this loudmouth.


Chuck Schumer remembers how horrible it will be due to not able to run the global warming scam and the open border scam, etc.  This die hard Democrat makes excuses for attacking a WOMAN judge because…it is OK to attack women if they are Republicans.

This noxious activity is constant.  All the ‘women power’ gangsters suddenly turn into the most obnoxious of sexist attackers when a Republican woman shows up.  Ditto with blacks: conservative blacks are devils to racist white Democrats.  They feel free to enjoy the most racist attacks on black conservatives, nothing is verboten.


They then turn around and accuse Trump of being a ‘racist’ no matter how many black men or women he brings into the Oval Office.

The unprofessional ‘authorities’ who are black go to a Jewish private school and began writing a summons based on zero information that there were students in the closed school when there were no students.  So a Jewish man filmed them doing this scam.

Radical leftists are furious that Trump is getting support from some of the Tribes.  He also gets support from some black folk, too!  Time to attack blacks and Indians and women and gays who support Trump.

The Biden computers show us clearly that Biden and his beloved son are criminals.  Arrest both of them.  Of course, the media is scared to call for this but I am not scared, after all, I helped with the arrests of a gang of DNC politicians including a Congressman, many years ago.



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12 responses to “Police Kill Violent Black Criminal So Many DNC Cities Are Looted And Burned

  1. ‘Everyone is SAD…it is a TRAGEDY…’ the governor of Pennsylvania yaps about the rioters, justifying their looting the city! Arrest him.

  2. Saint Mike

    Oh Noes! Black man shot while resisting arrest and attempting to murder the police, Time for some new Nike’s and TV’s. Get your looting on black peoples.

  3. Jim R

    Well, I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee —
    We just broke some weather records in Texas. How’s the weather in the Hoosatonic valley?
    Can we get Greta to come and blow some hot air, please? I’m cold.

    And, it looks like we have a new ‘Chris’ incarnation.

  4. snoosebomb

    I wonder if betty is a male whale with purple hair ?

  5. KHS71

    Chris = Tanya R = Betty
    Same rhetoric, same people paid by Soros. Yawn.

  6. honeybadger don't care

    The Kid Rock thing is a caricature-i.e., entertainment. Rednecks aren’t proud of this per se but they are tickled that it seems to irritate liberals.

    What they are proud of is a culture that cultivates practical life skills and, as a corollary and more importantly, has certain values that supersede the almighty dollar. This is what the “elites” particularly despise because it makes the task of implementing their nefarious schemes more difficult.

    Rednecks are tickled about that too!

  7. KHS71

    Betty, did you take an extra dose of bigotry pills this morning. For someone who talks about acceptance of other people’s values, you sure can not accept people who are different than you especially rural and Christian people. These people do most of the living and dying in this country and working everyday jobs such as in wastewater treatment plant. I did for about 15 years. Yes, yours smells and they know it. But that smell was “green” to me and paid decently.

  8. Moe

    @11 KHS71

    Chris = Tanya R = Sandra = Betty, fixed it for ya. 🙂

    Elaine, I doubt that Chris /Tanya R/Sandra/Betty (et al) is smart enough to know how to disguise her IP address and computer ID. Do your readers a favor and block anything coming from that source.

  9. KHS71

    I don’t want to have them leave. I have to laugh at something everyday. Let the clowns stay. All they do is emphasize the bigotry and racism of the left which they don’t feel they have.

  10. I only delete the ones that have personal attacks and attacks CHILDREN in obnoxious ways.

  11. Jim R

    Try posting one of the links we mentioned. that may better inform you.

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