Wall Street Billionaires Rescue Plotkin’s Hedge Fund Bankrupted By GameStop Fans!


Above is a page from Russia Today, Putin’s favorite news service.  They actually carry real news there.  This is why I visit the site every day.  The corrupt Big Bosses on Wall Street shut down Robinhood trading so little people can no longer play Big Boss games with the lunatics who run our markets in such a hostile, deadly way when no one opposes them.  Alas for the elites, the little investors are refusing to surrender and doubled down and GameStop continues to be one of the top stocks in the world!  HAHAHA.




Newly-confirmed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen received around $810,000 in speaking fees from the hedge fund that bailed out one of the primary losers in the recent Gamestop frenzy.


Yellen’s financial disclosure shows her making $337,500 for multiple days in Oct. of 2020 from Citadel. She similarly banked $292,500 in October of 2019 and $180,000 in December of that year.


This is naked bribery!  That hollow female who is a front for the super rich is paid to be a tool and she is a tool, she works for these foul creatures and enables them so they can destroy our economic system while getting super rich.  The White House claims she is watching this closely.  HAHAHA.


Arrest Yellen.  We now know the identity of the stupid hedge fund that attacked GameStop and tried to bankrupt it: Plotkin and his ‘Melvin Hedge Fund’:


Cohen and Griffin bail out the stupid idiots who shorted GameStop by 140%!” The Tribe rescues their own.


A pair of billionaire investors are swooping in to support a short-selling hedge fund in its battle against an army of irreverent day traders.


Steve Cohen’s Point 72, Ken Griffin’s Citadel, and other partners are plowing a total of $2.75 billion into Melvin Capital, the hedge funds said on Monday. They will receive non-controlling revenue shares in Melvin in return for their money.


Who is this ‘Gabriel Plotkin that owns that stupid hedge fund?  It started in 2014 so it has been around a short while, it is run by idiots.  This clown, Plotkin, just bought a fancy fun house in Miami.



This greedy clown took down his LinkedIn page!


It turns out Plotkin worked for Cohen at SAC Capital until it was shut down in a HUGE SCANDAL, insider trading!  Why on earth, aside from obvious genetic connections, is Cohen protecting this complete idiot?  Plotkin is a Jewish name, by the way.  This total idiot earned $300 million via being a creep back in 2017.  Wikipedia:


According to the funds website it employs a “bottom-up, fundamental research-driven process to identify investments employing a long-short equity strategy”.[22] CIO Gabe Plotkin described the fund to Bloomberg as a “a very human-intensive place. We have a lot of analysts, we require a lot out of them”.[23] He also said that the fund has a “intense focus” on the short side (i.e. short selling).[23]


And this clown was rescued!  HAHAHA.  What a mess, what a loser, what a horror.  He belongs in prison.  He was in the top 20 hedge fund gangsters.



Now that the Wall Street gangsters have been exposed as vulnerable, young upstarts are very angry about being shut out of GameStop by the authorities so they are going to play this ‘game’ to whoever they choose.  This is a new element in the markets which is inevitable, many young voters who are young males were whallopped in this election and are quite annoyed.


Attempts at crushing GameStop launched by the Bilderberg gangsters who control the markets is still FAILING BADLY.  They stopped Robinhood but not the Merry Men.  They can still buy stocks and shove around the markets and intend to do this with glee, seeing how much power they now have!



It has bounced up to $560 per share and heading towards their goal of $600 a share which is the Congressional China Virus money handed to students and young people!  HAHAHA.  It is at over $35 BILLION in value.  Young people on Reddit are flexing their muscles and have discovered one of the biggest keys to true power.


Forget voting, it is thoroughly corrupted by corrupt politicians and media giants.  So now, time to go for the jugular!  These young people are going to have lots of money to spend on political candidates, too.  Wall Street and the Bilderberg gang join DC crooks and thieves, freaking out over this possibility that young upstarts have found the Golden Goose and will now cook the elite’s goose.




Two Robinhood users filed separate lawsuits against the brokerage app Thursday after it and other apps restricted trading of certain securities.  “Robinhood’s mission is to ‘democratize finance for all.’ They have failed,” Alexander Cabeceiras, an attorney for the Derek Smith Law Group representing plaintiff Brendan Nelson in the New York suit, said in a statement to FOX Business.


Robinhood was hoodwinked into shutting down trades.


The elites have chased out Andy Ngo:



They are desperate to prevent him from selling his books and will move heaven and earth to bury him somehow.  But the more the do this, the more he is in the news and the more we are determined to listen to him and buy his books!  HAHAHA.  It is terrible, that ANTIFA gets to drive out good citizens while screaming for more illegal aliens and no cops.  Arrest all of these.  Protect Andy.


Rats.  Worthless people run that dying state.


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8 responses to “Wall Street Billionaires Rescue Plotkin’s Hedge Fund Bankrupted By GameStop Fans!

  1. lou

    That hollow female..you mean Jewess, my dear. she says there will not be any financial crisis.

    LONDON (Reuters) – U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said on Tuesday that she does not believe that there will be another financial crisis for at least as long as she lives, thanks largely to reforms of the banking system since the 2007-09 crash. [what sick joke she is].

    remember Le garde and her ‘7 7 7’–maybe thats CLG way of saying 666 in french.

  2. snoosebomb

    haha good work ! i’m too lazy to do all that digging

  3. lou

    thanks Snoosebomb. it is always good to get a nod.

  4. Richard

    It’s worse….
    x22 report reported that Citadel has an arrangement with Robinhood that allows them to “follow”, i.e., front run the Robinhood trades making pennies per stock traded, on any trade they wish.

    x22 report further stated that a whistleblower at Robinhood claims the white house called the CEO prior to the stop stock buying announcement.

    Its been known among traders that Citadel is the Fed’s trading desk. One could keep going down this rabbit hole. The best part is that now people are searching “short squeeze”, and seeing how the system is rigged for the big guys. They win, they keep it. They lose, they get bailed out by the Fed.

  5. AT

    Robinhood has a year long history of going down on some of the big trading days, days that other discount brokers performed fine.

    Anyone still using Robinhood for time sensitive trading is an idiot.

  6. The major fact here is, a bunch of little people got together and did a trick that exposed all of Wall Street as TOTAL FRAUDS. They revealed the dark secret tricks used to bankrupt businesses while getting filthy rich. Well, the rich bailed each other out and slammed the door on the little people but too late, now it is obvious to everyone, the super rich wall street wolves cheat and steal and should go to prison.

    So mainstream media is beating around hysterically, trying to blame the brave, good small investors for all of this not the wall street wolves.

  7. