Killer Cuomo Will Punish Rural Sheriffs For Defying COVID-19 Edicts!

Our murderous governor, Killer Cuomo, is screaming mad that upstate sheriffs refuse to arrest people for having people over for THANKSGIVING?  HAHAHA.  Typical communist type rule: the elites do as they please and we all get to live in a police state.  This clown sat on his ass during 5 months of leftist violence in the streets, leftists in DNC cities ignoring all the ‘rules’ while the places where we had nearly no illnesses at all of any sort, we have to obey all the edicts of Democrat rulers who can’t control their own darn cities.  Arrest Cuomo, charge him with mass murder.


It is universal: vote for the Democrats and live in demonic hells.  They have no shame.  All these self-righteous lunatics unleashed hell on us for months and now pretend they want a ‘lockdown’ after they did all they could to spread germs?  This inability to see themselves in mirrors means they are all vampires.  These politicians are blood sucking vampires and should be exorcised.



Naturally, all over rural Red Trump Voting hinterlands, people are being punished for ignoring Covid-19 regulations designed to stop (supposedly) the disease in big cities.  Destroying businesses is very dire in the hinterlands because like my own village, many businesses are local, not giant chains like Walmart.  Walmart is allowed to operate openly while small stores are forced closed!  Where I live, we all conspired for months to keep our local small businesses busy despite efforts of big city mass killers like our governor Cuomo.

Defiance of the big city bosses and nearly all big cities vote for Democrats, the countryside is in full rebellion now.  Being mainly self-regulating, many of our communities have no police, just a county level sheriff and the sheriffs know everyone personally so we have a ‘relationship’ which most cities do not have with law enforcement.  In NYC, I developed a tight relationship with the 78th Precinct years ago which meant the police there became very functional and crime dropped tremendously while the rest of NYC was suffering from rampant crime!


In NY, demanding sheriffs abuse citizens at the orders of the Big City Governor who hates small towns and has near zero support in small towns, this is going to fail in the long run.  People now really hate Cuomo, he messes with popular sheriffs representing the popular will of the voters means we have a confrontation between the hated Big City DNC Machine bosses and heavily armed hunters in the hinterlands.  This is a physical fight best avoided, I would suggest.


Now on to the disintegration of vote counting in DNC run hell hole cities that drag entire states into the gutter: the elites are frantic to hide real news from citizens! They have been openly censoring anyone disputing any issue with the globalist Bilderberg gang for years now.  It is astonishing and annoying and infuriating.

There is now video proof that during the fake ‘water break’ which supposedly emptied the building in Georgia electronic ballet counting rooms, there was no big break in water flooding anything and worse, there is a VIDEO showing that after the Republican watchers were forced to leave due to the ‘water break’ the Democrat vote counters then remained behind and furiously worked to ‘count’ the votes, thus the sudden spike in Biden votes.


Now on to England that is being brutally locked down to stop germs and failing at this but causing greater and greater rage:


Yes, England is now officially a police state.  Even people singing by themselves at home are being arrested!  The latest edict is no singing, bag pipe playing, no guitars, no organs in churches, no violins on street corners…NO SINGING allowed…’Hail Britania’ can only be ‘sung’ in sign language…think I am joking?  Nope.


After an uproar, the government decided you can sing on Xmas only!  HAHAHA.  Here in the US, in DNC states, even that was verboten until stores screamed they had to open for gift buying so things were suspended: it is OK to storm into stores to buy giant TV screens this week only!  Whoopee!

Last story today:


During the event, Wong, who faces up to five years in prison due to his involvement with the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, spoke about the importance of free speech, his struggles for freedom, and the oppressive Chinese regime that has committed countless atrocities and human rights abuses.


Except communist Chinese students imported to learn all we know so they can go home again and use it against us, protested this and yelled, they love communist China.  DUH.


However, many IU Students, largely those studying abroad from China, lambasted the event, stating that it “violated Chinese Students [sic]” and “advocate[d] terrorism.” In an email to the Indiana University Office of International Services, the IU chapter of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA), an organization with strong ties to Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party, denigrated and attacked both the event and the student government.


Tianshuo Bai, a student congressman from China, condemned the event for its “negative impact on thousands of Chinese students included [sic] me.” He demanded that “IUSG gives [sic] a statement to more [sic] than 2000 Chinese students at IU.” Bai additionally claimed that “Hong Kong is, and will always be a part of People’s Republic of China [sic]” and asserted that the student government is “destroying the relationships [sic] between Chinese students and Indiana University.”


I hope the university in Indiana puts up a huge portrait of Chairman Mao at the school to honor the real reason we have these taxpayer-funded schools: communist cells set up to destroy our nation.  This way, we know for certain, what is being taught in these ridiculous schools.


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7 responses to “Killer Cuomo Will Punish Rural Sheriffs For Defying COVID-19 Edicts!

  1. honeybadger don't care

    Folks, the Kraken has landed in Michigan.

    Powell’s cases are not just about Dominion, she’s busted them 9 ways to Sunday on every election fraud in the book. So even if she can’t convince a court the evidence preponderates towards fraud on the Dominion issue there is still plenty of other ammunition.This is not the work of an amateur. And the media is going to find it more and more difficult to scream “no evidence” with a straight face.

    My prediction: We The People 1—New World Order 0.

  2. shawntoh


    [Could this be the actual policy and beliefs of the DNC and enablers?]

    “….We’re just doing our job….” – Sheriff’s department, Maine, etc.

    Gee, Elaine, where have we heard that one from the sheriff and company? I believe it went something like this…

    “Befehl ist Befehl”.

    Not to imply they follow a certain doctrine in the 20th Century but it seems as if what W.S. Burroughs warned us about is what some of the status quo (media, governors, and other officials, with other enablers) seem to be adhering to at this time…

    “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”.*

    As far as an arresting body to get these criminals, where’s Batman and Robin when we most need them? In a comic book dream. Yikes!

    But as you could point out, it looks like the holiday season is going be lit up by more than just holiday lights reflecting off tinsel and gaudy ornaments on the Ole Tannenbaum– or even happy shiny faces with Christmas mirth… Nope…

    It’s going to be lit up by TORCHES with musical accompaniment via pitchforks for certain politicians, I fear. These politicians will probably have to “face the music” and it won’t be Auld Lang Syne!

    Oh well. As Freddy sez, “Menschliches, Allzumenschliches“ but in the pejorative aspect, unfortunately.


    * This quote comes from the 1938 novel, Alamut, and the author is Vladimir Bartol. The novel is a fictional tale of Hassan-i Sabba, “The Old Man of The Mountain”, who heads an offshoot branch of the Islamic Shia, the Ismailis, and is the founder of the Hashashin order. They are a terrorist group that specializes in assassinations and their motto specifically is “Nothing is an absolute reality, all is permitted.”]


    In closing, in memory of Walter Becker of Steely Dan… Because it’s “Black Friday”, it is!

  3. honeybadger don't care

    This article proves, in simple terms that anyone can easily understand, that the media is complicit in the fraud.

    5 More Ways Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms

    After Trump is sworn in, Chuck Todd et al. should be arrested and tried for treason.

  4. Jim R

    JHU published a pre-print of a study yesterday, graphing the effects of Cov-19 on the overall death rate. Then they deleted the article, because it shows how the virus ‘cures’ cancer and heart disease etc. . .

    That second graph is poorly configured, I can’t tell what it is really about, but the author talks about it in the text.

  5. People will resume dying of these problems once the overhead of people dying of germs is finished its course. Guess what?

    The #1 death victims of this virus are…people with heart conditions and cancer etc! DUH.

    This should be easily understood.

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