Georgia Battle Over Control Of Dominion Corrupt Voting Machines Rages Onwards


The entities working nonstop for the Bilderberg gang who are mostly foreigners as well as very rich Americans, they tirelessly try to destroy our democratic systems here and impose a pretend ‘populist’ government, not a ‘citizen’s’ government.  All attempts at correctly validating the voting in states that used foreign vote machines and run by corrupt city/state government machines set to cheat,  these attempts at uncovering many crimes is being resisted or fought by the elite establishment of both the GOP and DNC gangs.



They do NOT want ANY reforms.  I knew this for years and years. When I proposed that Congress have uniform voting SYSTEMS that are secure and on paper, not computers, the Supreme Court ruled that I could not sue to force this to happen.  Happily, the elites roared onwards, doing as they pleased.  Then Trump came along and overturned their apple carts.  Big time.  Ever since then, they are desperately struggle to strangle fair voting systems, the need to cheat is high on their ‘to do’ lists.

There has been this seesaw of up and down rulings in Georgia, first stopping the erasure of the data then allowing it and then disallowing it.  How on EARTH can any state doing a repeat ‘election’ be allowed to use these machines???? Obviously!!!  There is a lot wrong with these stupid computers!!!!

Dr. Turley gives a good synopsis of this nonsense.  The lawyer doing this in Georgia is doing this on his own.  Lin Wood is the famous lawyer who represents the MAGA kid who was abused by mainstream media for the fun of it, nearly killing the kid.

Carter Page was one of many victims of the insane ‘get Trump’ campaign and he is determined to get some real justice.  Many supporters of Biden want everyone who worked for Trump to be punished and put in prison.   Speaking of prison, ANTIFA is beginning to turn on Biden and his ‘put them in prison’ VP:

And people are joking that Biden’s doggie is stronger than Biden.  That man is obviously falling apart which is why the Bilderberg gang loves him: they can ignore him and just do as they please!

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