Georgia Senate Will Audit Ballots To See If All Trump Ballots Were Deliberately Misprinted Computer Code!


Even more proof that the voting machines that used computers were altered so they would not record GOP votes!

We can see from the pictures below that the GOP side of the ballot in Georgia was different from the DNC side.  It was printed out of synch with the coding thus, causing it to be rejected while the DNC one is correctly set up so it passes through.  There are so many tricks used to insure GOP ballots be rejected one suspects this was DELIBERATE by someone acting as an agent for fraud.


The civil rights of Trump voters has been violated.  This is a civil rights issue.  So far, our country has played this double game whereby anyone can discriminate against or do racist things to white males.  Well, white males are covered by the Civil Rights Act which is clear, NO ONE is to be discriminated against, absolutely NO ONE.


This is now moving forwards relentlessly.  Mainstream media can’t escape this via by refusing to report it or to claim it is not really happening or that it is fake news.  This ridiculous Pravda manipulation of ‘news’ has been ruthlessly shoved onwards for over four years now and it is childish and ridiculous.

Yes, everything that could go wrong went wrong deliberately.  The desire to cheat was so great, they cheated at every possible level due to the lack of interest in voting for Biden.  Fake Biden votes happened all over the place thanks to no one checking ID of voters in any DNC run city.  The DNC won nearly ONLY in cities they controlled.  Everywhere else, Biden lost.


Rapidly, the scams and schemes of the Bilderberg gang are unravelling.  Hilariously, there is zero mention of all this at the front page of the communist rag, the New York Times!  HAHAHA.


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2 responses to “Georgia Senate Will Audit Ballots To See If All Trump Ballots Were Deliberately Misprinted Computer Code!

  1. Ken

    If all of these fraudulent actions had had the intent of disenfranchising black voters, and denying them their civil rights, all of the courts would be screaming bloody murder. But because only Trump supporters are being denied their civil rights, and “orange man bad,” it’s OK.

  2. Pete


    Dancing Robotics

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