Pennsylvania Supreme Court Thinks Crappy Electronic Voting Systems OK, Trump Goes To Supreme Court

Yet another wild swing in discussing computer voting systems in our courts: the Pennsylvania top court reversed the order to stop the vote counting due to fraud and certified the ‘election’ there and this will sail into the Supreme Court along with a bevy of similar cases all of which involve the obviously easily manipulated computer voting systems which should be outlawed now as prone to fraud!  Then we should concentrate on changing the overall laws of voting that will have a uniform base for voting systems that are the best system to avoid overt cheating: paper ballots.  This would be an immense fight because corrupt politicians and rich people and others are most anxious to have fake voting systems they can control.


Of course, voting should include the all-important ‘have your ID’, too.  Democrats are eliminating this vital step everywhere they can so they can import ‘voters’ from outside our country.  These, they pile into our dying cities and they then become a core group for giving power to globalists who hate patriotism in all countries.  Be a patriot in Britain or Germany or France and you will be beaten by cops and military or if the police side with you, they will be removed and mobs of international communists allowed to roam at will, beating, stealing and burning cities like what happened in Paris last night;


As per always with as per zero national news coverage, ANTIFA also attacked Portland, Oregon last night, too:

Not to be left behind, ANTIFA rioted as per always in Seattle, too:

Do note these events in the US happen only in communities that voted for the Democrats very heavily!  I love how the ‘protesters’ attack Starbucks all the time!  At least this is one target richly deserving to be trashed.

All summer long and into the fall, the idiots running the Democrat states of Oregon and Washington both claim they are stopping the riots and then don’t stop the constant riots.  They fixed the riot problem via the way all communist government fix things: have the Pravda media not report the news anymore!  Bingo!  Everything is just fine, now!  Mainstream national media doesn’t report this, either.


Fox news rarely reports these daily riots, for example.  The New York Times holds the world’s record in not reporting any news from these two states!  This week, Seattle real estate news boasted that even though many people are fleeing the city, housing is still being sold to OUTSIDERS who come mainly from California and are fleeing the high taxes and the total shut down of Los Angeles by the DNC governor Gruesome Newson.  So they move to a ‘DNC stronghold state with no winters’.


These poor saps who have little to no knowledge because they don’t subscribe to my news service, will walk straight into a trap of their own making.  Vote liberal…and be looted.  Duh.  Many communities are worried about all this, they now view the people fleeing DNC cities as vermin who bring the plague with them as they vote to repeat the same policies that destroyed their previous habitats.


Speaking of DNC vermin: California’s gang is shutting down Los Angeles totally, it appears.  EXCEPT if you are ANTIFA protesting Trump and conservatives!  That is still legal and OK.  I am not joking:

In Europe, people are getting very annoyed at bureaucrats doing stupid things.  One big example last night was a flurry of pictures and comments about shutting gates, etc. in public places, forcing everyone to funnel through one entrance which causes mob situations which spreads germs:

Other comments are about blocking school entrances so all students have to go through one entrance and one person claimed a big box store shut down all sinks in bathroom but one.  This is of course, insane if true.  And I bet, these comments are true.  People do irrational things like this all the time.


Yes, the mainstream Bilderberg news treats any fellow Bilderberg gangster as a buddy!  DUH.  They always do this.  It is also backfiring as rage against globalists grow, not shrink.  The US public that voted for Biden didn’t do it for open borders EXCEPT fo the army of illegal alien voters who the DNC used in an illegal way.  Yes, criminals want criminals to run a country.  This isn’t all that unusual.

What illustrates this is how a new style of ‘Republican’ who is not the old school type is taking over that party one election at a time.  In the case of California, these upstart citizens are also kicking DNC ass, too.  The GOP last night in a vote recount, Naval war hero wins in Los Angeles:

The left and the DNC both want to eliminate patriotism.  This is why they attack patriotic statues, mock our own history, demand we all cease being patriotic or else, why anti-American athletes refuse to salute the flag, etc.  All this is turning ordinary people into patriots and it is killing football and basketball and the Olympics, etc.  Entertainment and sports sees receding audiences and the ones who the advertisers want are the ones who are leaving, first.


Worse, the advertisers universally are attacking their own customers for political reasons causing these to boycott quite a few businesses, too.  This is causing huge financial losses and good riddance.


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37 responses to “Pennsylvania Supreme Court Thinks Crappy Electronic Voting Systems OK, Trump Goes To Supreme Court

  1. Zeke

    Andrea Mitchell is the ‘wife’ of former longtime “Fed Reserve Chair” and in my opinion, international criminal, Alan Greenspan.

    I’ve observed that many of the heavy hitters in politics also have a spouse or close relative who is either a judge, high placed govt agency head, or entertainment, news, propaganda personality.

  2. Human 2.0

    This “election fraud” is just one of many distractions so people don’t think about the real threat(s) to our survival as a species of which there are many. Our attention and focus should be solely about solving these problems but sadly more people are outraged about who the president is.

    WE are ALL culpable! But hey we’ve been having such a good time living our cushy lives (brought to us by corporations on EVERY level – pension funds, drugs, food etc. you get the picture) and advertisers (who convince us to keep shopping for useless crap from China) who wanted to hear all that “negativity”? Like my mother used to always say (to my horror and dismay) “someone will fix it”.

    You can’t even mention over population without getting severely attacked! How is it not relevant to our survival (Easter Island anyone?).


    ELAINE: I told you before, if you believe any of your own junk, you should commit suicide and thus, save all of humanity. There are definitely too many humans like you who refuse to exit this planet to save it.

  3. Human 2.0

    16 cases of the virus at an Elementary School blocks from my house. It is now closed until further notice. So probably most are asymptomatic but/so spreading it around!

  4. shawntoh

    Mein Dame Elaine…

    Du bist wunderbar!

    Herausragende Arbeit!

    There use to be a Starbucks in the neighborhood of Portland, Oregon on SE Division St. that opened up for business many moons ago (around 2000) when I lived there.

    However, it didn’t last very long and went out of business. Why? Because there was, most likely, a boycott by the locals in that neighborhood who did NOT patronize the place and took their business to other small businesses in the neighborhood for their caffeine addiction.

    Understand, that the retail real estate spot has had several different businesses arrive and leave (Kenny & Zukes Deli Bar, Pix Pâtisserie, respectively) and currently houses a salad restaurant. The main issue is that all businesses there are and were LOCALLY owned.

    “Voting with your dollars and your feet” is perfectly legit as a form of protest. People in Portland had/have lots of choices and small businesses were/are, hopefully still are being supported (when they’re NOT going out of business due to the current vandalism and COVID-19 restrictions!).

    The protest is now nihilist. As Iggy Pop, a contemporary of Elaine, once pointed out, “Nihilism is best left to the professionals.” Well, nihilism is unprofessional. Period. It’s “no fun” as he sang with the band, “The Stooges”, many moons ago for everybody.

    I feel that, so far, USA citizens “lost” the election with this fraud business (it infuriates me, Elaine, that you have to devote much of your bloggin’ energy to this issue when there are other policy issues that need your expertise to blog about now, in my humble opinion).

    After all, USA citizens “lost” because, if the DNC gets away with this, then the RNC will probably justify and rationalize fraud to get power back at the ballot box the NEXT election! Next time, it will be a contest of who can swindle legit USA voters the most, I fear, and… get away it.

    Due to the cultural conditioning of my peers, I had to listen to Ted Nugent’s recording “Free For All” in the ’70s. I don’t want that as the soundtrack for the rest of our lives! For me, no, the soundtrack is “No Fun” by The Stooges, circa the year it was recorded, 1969.

    Hopefully SCOTUS will correct the situation, as you have related, Elaine, and I hope they do so. As the vision-impaired person once said, “We shall ‘see’”…


    P.S. It’s like 1969… eh, Elaine? Youse were there! Yeah… bay-BUH! Peace.

  5. My motto for the last 20 or so years has been to treat everyone with respect not because of who they are but because it’s who I am. Not always easy but I try. I am not the judge of them and I believe that you teach by setting examples.

    My attitude changed drastically when my nephew was born in 2000. He is the only offspring from our family of 2 girls and 1 boy (his father). No over breeding here haha (10 on his mom’s side so he was no big deal to them haha)!

