Congressman Hawley Leads Revolt Against Election Stealing By Bilderberg DNC/GOP Gangsters!

Everyone in the DC power pyramid is furious that Senator Hawley is officially stopping the crowning of senile Biden as ‘President’ due to all the fake voting in states that used the corrupt Dominion computer voting systems.  The gauntlet has been thrown down and the elites think many Republicans will side with Bilderberg Republicans and thus, destroy our democracy and replace it with a fake voting system easily manipulated by elites.


Leftists continue attacking citizens and they are really desperate to impose their will on everyone via hook and crook.  Senator Hawley has the backing of a large number of Republicans in Congress as he leads the charge.  Senator Mc Connell who happily congratulated the DNC leaders when he thought the coup against the voters worked, is frantically demanding his own party renounce their own President and back the usurper who used vote cheating to ‘win’.


I see McConnell being dumped by his own party now.  Yertle the Turtle will fall off of his pyramid of power. So far, more than 30 have backed this revolt against their own Bilderberg buddy speaker.


The Bilderberg gang is very anxious to have the objection to the election buried which is why, even yesterday, this barely made back page news in Bilderberg media. Up until now, they thought they could simply ignore this and the voters would not be the wiser.  They forgot, we still have power on the internet and the news is getting out despite efforts to prevent this.


Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., thinks “upwards of” 100 GOP lawmakers will vote to not accept Joe Biden’s victory when Congress convenes on Jan. 6 to count the Electoral College votes.   This story illustrates how a hunk of the GOP is going to fall off of this huge cliff and vanish along with Mitt Romney:


“I think you’re going to have some people that come out and take a strong stand but man, I hope I’m wrong. I’m not going to be surprised if it approaches three figures.”


This Kinzinger character is going to learn a sharp lesson in who is the boss:


Kinzinger, one of the few Republicans to speak out against the conspiracy theories President Donald Trump embraces surrounding the election, told Sykes that he’s “over the undermining of democracy and frankly, the massive damage that’s being done with this.


So, demanding we stop illicit and illegal voting, manipulating voting machines, filing false votes, double voting, all that is ‘imaginary’?  A ‘conspiracy theory’?  This man is insane.  It is just amazing, we even have obvious videos clearly showing massive vote cheating by Democrats and this doesn’t exist, this is all fake?  This man is insane.


“It is a scam,” he said of the effort to get the election reversed, specifically calling out Rep.-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama, the pair of House Republicans leading the Jan. 6 effort.


This Bilderberg gangster tells us that ‘it is a scam’ when our politicians we elect go after the gangsters stealing this election via open fraud which has been obvious to anyone with any brains and eyeballs.


“It is going to disappoint the people that believe this election was stolen, that think this is an opportunity to change it. But instead of being disappointed in the people that led them on this grifting scam, they’re going to somehow try to convince these people that it was the RINO’s in Congress or something like that and not the Constitution that prevents this from happening in the first place.


This Bilderberg RINO doesn’t read our Constitution, does he?  He is definitely digging his own political grave here.  I bet angry voters will be running demands he be impeached.  I would do this!


“All they’re doing is getting a ton of followers, raising a ton of money, and they’re taking people that are hurting right now during a pandemic and taking their money from them, not because they’re telling them the truth but because they’re giving them false hope,” he added.


This man is sailing off of the cliff now.  Wow.  This is the Romney side of the Republican party and they are very, very unpopular right now.  Some of them are talking about forming a new party. I would suggest they call it ‘The Treason Party’.


This is due to them wanting open borders and free trade so they can join the Chinese communists and rule the world while deep in red ink at home.  The red ink from foreign trade deals and letting invaders into the country are very destructive policies.

Trump knows who these traitors are within his own party.  They never had his goals, they want international power, not save US citizens and make America stronger, they want open borders and have their money flow out of the country, not make the country stronger or better.  This is happening in Europe, too, which is also being systematically destroyed by their own traitors who hate the European people and are busy replacing them or crushing them.


HAHAHA.  Bring out your dead!  They vote!  And they collect money from the Democrat’s goodies machine, too!  Amazing, what you can do in the Afterlife.  Just amazing.


Life in the US reminds me of life in the Soviet Union.  Once you get mostly if not all propaganda from State run or foreign media like the NYT which is owned by rich foreigners, not US citizens, for example…you get fake news designed to enslave and destroy, not save and build.  Note how all DNC cities even the very richest ones are being destroyed right now, systematically destroyed.


Looted, burned, raped and destroyed…by their new voter base that is anti-social and hates this country openly and dreams of destroying all if it instead of half of it.  Note how rich California and rich New York are poor and in chaos with high and higher crime rates the more the death grip of the DNC strangles everything.


Last August, the NY Post talked about how everyone is fleeing NYC because of disease and high crime rates, it is now a horrible place to live!. Then, just two days ago, this same paper told Trump to give up and surrender to the Democrats because this will ‘heal the nation’ which is insane.  No, it means we all get to live like NYC and have high crime rates, be overrun by illegal aliens and have more epidemics brought in from overseas!  Great!


NOT.  Good lord, that is so insane.



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12 responses to “Congressman Hawley Leads Revolt Against Election Stealing By Bilderberg DNC/GOP Gangsters!

  1. Pete

    Squirrels attack People
    Rats attack Pigeons
    The END of NYC

  2. lou

    off topic, Elaine, the ‘mining’ goes on,

    After recent price spike, bitcoin requires enough power for a country of more than 200 million people.

  3. Suppose you got your wish. The election result were overturned and Trump stayed in power. Then what?
    I suppose he would purge disloyal Republicans from the party, and arrest Democrats who’d been involved in the “fraud.” Maybe hold some show trials where they confess their involvement before being sent off to gulags? Then the reeducation of the American populous could begin? A bunch of people wouldn’t accept him as leader because it wasn’t done through any court system or legal process; maybe set up camps for them to rectify their thinking?
    Putin could be a useful guide in all of this, no doubt.

  4. Zeke

    The ‘Manchurian Candidate’ has Americans at each other’s throats with bogus accusations of election fraud.
    Putin is smiling.
    Gauzy blurry Yeti level photos of paper ballot ‘stuffing’ and now retracted by Fox and NewsMax stories of ‘rigged voting machines.’
    Putin says to Diaper Don the Con: job well done.
    Default last act: violence and threats of violence against state capitol election officials, many or most Republicans. Threats of violence against Courts at all levels, many Republicans and many appointed by Trump himself mistakenly making a ‘transactional’ quid pro quo ‘you owe me’ estimation.
    Putin is smiling.

  5. snoosebomb

    #3 , US has uniparty, rigged elections , Putin was a useful guide in all of this, no doubt.

  6. honeybadger don't care


    Fiat justitia ruat caelum.

  7. honeybadger don't care

    Here are some facts to chew on. Do note these facts are presented pursuant to an official investigative process conducted a body possessing legitimate political power conferred by the Constitution of the United States of America:

  8. DM:

    Suppose you got your wish.

    The gulags shit is puerile..

    I don’t like that much about Trump. I do however, greatly admire him as the most stoic leader of our times. Note: I would not ascribe the word ‘leader’ to anyone else on the stage.

    This is the most important election ever – and not just for America.

    You have a stark choice. Globalism or Nationalism. Think carefully. This is not just a dick measuring competition.

    Perhaps (perhaps) – one of the first “then whats” might be a long overdue dismemberment of the Fourth Estate quango. Dump your shares in Twitter.

  9. Ken

    The voter fraud not only affected the presidential race. In Michigan, for example, the Republican candudate for US senator was way ahead in the votes until the fraudulent ballots were counted. Once the fraud took place, he lost by a thin margin. No one would be paying attention to the Georgia runoff if the Michigan guy had won.

  10. AT

    All a disguise for the uniparty flu d’etat.

  11. I have been 100% against fake elections all my long life.

    I was the ONLY citizen to show up in DC when the 2000 election failed. I brought to Congress the Uniform Voting Act which would fix this mess. The Supreme Court got word that I passed this document throughout Congress and met with the Speakers of the House and Senate and NPR talked about all this that day….so the Court ruled that Bush Jr won and the case could not be used by ME to sue for better voting systems that could not be corrupted.

    WELL…they fixed this by ruling that their ruling cannot be used in a following case! The ONLY TIME IN HISTORY!!!!

    The Congressional leaders told me later, ‘This will never happen again so we don’t have to change anything.’ I said, ‘IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN.’

  12. And I am always right in the long run.

    And anyone who can do better should go out and try turning the Wheel of History, to prove me wrong. So far, the History Wagon just trundles along, running over everyone.

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