Glenn Greenwald, Investigative Reporter, Kicked Out of Intercept, He Founded It And Communist Leftists Got Rid Of Him!

Far leftist liberal, Glenn Greenwald, has been chased out of his own publication, the Intercept, because the SJW gangsters he hired to work with him, are pissed off that he doesn’t support suppression of news about Biden bribery crimes!  HAHAHA.  At least Greenwald is letting us know what happened to him!  What a FOOL.  He couldn’t see that hiring a bunch of Maoist lunatics would be a very, very bad idea.

You old fool, Glenn!  You refused to figure out that you were hiring MAOISTS.  It is easy to spot!  Did they go to school at the very top Bilderberg schools?  Glenn, YOU KNOW about the BILDERBERG GANG!  For crying out loud, you knew all about how they propagandize young people to be fake liberals, namely, to make them into Maoist style clones who cannot think for themselves.


Instead of kicking out these leftist radicals who are communists, he fled the battlefield.

What really ticks me off is, Greenwald cannot figure out how communists operate.  He should read some histories about communist take overs of various systems.  I have first hand knowledge, I fought the Maoists and Stalinists and Castro creeps for many years, once they expose who they really are, one has to chop them to smithereens or they will do that to YOU.


The communists running Intercept pretended that Russian agents gave Giuliani fake Biden data and information even though we know that it was a business buddy who got mad at the Biden criminal gang and handed over his raw information to the FBI who then sat on it for a YEAR and so the business partner handed over everything to Giuliani, too.

This is very easy to understand and if someone is a communist agent, rewriting this information so it pretends that Giuliani was getting his data from COMMUNIST RUSSIANS is funny as hell because Maoist leftists HATE RUSSIA, hate Stalin, hate Khruschev, hate all Russian communists.


Typically of all communist agents, when they took over Glenn’s operation they then terminated his access to all systems, too:

This liberal who loves to tell us about reality is living in la la land.  He thinks others in this communist cell are still his buddies.  THEY ARE NOT or they would have kicked out the thugs who kicked out Glenn!  Nope, they are silent, they go along with Stalinism, Maoism.  They are fools and these fools think they are smarter than me.


A snarky communist at the Intercept intercepted Glenn’s ravings and issued this answer to Glenn:

Basically, this communist sneers that Glenn ‘demanded the absolute right to determine what he will publish’ in HIS OWN NEWSLETTER.  HAHAHA.  How dare the founder of this online rag write whatever he wished!  He should always ask the Collective for permission to write anything!  HAHAHA.


These leftist clowns falsely claim there is zero proof that the Biden clan ran around all over earth collecting bribes from everyone and sundry.  This entire reply to Glenn is snide, stupid, mindless and mean.  They think, as a Collective, they are smart and know it alls but like all communists, they can’t figure out ANYTHING, they just attack, silence, abuse and eliminate all things they don’t want to see or hear which often involves killing people, too.


Here is the Gateway Pundit news which is a thousand times better than the silly asses (including Glenn) at the Intercept:

The Hunter Biden news is kept out of the news by the gangsters who want to run the earth their own way which is to be criminals and perverts while bellowing at us, we have to watch what we say or do lest we irritate them in some way with ‘wrongthink’.


These criminals are pissed as hell that we can see they are criminals.  Nonetheless, many millions of voters will vote for outright criminals because they hope to get something from the criminals.  This always ends badly.


By the way, the missing documents sent to Tucker Carlson has been finally located by the Postal Authorities and is being sent to Tucker intact, we just learned from the New York Post.  Bravo.




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3 responses to “Glenn Greenwald, Investigative Reporter, Kicked Out of Intercept, He Founded It And Communist Leftists Got Rid Of Him!

  1. lou

    Jew? Greenwald. hmmmm.

  2. Mewswithaview

    Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay put up the money for The Intercept. It is the Oligarchs, bankers, mega-corporate CEOs, financiers, government leaders, intelligence agencies who collude to cut out competition so they can maintain power.

  3. Yes, unlike myself, I do this on my own, I am my own boss. Have been nearly all my long life back when I did construction work, too.

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