    For that reason I spent a fair amount of time with him from birth til now really and realized quite quickly (thank gawd) that he was a sponge and every behavior I demonstrated he was absorbing – I was basically programming him. I make this noise/grunt when I am frustrated that I was not aware of until he copied it! Haha!

    Realizing this made me aware of the error of my ways and changed my behavior profoundly. I am extremely proud of the lovely young man that he is and grateful for the relationship that we have! So far never had one “fight”. Just respectful disagreements and discussions. It really works!


    ELAINE; Somehow, it doesn’t surprise me that you make sounds like a pig.

  6. Jim R

    @snoosebomb #1,
    Please note that Bill Still issues a disclaimer at the beginning of his video. This story is unverified. And I suspect the video is merely some file footage of a demonstration of Marines jumping out of an Osprey at night.

    As for the ‘server’, you should know that by now that all the servers are in windowless buildings in the suburbs of large cities everywhere, and they form a distributed network known as a ‘cloud’. And one of the biggest clouds is being run by Amazon for the CIA. There isn’t going to be any one ‘server’ which holds the ‘smoking gun’ evidence of all the election cheating.

    However, there definitely was cheating going on:

    I sincerely hope Mr. Trump’s legal team can track down the responsible parites. The results of those five or six contentious states should probably be thrown out altogether, their ‘elections’ being marked ‘not valid’.

  7. snoosebomb

    @ 7 , i agree

  8. honeybadger don't care

    I don’t see how the Penn state court case gets to the Supreme Court. I think subject matter jurisdiction is lacking. Even if it somehow can be appealed, I don’t think it will be reversed.

    Also folks, don’t be too disappointed if things don’t go the way we want in SCOTUS in the federal case in Penn. The case may be damaged beyond repair. But as far as the judicial branch goes SCOTUS powers are plenary, so there is still some chance.

    There are other fires burning: for example the kraken cases are very interesting and Powell is, to be frank, a better lawyer than Giuliani; meaning no disparagement of his efforts. And his team is planning to file more actions as well I think. There is an interesting case in Nevada and Wisconsin is still in play. Also, there is grass-roots resistance springing up especially in Pennsylvania.

    And there is still some time. Congress meets on January 6th to count the electoral votes and announce the winner.

  9. Jim R

    I might add here —

    If, and I mean IF, there is anything to the story of the ‘military raid’ in Germany, and if there is any trace of the Dominion fraudware in the materials found there, that makes it an international incident.

    Which would mean it is perfectly normal for the fraudsters to be tried by a military tribunal. As long as it was in the hands of the corrupt alphabet agencies along the Potomac, nothing would happen. They have been fighting Trump the whole last four years. The compromised FBI and compromised DOJ were never going to prosecute anyone.

    But the military has lots of people who like Trump. Not the top level brass in Washington, they are idiots. But the ones deployed in pointless wars in the middle east, I think a lot of them are very sympathetic…

  10. Ken

    Jim R @ 7,

    The issue of the remedy if Trump wins at the Supreme Court level is an interesting one. As with any criminal case, the penalty has to be so severe that it discourages future bad behavior. If a thief simply has to give back stolen goods each time he is caught, but get to keep the loot if he isn’t caught, there is no incentive not to steal.

    So, what would be an appropriate penalty if the Democrats are found to be stuffing the ballot box? All democrat candidates could be declared losers, or all democrat votes could be thrown out, but this disenfranchises the legitimate democrat voters. But to not throw them out disenfranchises the republican voters.

    If guilty parties could be caught that would open possibilities for punishment, but in all likelihood the top guys would never be caught. Only the low level operatives.

    It’s a tough decision.

  11. Jim R

    All democrat candidates could be declared …

    It’s not appropriate to follow party lines like that. There are plenty of dishonest Republicans as well. But I do think guilty parties need to be punished — perhaps a bunch of those county local officials who ‘certified’ an obviously fraudulent ballot count, or the state officials who ‘approved’ an obviously defective system of voting machines.

    And, more seriously, as many of the guilty parties from the alphabet agencies as they can round up. Lots of mid-level bureaucrats participated in this circus, even if they can’t get to Sniffy or Kameltoe.

