NY Post Wins Twitter Triumph As Dorsey Folds, Thank Senator Cruz Grilling!


Finally, after severe political and public pressure, the lunatic running Twitter folded and let the NY Post post twitter news again!  Miracles happen!  Of course, Dorsey is facing very severe problems due to this attempt at hijacking an election via suppression of the press.  The pressitutes working for the Bilderberg gang all ganged up against upstart NY Post editors and…LOST.  Big time!  HAHAHA.  Arrest them all, I say.


The NY Post got tons of free advertising this last month thanks to hamfisted clowns in Silly Silicon Valley Girls Land.  Inside California joke by a former California girl, myself, that is.  You better laugh!  I’ll throw a hissy fit and soap your car.


Back to reality: the Bilderberg gang international coup in the US is on the rocks.  Yes, they mainly fooled foolish white females who are trained to hate heterosexual white males who vote for Trump including their husbands/boy friends…HAHAHA.  The alliance of white females with illegal aliens, black ghetto families and communist party marching bands of terrorists is collapsing, what a shock.


We are, by the way, very fortunate that this alliance wants lots of abortions.  Imagine them multiplying!  Scary thought!  Time to visit Twitter to see the leftists freaking out as sane people apply force to force Twitter’s owner to behave:

This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  The Feds have good reasons now which are NOT ‘political’ to take down Dorsey who will definitely be removed from his control of this site.  The message that was deleted was a government information posting about illegal aliens.  This elimination of a government message is…illegal.  This isn’t just simply not taking it at all because no one posted it.  This deletion was done maliciously by SJW staff hired by Dorsey to censor citizens and they ended up censoring a government information statement.


This illustrates how screwed up Twitter remains:

Who deleted this tweet?  I used to assume the users posting messages did this but recently it has been twitter staff doing this maliciously and for political gains.

The only reason Twitter folded and allowed the NY Post to post again was due to Ted Cruz.  The deranged left who live on twitter and twat away all day, snarling and snapping at key players on the conservative side, they are all ganging up on Cruz nonstop and I assume they are paid by the Bilderberg gang to do this, epic amounts of loot has poured out of poor little leftist corporate giants who run the Bilderberg gang…into the laps of some of the stupidest anti-Trump posters online, people who are so dumb, they actually are turning people AGAINST the Bilderberg gang and FOR Trump with these endless nasty postings online!


This is also very childish.  The postings reveal a lack of self awareness which only communist clones can perform so effortlessly.  No, I bet they sweat like crazy as they furiously post the same tired jokes and tropes day after weary day.  This is a hell like the rolling a stone uphill every day only to have it roll down again, crushing them.

The latest trope for these Biden troopers is the Biden Tapes and Computer Data pile of putrid treasonous plotting by two corrupt family members, Biden Sr. and his son, is that this information is fake! With zero proof of this, they go around yelling on mainstream news that this news isn’t real news, it is fake.  For four years, these same clowns yelled that the Steele dossier was real and not fake only for us to discover, it was certainly fake.


Well, they are doing the same trick again, this time, claiming that real information and real crimes and real proof is all fake. Based on…nothing!  Absolutely nothing.

The huge news that Biden Jr. is now being chased by the FBI after the investigation was investigated after FBI traitors inside the organization hid the money laundering investigation from Trump for four years…HAHAHA.  It is ridiculous, the lengths these clowns will go to, to twist reality and hide vital information in order to push political goals and agendas.  ARREST THEM ALL including all FBI AGENTS who conspired with top DNC gangsters to prevent the Rule of Law.


Carlson reveals he lives right next door to Bilderberg gangsters and…hello!  We should be NICE to these criminals because they live next door and don’t pee on the front lawn except for once and a while when little school girls are walking past, eh?  HAHAHA.  This is so ridiculous.


NBA Players triple down on destroying their business by openly stumping for Biden!




The smack talk by black basketball players is smacking them in the wallet…NEXT YEAR.  So they stupidly continue the smack talk thinking their purse will be the same size next year.  They might have zero money in three years if this keeps up.


Towns, Haslem and Barnes spoke to Biden’s drive-in rally crowd before the Democratic candidate for president spoke. The Heat veteran advised the crowd to get out and vote, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.


“Tell a friend. Get together a plan. Tell a cousin. Tell an uncle. I’m getting together my homeboys,” Haslem said, adding that voter suppression was “real” and throwing his support behind Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.


This ‘voter suppression’ is on the left, not the right.  Physical attacks on voters is a leftist tool.


The Timberwolves star also spoke at the rally, according to the Miami Herald. He said he couldn’t wait to see Biden step into the Oval Office when he became president.


This fool thinks white males will pour into stadiums to see him strut about.  Ooops.  It is dead, buddy.


Meanwhile, in the Land Where Democrats Can Do As They Please, comes this warning:

So, a Trump supporter asks people to vote and says he loves Trump so…the left screams like banshees and then run off to basketball players to praise them for doing this same thing for Biden.   More examples of the madness:

And Trump triumphs:



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11 responses to “NY Post Wins Twitter Triumph As Dorsey Folds, Thank Senator Cruz Grilling!

  1. Mewswithaview

    Speaking of valley girl.

  2. snoosebomb

    I notice the MSM has turned a bit less hostile to Trump , makes me wonder if they are setting up for the ‘ Red Mirage ‘

  3. Moe

    @2 Snoosebomb

    They’re setting up for an overwhelming Trump win, just brown-nosing.

  4. lou

    For a laugh, off topic…college teachers that pretend to be ‘colored’–they dont look ‘colored’–these teachers, did they resd ‘black like me?’

    The graduate student failed to correct peoples’ assumptions about racial identity, ‘entered black organizing spaces’ and on three occasions, didn’t say no when others asked about being black.

    It came just days after Jessica Krug, 38, a white professor of African American studies confessed in a Medium post that she had been faking being black.

    The professor at George Washington University admitted she had deceived colleagues and students for years.

    Krug grew up as a white Jewish child in Kansas City but assumed a series of different black identities throughout her career, she confessed in a Medium blog post on September 3.

  5. lou

    oops. should be—-reAd ‘black like me’–book about faking being colored.

  6. Petruchio

    @#5 and 6 lou: The Tribe at it again, eh Lou?

  7. Pete

    Hope Elaine is OK.

  8. I am doing fine, so far.

    About my tooth nightmare: it is finally totally fixed. I can eat food again! It was getting quite tedious, only drinking through a straw for three months.

  9. My name is Joe Biden and…I forget this message.

  10. snoosebomb

    don’t worry they will give you the script ,,

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