Senator Cruz Crushes Twitter Twit, Dorsey Interrogation Fun In Senate

The entire business of Twitters twits censoring the New York Post continues even as the Senate grills Dorsey about this noxious business of his which should be shut down or he removed.  The left thinks nothing of destroying news, preventing information from spreading, when spreading stuff, it is often rank lies.  This is a grave danger to our nation!


The Bobulinski Bombshell isn’t rocking the nation, it is known only to smart people who don’t use mainstream media or Silly Silicon Valley media systems to figure out what is obviously happening.  Keeping everyone ill-informed seems to be the DNC plan.

The voting system is also being compromised.  People were told to vote early but this means an uninformed vote because we have much more information now!  Also, the ballot boxes have been compromised or destroyed by leftist vandals who want to prevent an election and instead, have a dictatorship.


Click here for A.F. Branco’s cartoons!

Aside from the New York Post, we have Tucker Carlson keeping up with the real news which is just amazing.

Carlson mocks CNN and Governor Cuomo who are a bunch of obvious clowns.  They still think they are serious political operatives but they need a brain transplant if they expect to survive.  This takes me to they incredibly stupid newspaper, the NY Times:  not a peep about the Biden foreign loot scandals!  Nothing at all, of course.  Nor one word about the increasing word salads of that elderly, senile crook, too.


HAHAHA.  Trump voters eat regular stuff and Biden voter eat goofy food that will make you throw up.  I prefer the beer refrigerator!  We are coming down to the wire and the left is freaking out more and more as their Titanic gurgles and slips under the dark seas.


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3 responses to “Senator Cruz Crushes Twitter Twit, Dorsey Interrogation Fun In Senate

  1. shawntoh


    Could this be construed as a propaganda technique of “card stacking”?

    Thanks in advance… Peace.


  2. shawntoh


    What I meant to say was that the various anti-Trump folks are deliberately “stacking the deck” against Trump… Anyway… Concerning the refrigerator issue with the beer, sadly…

    I can’t drink that bier/beer, so you must drink for me. Thanks,

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