  12. Pete

    “The most effective way to destroy people
    is to deny and obliterate their
    own understanding of their history.”

    ― George Orwell

  13. The mere fact that LEGAL POLL WATCHERS were locked out/forced out/made to stand too far off to witness cheating is grounds for not using the results of such cheating! PERIOD.

    The crimes were in our faces and obvious. It was totally wrong and can’t be fixed via small changes. The DNC went totally to the wall with blatant, in our faces cheating. They enabled all sorts of cheating, obviously and openly.

    The election was a total fraud.

  14. honeybadger don't care

    The problem is that the Trump campaign needs to “undo” some procedural problems that arose earlier.

    I misspoke above, plenary is technically too broad of a term to describe SCOTUS powers; more accurate would be to say it has vast powers to “say what the law is” and administer justice, including waiving rules and procedural irregularities in the interests of justice.

    Team Trump will be making strong arguments that SCOTUS should do exactly that, among other things. The arrogant tone of the lower court opinions, however, indicates that they at least don’t believe there much chance of that. No judge wants to set themselves up to be smacked down on appeal. It could still happen though.

    It is a very narrow, but critical, issue going up on appeal. In my opinion if Trump wins that would be a big signal regarding the future of the whole process. But again the outlook is not particularly great.

    It may not matter. There are rumors circulating that Biden, after seeing the kraken cases, realizes he is cold busted and is already started negotiating terms for surrender himself.

  15. honeybadger don't care

    Yeah its too early for me to write stuff.

  16. Jim R

    And I think this ‘Kraken’ stuff will simply disappear. It is a fiction to distract your attention — “here, look at this CIA outpost in Europe!” — and don’t look at your local crooked county officials, locking out poll watchers and filling in ballots in the middle of the night.

  17. honeybadger don't care

    Elaborating on what I wrote above, one problem is that Giuliani is on the record announcing “this is not a fraud case”.

    Also, it would have been very helpful if, when the canvassing observation issue was being litigated in state court, Trump’s lawyer had raised federal due process and equal protection causes along with the claim under the state election statutes.

    Speaking of remedies, it seems that because the available remedies appear “extreme” courts are de facto applying a higher standard of proof than the legally appropriate preponderance of the evidence.

    In spite of that I assure everyone, the kraken cases are no distraction or fiction. Go read the complaints. They are not based on “wild conspiracy theories”. They plead multiple theories of fraud with particularity.

    Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are legal warriors with a track record of success against the deep state and the corrupt media. Let that sink in.

  18. Jim R

    Does Giuliani still insist it isn’t fraud?

    And, I actually hope I am wrong about Sidney Powell. I hope she starts an avalanche of litigation against the deep state. They have had it coming for a very long time.

    One obvious indication of centrally coordinated fraud is when thousands of already-counted votes are removed from one column and added to the other. You should never see votes subtracted from a candidate:

    Another indication is when someone who clearly has the power to commit fraud publicly announces his intentions:

    So, I hope I am wrong, but the allegations put forward by Ms. Powell smell like bu!!sh¡t to me.

  19. Giuliani is clear that voting machines are corruptible and incompetent and using these is dangerous and stupid and note: ALL errors ended up benefitting only Biden, not ‘random’.

  20. honeybadger don't care

    Giuliani has been adamant about the fraud. Team Trump got their wires crossed on this case because of turnover due to threats and intimidation.

    The thing about the legal system is there are rules, more rules, and underneath all that, you guessed it–even more rules. And if you slip up there is a good chance things won’t go your way.

    That said, Giuliani has indicated he already scored a victory in this case, namely the Gettysburg hearing. Legislatures as well as courts have the power to hold hearings, make findings, and take action.

    If the kraken cases smell like bovine feces I would submit your views are influenced by fake news and online commentary. The complaints are online. Go to the primary source. We don’t know if Powell will be successful in proving the allegations in court but the complaints are legit, again alleging the more “obvious” fraud elements along with the claims about the machines. This is not “what are they smoking” stuff. And I believe she has filed hundreds of affidavits under seal with the court so the “without evidence” nonsense is officially gone with the wind, i.e., easily debunkable.

    There is no 4D chess here. Trump is basically just hoping for American patriots to step up and save the republic.

