Debates About Our Very Crummy Voting Systems Continues With DNC In Denial

Two weeks ago, McConnell shook hands with the Democrats and congratulated them for ‘winning’ the election even as many, many votes are still in dispute and can turn the election if counted properly.  Right now in Georgia, the politicians are debating how the voting was run and rigged.  The yells for Trump to quit fighting increases as more proof pours in that the voting was rigged by dishonest Democrats in office and the media.

McConnell introduces competing bill for $2K stimulus checks

The wrangling over the stimulus checks continues.  Now, everyone is doing this.  The new differential is, the DNC wants $2000 per person checks sent out while the Republicans have finally decided to follow Trump and ask for $2000, too but without all the pork which Trump redlined the other day.


Unlike the Democrat approved bill, however, McConnell’s version would repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.


Additionally, it would set up a commission to study voter fraud. This came after Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) vowed to delay a vote to override President Trump’s veto of the NDAA until the Senate votes on the stimulus payments.


Absolutely, voter fraud has to stop.  It is very obvious and it is worse due to the frantic efforts the DNC gang and their media buddies are yelling nonstop that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the voting systems and how votes are counted.  Not the slightest problems!  Criminals always deny breaking laws.

Mr. Obvious goes over the raw data from the election which shows how Biden actually had a much smaller support base than Obama and the ridiculous number of votes for him in this election came from fewer places than previous elections.

Meanwhile in dying NY City, chaos gets worse every day:

The pink handlebars and pink wheel covers shows some if not all of these bikes are stolen.  50 of this gang occupied the entire street and deliberately stopped traffic for fun.  This sort of urban chaos got much, much worse this year but only in Democratic cities.  This inability to run major cities is a gigantic problem for all of us.  The Democrats are rapidly losing control of their cities which exist only to be a holding pen for their captive voter base.



It is now cold, dark, wet winter in the West Coast, even snow in southern California right now, so ANTIFA and BLM are hunkering down in buildings they take over including motels and hotels.  Getting rid of these parasites will be very difficult.  Especially when Democrats run the joints.



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16 responses to “Debates About Our Very Crummy Voting Systems Continues With DNC In Denial

  1. shawntoh

    Folks, we need to let those politicians know our concerns and demand they stop Big Tech, Big Media, Foreign Countries and the corrupt Democrats from stealing this election.

    This is especially crucial if you are residing in AZ, GA, PA, and WI for you to contact your representatives…

    The rest of us need to let our Republican representatives the same. Viel glück! Frieden!

  2. Zeke

    You’re an obvious partisan political hack.

    How about long voting lines in Texas?

    How about reduced # of voting places in Texas?

    How about voter suppression in Texas?

    Why did you not include that, hack?


    ELAINE: Zeke, you need to visit a doctor, it will help greatly. I worry about the mental health of my readers.

  3. honeybadger don't care

    Here is today’s hearing in Georgia:

    It looks like the first thing that happened was the committee adopted this report:

    Click to access THE_FINAL%20REPORT.PDF

    All this might just blow up.

  4. honeybadger don't care

    And to anyone idiotic enough to purport that, because the courts have all dismissed the cases the election must have been legit, the well-reasoned dissents from this Wisconsin Supreme Court opinion blow that stupidity out the water:

    Petitioners assert troubling allegations of noncompliance with Wisconsin’s election laws by public officials on whom the voters rely to ensure free and fair elections. It is our solemn judicial duty to say what the law is. The majority’s failure to discharge its duty perpetuates violations of the law by those entrusted to administer it. I dissent.

    The opinions are based on Wisconsin law but the reasoning soundly applies to all of the cases that have been improperly dismissed.

    Click to access Trump-v-Biden-WI-SC-Opinions.pdf

  5. The corruption of the partisan courts is most distressing. It is totally whacky and extremely dangerous.

  6. honeybadger don't care


    Bravo. Anyone that wants to pretend we just had a “free and fair election” needs to watch that video and pay very, very close attention.

  7. Zeke

    Spoken like a true Soviet. If ya disagree with the Commissar, ya need an adjustment.
    btw – the dissenting opinion is also called the losing opinion. It did not prevail. If ya go thru life citing losers opinions ya will end up in destination Loserville.

  8. AT

    The Constitutional remedy is clear: Pence refrains from counting legitimately disputed electors. No one gets 270 votes. Then the election goes to the House for a vote, where the citizens in the fraud states will still get a voice through their representative. That is how our federalist system keeps the states honest.

  9. KHS71

    #6, exactly why the Rats want control of the courts including the Supreme Court. They can then do almost anything they want and have backup from the court system. They know exactly who the corrupted judges are. Think Judge Emmet Sullivan of DC. I was surprised he honored Trump’s pardon of Flynn. We’ll see if the Rats cheat in Georgia in the upcoming run off. I say they will do anything to win the run off. The Repubs need to wake up and smell the flowers. The Rats don’t care to play fair. Remember Leo Durocher. Nice guys finish last. Stop being nice, play mean and nasty. Do what the Rats do.

  10. honeybadger don't care


    Look, those dissents were written by actual state supreme court justices. In fact, past dissents often become future law as things progress. I suggest you read them carefully before being so flippant. And I am going to refer you to post #3, which seems to be made especially with your ilk in mind. My advice is to watch the video and take heed. Very careful heed.

    @#9 Assuming we have the present status quo on Jan 6th, all that would happen is that the Democrats will challenge the count and then Congress will vote to make Beijing Biden the prez under 3 USC 15. Yes, constitutional challenges can be raised (in fact they already are) and they will likely go nowhere in our corrupt courts.

    Maybe Congress will feel the wrath of We The People by the 6th and change course but I doubt it. Then the “constitutional remedy” will fall on the chief executive to “take care that the laws are faithfully executed” before the 20th.

    Otherwise we are back to @#3.

  11. honeybadger don't care


    You seem to think that the reason Trump voters are up in arms is because of some “cult”. Its not like that. Its because we have overwhelming evidence that the election was rigged and the media, courts, and people like you are telling us go pound sand. Again, watch #3 as many times as you must to understand how this works.


    Senator Hawley has pledged to challenge the count so at least we will have a record of who the traitors in Congress are. And there is supposed to be a huge rally on the 6th as well. These are the times that try men’s souls.

  12. Zeke

    complete delusional nonsense. Anything for yer Cult Leader. Ya would prefer to rip up the Constitution and wipe yer arse on the flag to worship yer Cult Leader.
    EVERYONE else is either lying or treasonous. Only yer Cult Leader is telling the truth. Listen only to yer Cult Leader.
    Yep, that’s a cult.

  13. shawntoh

    Oh, speaking of ‘cults’…

    Some French dude name Proudhon said “Property is theft!” and now Antifa Seattle seems to be “redistributing the wealth” via occupation…

    They recently paid for a bunch of rooms for one night and then brought in more folks and now refuse to leave. Two more rooms have been taken over. The police have done nothing. So now what?

  14. shawntoh

    My cultural leader is my ego and he’s always correct, isn’t he? Never mind. Yogurt is a cult of microbes. Frieden.

  15. The police have entered the motel and are now arresting everyone or kicking them out into the streets again. They should now go off to the offices of the DNC gang running that mess of a state and kick them out, too.

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