NY Post Claims Twitter Twit Dorsey Is Blackmailing Them!

Looks like Trump is sailing to victory and the Bilderberg gang has pulled out all stops to try to stop him and replace him with a brain damaged tool who can’t even remember what office he is running for or who his opponent is and we have endless dark deeds and dirty tricks being pulled, it is hard to keep up with it all.  Kudos to the NY Post for reporting real news in the teeth of suppression and lies by Twitter and Google, etc.


The Senate hearings about this were loud and horrifying.  The arrogance of Silicon Valley and their naked attempts at a coup is astonishing to see…NOT!  I warned about this and expected this. Why?


They all go to secret Bilderberg meetings to coordinate with foreign powers, a takeover of the US using the DNC as their main political tool!  DUH.  I have been writing about this for years now.  Arrest them all now and charge them with collusion with hostile foreign powers, that is, treason.


Trump is going to win this election because he is pro-America.  He is going to prevent outsourcing jobs, bringing in cheaper foreign labor, etc.  This is why all the tech giants oppose him with fierce fury.  They collect billions of dollars, destroying American workers.

The citadel of power of the DNC is union workers who have been heavily betrayed as they watched their union bosses get rich, betraying them.  The unions voted for the Democrats only to see DNC leaders ship their jobs overseas and import foreign labor!  So now the voters have turned on their bosses both union and company bosses.


It gets worse for Biden and the gangsters he colluded with for years and years: now BLACK politicians are endorsing Trump in places like 100% DNC voting bases like Flint, Michigan!  The dam is breaking!


We have another ‘scandal’ being exposed as fake news as the young man who wrote a secret book when he was a junior member of the Trump administration suddenly reveals who he is:

This fraud is now exposed:

And more news about traitors who are chumps and fall every time for propaganda pushed by enemies:

There is a lot of fraud going on in levels hard to keep up, for example, I googled ‘murder rates rise 2020’ because it is literally shooting with guns, through the roof nearly entirely in DNC-run hell hole cities including NYC.  But when I googled this, all the articles that showed up were by Bilderberg gangsters all of which claimed, FALSELY, that all cities are seeing a vast number of murders and it was a Republican problem, not a DNC mess.


The NY Times, the top Bilderberg paper in the world, sneers that the disease and not total chaos in DNC run hell hole cities is responsible for the vast increase in murders.


But the data shows that the waves of killings have afflicted Democratic- and Republican-run cities alike.


HAHAHA.  This entire article has no graphs, no specifics, no details, nada.  This is deliberate because nearly every word here is a lie.


“The increase has had nothing to do with the political affiliation of your mayor,” said Richard Rosenfeld, a professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.


Ah, a leftist  (Jewish) professor claims that Republican mayors like GIULIANI are just as bad as DNC clowns?  Good lord, I want to punch him in the snout but can’t and won’t because it would be illegal.  I can sneer at him.


Dr. Rosenfeld has studied crime trends during the pandemic for the Council on Criminal Justice, a nonpartisan research organization, and found that homicides increased an average of 53 percent across 20 major American cities during the summer.


Homicides in DNC cities rose a lot more than a mere 53 percent.  Mixing them in with much safer GOP cities lowers the rise rate.  In NYC, the rate is nearly over 100% higher!  This is insane.


Aside from the destabilizing effects of the pandemic, the street protests over racial injustice that gripped America after the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police may have also contributed to the rise in homicides, he said. (Dr. Rosenfeld’s research found that other categories of crime, such as residential burglaries, larceny and drug offenses, have declined during the pandemic.)


Other crimes didn’t disappear…they were IGNORED.  Cops, dealing with constant agitators and riots by supporters of Biden and the DNC, had no time for other crimes.  People didn’t bother reporting other crimes because there were few cops to deal with these.


Worse, in DNC cities, the mayors and governors who are DNC conspired to decriminalize many crimes!  Breaking into cars, vandalism, stealing from stores, etc. all became basically LEGAL and this has spread tremendous chaos, too.  This is so infuriating, the stupid jerks at the NYT even see out of their office windows, violent rioters looting and burning Manhattan even just last night!!!


Arrest them all, for pity’s sake.  Now on to more goofy news:

I have no idea what is going on in this story.  So, there is documentation of the Biden crime family being MAILED to Tucker and it vanishes but the envelope is processed even though it is now empty????  I hope we can see more about this little goofy matter.  Carlson has copies of the documents, it is just these are the original documents which should have been hand-delivered.


I suspect Carlson is being set up.  The CIA does this all the time.  Carlson is quite naive.  I grew up inside this business and trust me, this is the sort of trick they love to pull: hand out fake information and then arrest the recipients for getting fake information.  This is called ‘entrapment.’


Just this week, Giuliani fell fo ran entrapment scam when they put a mic system under his clothes for an interview and then sent this sexy female to take it off him which required him digging into his pants while she bent over him and this was FILMED quite illicitly so they could frame him.


Disgusting!  But then, he wanted to be on TV so he went along with their requests which is why the media giants never put me on TV if they could avoid this because I knew of their traps, my father taught me many years ago!



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7 responses to “NY Post Claims Twitter Twit Dorsey Is Blackmailing Them!

  1. Saint Mike

    Too funny – “a brain damaged tool ” bawhahahahaha!

  2. Sandra

    Speaking of brain damaged tools did you hear the incoherent jibberish coming out of your dear leader’s mouth at the swearing in ceremony of that religious cuckoo lunatic?

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey earned $1.40 in 2019, flat from the year before (but up from zero in 2017) as the billionaire founder of the social media giant rolls out donations from the $1 billion he recently committed to coronavirus relief.

    How much has you self-proclaimed billionaire dear leader committed? How much has he donated to any cause? I’m going to guess very little but of course he won’t show his tax returns so nobody will ever know. How convenient! He can just lie and lie and lie.

    Like one of your readers who responded to a post I made said “it’s okay for the President to lie but it’s not okay for the media”.

    And it’s okay for Faux News to lie but not the MSM. What a complete joke the USA has become. Very sad! I can just imagine what other world leaders say behind closed doors. You want to hear mockery? HAHA!

  3. Sandra

    Freedom of speech does not apply to private platforms, twitter can block you if they so wish they are a PRIVATE company, get over it snowflakes. Just like you Elaine!

    And the NY Post is a tabloid not a serious journalistic publication Which sadly what all “news” is becoming – pure entertainment which is what the people WANT or it wouldn’t be that way.

    Stop blaming the media. social media and the politicians for your stupid choices.

  4. Sandra

    People are just mad at idiots who do not understand that the government shouldn’t be able to force a private company to change its rules and policies just because some people do not agree with them.

    If you do not like twitter, FB or googles policies and rules then you have the FREEDOM to CHOOSE another platform to use. Or even better you can go build your own platform and apply your own rules and policies.

    You do not have the right though to choose what policies and rules a private company can and can’t have. This is just a bunch of boomers who do not understand technology getting mad.

  5. snoosebomb

    whats up with the beard ? creep looks like a russian hermit , Rasputin maybe

  6. KHS71

    Ted Kaczynski maybe. Real smart at Math but dumb as a rock otherwise. Another shining example of formally educated but no street smarts. Probably votes for the Rats.

  7. KHS71

    Supposedly UPS has now found the documents.

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