Global Insurrections Against COVID-19 Bilderberg Draconian CCP Rule


First, watch this video about ‘fractional voting’ which is math talk for ‘rigged elections based on faulty statistical analysis’.  It is a con job, in other words. We’ve been robbed. Across the entire planet earth we see uprisings happening due to the Coronavirus restrictions and regulations that are utterly ignored by the elites and their mobs of terrorists which they unleashed on us for six months.  Support for globalism is collapsing, support for state lockdowns is collapsing, it is all falling through the floor now.


First, we go to Paris, France:

‘Global security’ is Bilderberg gang chat for ‘eternal boot in the face 1984 dictatorships’.  Here is the demonstration in Germany:

In Argentina, more nationalism, more anger about being shut down:

Open revolt and defiance in CANADA!  The owner of this BBQ joint is a folk hero now!  He has been repeatedly arrested and abused while big stores get to run open businesses with mobs of people, the Little People are shut down.

Over a thousand very angry customers showed up to back up this brave shop owner and there are a full scale riot and the police arrested multiple working class stiffs.  Anger them is highly dangerous, they are not effete like college kids, these are the hands that do all the dirty work for civilization.

From May 1, 2020, is this article about how black stores should open now and do big business!  November 20th, the mayor of Buffalo, NY,  said everyone should go out shopping in all small stores, etc.:


“National Grid is a company that celebrates our full diversity of talent and being inclusive, which takes everyone from all backgrounds to work together and make sure that we get the best out of each other,” said National


SJW gangsters love the word ‘inclusive’ which is a thing they don’t do at all. They are big on excluding people.


Buy Black Buffalo Week encourages Western New Yorkers to explore Black-owned businesses as they shop local this holiday season, especially those impacted the most by the pandemic.


So, everyone must close until December 20th but everyone is supposed to go shopping at small black owned stores?  HAHAHA.  Insanity.


The announcement came outside of Ms. Eye Candy Boutique on Allen Street, where both sponsors and supporters gathered. Participating businesses will receive several benefits including the “Holiday Season Seminar,” a virtual technical assistance session made possible with support from M&T Bank, which will assist entrepreneurs to prepare for an online shopping increase due to COVID-19 limitations. The seminar will be held on Tuesday, November 24 at 6pm. In addition, participating businesses will be featured online and through traditional marketing, as well as receive a marketing package. Black entrepreneurs are encouraged to register their business right away for Buy Black Buffalo Week. To register, go to


“My Administration continues its commitment to helping those who need it most during these difficult times, and that includes our Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs,” said Mayor Brown. “Our Black-owned businesses play an important role in our City’s economic success and we recognize that many of them have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Buy Black Buffalo Week will build on my other initiatives to assist Black business owners, and further prepare them for increased online shoppers this holiday season, while showcasing some of the region’s unique goods and services.”


Six days later:


Normally known for its neighborliness, its Buffalo Bills football team and its namesake spicy chicken wings, the region now gets regular criticism from Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo for its average positive test rate, which has remained around 5 percent for two weeks.


By the numbers alone, the Buffalo area already meets the benchmarks for the harshest restrictions available to the state — the closing of nonessential businesses and the banning of public gatherings — yet officials have held off.


The whole thing was shut down in less than one week!!!  Insanity!  Yes, the Democrats have gone utterly insane.  Black workers get the coronavirus the worst of all groups:


The coronavirus pandemic risks widening the financial gap in Buffalo, N.Y., between white and Black workers, who entered this year’s economic downturn with less financial security and are disproportionately employed in sectors more vulnerable to layoffs and exposure to Covid-19.


Over the last half-century, Black people in Buffalo were more likely to trade relatively stable manufacturing jobs for lower-wage work in the service sector, live in poorer neighborhoods and face higher levels of unemployment, according to researchers…


Blacks in general, live in high crime areas and liberals cannot figure out why:

Speaking about high crime areas and people dying of diseases, etc., mainstream news absolutely refuses to report anything going on in Portland, Oregon:

Andy risks his neck, literally, to reveal real news.  It is highly dangerous to report real news.  The NY Times, for example, religiously avoids reporting real news which I find rather droll,

We see global revolts against the Machine and the Machine operators and owners who meet at very secretive meetings surrounded by military guards, work day and night to keep a grip on power despite furious mobs of citizens across the entire planet earth, protesting and resisting.


