More And More Vote Cheating, Mainstream Media Still Desperately Push For Trump To Quit

The Democrats deliberately refuse to run sane voting systems, they refuse to enforce sane laws while at the same time, enforce insane laws like the Covid-19 restrictions on civil rights, they are for ‘civil rights’ except when they are dictators running police states that let leftists riot nonstop and THIS is why America voted for?  I seriously doubt this.


It is painfully obvious that the coronavirus rules allowed DNC run hell hole states to openly cheat in this election.  We had by far, ‘record voting’ this ‘election’ but 70%+ votes for Biden were via ‘mail’ and not in person so no registration to vote was checked and this has led to a massive amount of illicit voting scams.  Naturally, the leftists want this to be our system of voting forever.

The utter chaos destroying huge cities continues and it is a DNC program of letting criminals intimidate everyone especially law enforcement.  Seattle just voted to cut police spending ‘only’ 20% this year after promising to cut 50% so the rioters and communists are furious and are showing up in DNC cities like this example in Portland, demanding the cops be pretty much eliminated:

Anyone arrested at these DNC terrorist events are released by the judges with zero going to jail.  So the leftists are totally bold now and more openly violent and more openly armed to the teeth.  This is the USA Biden represents.  The cynical corrupt Democrat leaders in DC and the Bilderberg gang think they can kill off literally kill off all the leftists once they get a firm grip on power again after removing a patriotic President who refuses to bow to international bosses.

The ballot cheating was so naked, it is obvious and I am furious that the courts are not hammering their own party bosses in the DNC for this brutal, stupid method of voting.  Alas, they think this is all a fantastic victory and a great idea.  The minute the DNC locked out observers who had the legal right to witness vote counting especially the votes counted in the dead of night, is grounds enough to call off all vote counting and simply have the legislative remedy, instead.

In Georgia, Trump had a very large rally despite the coronavirus fears.  It was utterly packed.  Trump also tweeted this last night:

Yes, this was due to all the fake ballots that hurried radical leftists who were ‘counting votes’ simply filled out many vote forms with Biden checks.  The wild gap between the real votes and the fake votes is revealing: why vote for all the other GOP people running but vote against Trump who is the steam engine of the GOP train?  It makes zero sense.

Biden’s physical collapse continues.  He finally went out to speak in public several times after pretending he won the election and already is so frail, he is collapsing.  Like Hillary, the stress of running for office and doing public events crushes them as they are both very fragile.  Trump is a human dynamo, not even the coronavirus could slow him down!

The State took down Tommy Robinson and told everyone, he was evil and a dictator sort…only to show what a real dictator looks like!  England has no civil rights laws at all, basically, all ‘rights’ come from the Crown and you can be arrested for ‘wrongthink’.

Here in the US we still don’t see anti-covis rule demonstrations like in Europe but this was channeled into the election for Trump but if Trump is locked out of the White House due to fraud voting, we will see riots.

About the coronavirus: the US and all of North America from Mexico to Canada, had only 1,500 deaths from the disease yesterday while Europe had over 3,000 deaths which is twice as many.  In the US, the rate has been dropping off now, in hot spots like Texas and California it fell to fairly low numbers like only 20 in California which is near to zero.


in Georgia, a former hot spot, it is now only 18 dead yesterday.  Deaths there peaked in early August and was at half that level lately and is rapidly falling now at the end of November.  This is why people were not scared of going to a big rally for Trump in Georgia yesterday.


It is even more ridiculous in California which has ZERO deaths in the entire state except for 4 deaths, one each in a city with LA being another 16 deaths for a total of only 20 deaths, overall.  And the demon democrats run that sad state and are cranking down on small businesses, destroying them all in the name of stopping germs that stopped on their own!


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5 responses to “More And More Vote Cheating, Mainstream Media Still Desperately Push For Trump To Quit

  1. snoosebomb

    ” deaths ” , heart ,cancer , seasonal flu have dropped or gone , then they have the nerve to say it doesn’t matter they still died of covid. wrongthink or cant think ? Those death numbers are an annual event.

  2. Human 2.0

    Grunt – to make a short, low sound instead of speaking, usually because of anger or pain:

    So you call me a pig because I made this sound? Or are you calling me a pig because you don’t like my opinions? Or is there another reason?

    I thought you don’t like people insulting you or your readers? But it’s ok for you and them right Elaine? SO what’s the reason Elaine?

    Practice what you preach!

  3. Human 2.0

    The Daily Dot reported on June 30, 2020 that Parler had been banning left-wing accounts including parody accounts and those critical of Parler.

    Newsweek also wrote about accounts being banned from the service, some of which appeared to have been intentionally testing the limits of Parler’s free speech ethos.


    Practice what you preach!

  4. Jim R

    To children, this virus is just another stupid cold virus. There are a handful of stories of children getting sick from Cov-19, but I suspect they’d have comorbidities if you looked closely at each case.

    Children do not get this, they don’t even have symptoms, as their young supple immune systems shrug off the virus. Flu is more dangerous to children, and we don’t shut down everything for every flu bug.

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