Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee Chucked Biden Election Into The Garbage Can of History!

Georgia’s Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously declared the Georgia election fatally compromised due to Fulton County’s absentee ballots being mishandled and often, outright fraud when ‘counting’ these ballots.  So they de-certified Biden’s ‘win’.  This is the massive break in the dam that was built up by the Bilderberg gang in their desperation to impose a fake, dishonest election on the US public.  The collapse of the Biden win is just beginning!

Giuliani is explaining how this cheat operated in Georgia and he also explains why the Democrats, lusting for power no matter how dishonest, will be much better off if they follow the laws of the land and not cheat to win.  He scares the daylights out of Congress who remembers, he put MY Congressman, Richardson, in prison after he double crossed me!  HAHAHA.  Boy, do they know this!


The NY delegation in Congress, (hello, Schumer!) knows this from very close up. ahem.  HAHAHA.  Crazy Democrats have been running around in the media, these crazy leftist Congress critters, talking about putting Giuliani in prison because he went to the Ukrainians to find out how Biden and his son were bribed.  Oh, the mercy!  HAHAHA.  Arrest all these Democrats, I say.

The claws of the courts/Congress/media giants is thick and nasty, all of these intersect with each other so they can control our narrative, our laws and our government.  They do this so they can loot us.  They all hate Rand Paul:



Now, this medical device being explored does have a function but its IMPORTANCE is not very high.  On the other hand, saving Americans from foreign invaders is highest importance and for some hideous reason, Congress ignored this for thirty years and when Trump begged for money to build the wall, Congress point blank refused and were furious when he did this despite their attempts at destroying the USA via invasion of hostile foreigners who enter illegally.



A ton of ‘research’ funded by Congress is trash.  Our universities regurgitate mountains of vomit.  The goofy things going on in our schools is epic.  Speaking about epic stupidity:



Lock down California forever!  I fled long ago.  The Western half of that state wants to leave so let them become a new state that votes Red.  The disease ravaging California is in the DNC run hell hole cities that are filthy and nasty deliberately.  Disgusting messes created deliberately by DNC laws or rather, no laws which has seen an explosion in crime, filth and disease!  Speaking of insane states that are dying:


The election is over and the ANTIFA rioters are no longer needed so they are now being arrested.  The fools!  They were the Democrat’s cat’s paws and now they are to be eliminated.  Then the Democrats will claim, they can fix their cities they destroyed.  Sheesh.  Arrest the POLITICIANS.

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