  21. Jim R

    I have also said I hope I am wrong and the tales of rogue computers, being seized by the army in Germany, are true. It would open up the deep state to review by a military tribunal, followed by a long overdue (almost sixty years) house cleaning.

  22. lou

    22–since a few years ago, rumors of unsealed indictments.

  23. Unacceptable, corrupt voting systems are CRIMINAL. They are DELIBERATE, they are DECEPTIVE and they are THEFT. The people voted in via corrupt systems tend to be criminals, I know this first hand!

    Very few people have arrested as many politicians as Giuliani (AND ME). We have a great track record in this regard.

  24. AT

    The primary Constitutional remedy is not the SJC. Rather it is for congress to declare the electoral College failed due to fraud, perhaps after some hearings, and then hold a vote themselves to determine the president.

  25. AT

    Normally we never get that far because the major candidates concede the winner,

  26. Not in 2000! That went to the Supreme Court. The Bilderberg news and the Bilderberg co-conspirators in Congress are all yelling that this will not go to the Supreme Court which is total lunacy. HAHAHA. It will.

  27. Watch carefully: NO MEDIA or POLITICIANS are mentioning the 2000 court ruling. There is near total silence about this. They want no discussion about this matter which is why I am yelling about it.

    Also, few Americans were involved in the mess that last week of the ruling. I was in DC yelling at everyone and there was DEAD SILENCE there and politicians were startled to see me come over to them, push paperwork into their hands and order them to begin discussing how to prevent this sort of event caused by crappy voting systems.

    They talked about it for exactly four hours when the Supreme Court saved their asses by that peculiar ruling. I am the ONLY HUMAN ON EARTH still talking about how we were betrayed by the judges making it a ruling that can’t be used to sue the states and their dumb voting systems.

  28. AT

    Yes it went to the SJC in 2000. And yes, the SJC provides a remedy (through their own Marbury vs Madison interpretation of the supremacy clause), but not the preferred remedy. And generally, courts shy away from political questions, which means the SJC, even a conservative SJC, is likely not to overturn any state certifications, even in the face of blatant fraud.

    The primary check and balance here is Congress, not the SJC.

    In 2000, Congress chose not to declare the electoral college from that state infirm. They could have held hearings. Read the twelfth amendment. After that each state gets an up or down vote by state. With more red states, Trump wins.

  29. In Florida, and I remember lots of junk from back then, being one of the very, very few people who was sane that December in 2000…the issue was the REFUSAL of a state to put together a fair voting system. This is what I was going to sue…if SYSTEMS are denying people the right to have a proper vote COUNTING system, that is, rigs is so it doesn’t work, then this is a violation of basic civil rights.

    The Gore vs. Bush was an open door to suing over this issue and this is why the Court resorted to the extremely totally utterly rare ruling that we could not sue over the basis of this ruling! I was furious and even more furious that the mainstream Bilderberg media crowed that this was perfection and they were so very happy no one could sue!

  30. Not only the media but a Congressman called me and told me, this sort of election mess was a one time incident and would never, ever happen again and I said it would and note that it has.

    Worse, the political machines mainly in big cities run by DEMOCRATS doubled down on the fake voting systems that are easily tweeked or even blatantly flooded with fake votes! Far from reforming voting systems, this got ten times worse.

  31. lou

    we near collapse.

  32. honeybadger don't care

    That’s Chemerinsky’s argument: federal courts have no business meddling in how states run rigged federal elections.

    I disagree. Under the 14th Amendment states have no more right to run rigged federal elections than they do to legalize slavery. And federal courts have the power to review whether state officials have followed federal law where there is a significant federal interest.

  33. AT

    Ladies. The point is the 12th amendment provides Congress with a remedy when the electoral college goes sideways. A separate remedy.

  34. snoosebomb

    RE; SCOTUS . its very simple really , they don’t have a choice. If they vote against Trump they are voting against their own institution which stands to be rendered a rubber stamp for one party rule , And they would be voting to destroy the foundations of your country. They will be handing power to the WEF

  35. honeybadger don't care

    And the 14th Amendment gives federal courts the authority to review whether the electoral college has gone sideways.

  36. honeybadger don't care


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