Trump Is Forcing Congress To Discuss All Aspects Of Spending Bill Which He Red Lined!

The scandal of crummy voting systems run by the Democrats who want fake voting systems run on crummy computers easily manipulated by political hacks, this scandal continues.  There were too many ‘voters’ in one of the states, Pennsylvania.  Naturally, the DNC is yelling along with all the Bilderberg fake news media, the machines worked perfectly.  If you are cheating, yes, they did ‘work’ perfectly!  Time to fix a very broken system!

Nearly a quarter million fake votes!  Wow.  This is immense levels of cheating going on.  If the DNC gang were honest, they would fix this.  Instead, they are doubling down on the fake trope that voting went perfectly fine and there is nothing to fix!

Pennsylvania Reported 200,000 More Ballots Cast than People Who Voted – Will The State Now Legitimately Go to the Trump Column?


The difference of 202,377 more votes cast than voters voting, together with the 31,547 over- and under-votes in the presidential race, adds up to an alarming discrepancy of 170,830 votes, which is more than twice the reported statewide difference between the two major candidates for President of the United States. On November 24, 2020, Boockvar certified election results, and Wolf issued a certificate of ascertainment of presidential electors, stating that Vice President Joe Biden received 80,555 more votes than President Donald Trump.


Computers interfere with close and careful counting of votes which is why all systems should use a system that cannot be easily manipulated. Of course, political hacks can hack any system if they are a dictatorship and many DNC run hell hole cities are dictatorships and they go to great lengths to insure their city base which is the entirety of the party these days, remains hellish and hostile and impossible to fix.  This way, they get ‘Detroit’ which votes DNC nonstop for more than half a century.

Gallup Poll: President Trump ‘Most Admired Man’ 2020

Trump wiped the floor with Obama and Biden came in dead last with nearly no one admiring him AT ALL.  This is astonishing!  And funny.  And another indicator that Trump really won the election.

Trump was busy tweeting away today.  It is a slow news week due to the holidays but after January 1, things will heat up rapidly yet again.


He is going to force Congress to debate item by item all the pork and trash in the rescue bill.  He is preventing them from loading a ton of junk onto a very necessary bill.  The DNC does this very cynically.  Now, he is whipping them along, forcing them to examine all the pork in the bill and discuss these in public.  No more secret deals.  Nearly NO ONE in Congress read this massive 8000 plus page looting of the Treasury!


All the power people have run from Trump but he isn’t running away, playing the fool.  He is using whatever tools he has at hand and is doing an amazing job of it.  Too bad, our media systems are all very stupid or corrupt or cowardly.  They think, if they go along with the communists, they will not be crushed.  This is insanity.  Never, ever do communists loose power easily, you have to pry it from their death clutch hands!


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3 responses to “Trump Is Forcing Congress To Discuss All Aspects Of Spending Bill Which He Red Lined!

  1. Ken

    I know several people who voted for Biden. All of them are parroting the media line that there is no evidence of fraud whatsoever. They will not even look at any evidence of fraud, since it would just be a waste of their time. The amount of cognitive dissonance out there is incredible to behold.

  2. Zeke

    Now THAT’S Fake News.
    – found no reference to “SURE DATA”. Whatever that is or isn’t.
    – matter already settled in Pennsylvania courts.
    – notice that supposed discrepancy was not brought before the courts where perjury would apply but rather to some media outlets. Fake news.

    Also ‘line item veto’ question was resolved during Reagan Admin. I think. Exec. branch has only 3 options: sign bill ‘as presented’, veto bill, take no action (pocket veto).

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