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16 responses to “Global Insurrections Against COVID-19 Bilderberg Draconian CCP Rule

  1. T, Erickson

    If you want a liberal to insta block you on Twitter place an Andy Ngo tweet in their time line and ask if what is happening is okay.

    They hate real news and just want to stay in their safe MSM bubble.

  2. Isn’t that just so sad?

  3. snoosebomb

    Klaus Schwab is very pervasive now , CBC arts sunday morning , some small Van island publisher /writer is on about ‘change ‘ & ‘ building back better ” . As though things were just terrible ‘ before’ ,instead of being the best in history. CBC is constant 24/7 NWO propaganda

  4. Yes, their idea of ‘fixes’ is to cut us off from coal, oil, cows (yes, COWS) everything keeping us alive.

  5. Human 2.0

    Yes exactly what I’ve been saying! Coal and oil are finite resources! Back in the “Hillbillies” time when Jed stuck a stick in the ground oil came pouring out! Cut to now – extraction costs of oil are very high as they have to dig deeper and deeper and in riskier areas. Read Gail Tvberg – Our Finite World. Very smart lady! Her readers/commenters from all over the world are also very smart!

    Fracking, shale (huge environmental destruction) and renewable energy are just not going to cut it!

    The party is OVER! You think it’s bad now? We ain’t seen nothing yet! Great ready for tough times!

    Will the strong survive this time?

  6. shawntoh

    Nope. Humans will be extinct in less than 100 years. Scientist Frank Fenner made the case before he died in 2015.


  7. snoosebomb

    hey Pupkins ,U forgot something

  8. Petruchio

    Even Dr. Nazi, er…Fausci has been quoted as saying that we should have ‘herd immunity’ by May 2021. I like that term, ‘herd’. Like the US Population is nothing more than a ‘herd’ of animals. well that’s how they (the Elites) think of us.

  9. What annoys me is, the Hong Kong Flu was WORSE. It killed mainly YOUNG PEOPLE during the first four months. I nearly died, the patient was gave mouth to mouth to nearly died and he was a young soldier in what was ‘good health’ with no wounds! It was a very frightful disease, I lost a bunch of teeth, half my wonderful long thick hippie hair, I looked like I was 90 years old when I came out of the coma.

    I didn’t even know who I was! I had to learn how to read and write. If I looked at a three box cartoon in the newspaper, I would forget what the first picture was and would be confused. To this day, I cannot recognize people I know if I meet them somewhere unexpected, that corner of my brain was too fried to fully recover!

    Seriously, if someone shows up unexpectedly, they have to identify themselves and then wait a minute for me to figure out, who they are after hearing their names! It is very disconcerting.

    And no one talks about the Hong Kong flu, not even once during this epidemic. I am furious about this.

  10. Human 2.0

    shawntoh He is absolutely correct! I totally agree with him!

    snoosebomb you forgot something! The global human population has grown from 1 billion in 1800 (took us 250,000 years to get to that) to 7.8 billion in 2020. The rate depends on the number does it not?

    The human population increases by over 200,000 per day – births minus deaths.

  11. Jim R

    Remember the communist thugs in Seattle, with their ‘autonomous zone’?

    Well, New York City has an autonomous zone now, too!

    NYC Pub Declares Itself “Autonomous Zone” After Government Tries To Shut It Down

    by Tyler Durden
    Sun, 11/29/2020 – 17:25

    On Saturday, the bar was operating without a license, offering booze for free to a small group of customers. The move is try and exploit a loophole in Cuomo’s bill by not actually charging customers.

  12. Petruchio

    Does anyone besides me find it curious that Covid cases are surging and setting records? After 7 months of wearing masks and heavy use of hand sanitizers it would seem that there would be SOME drop in Covid cases, not the other way around.

  13. Seven months of ‘minority’ riots and leftist riots…yup. All places seeing high sick numbers are mainly DNC hell holes or Europe which is run totally by insane bureaucrats who are globalists and let in and still let in armies of illegal aliens…

  14. Also, the rate of death is far far below last spring’s rate. Remember: in only 5 states that had it (no one else had any) we have had a death rate of over 1700 per million compared to only 400 per million today.

  15. lou

    CDC says 6% of so called Covid Deaths are solely from the Corona Virus, weaponized in Wuhan with money from the Obama Administration. Agenda 21.

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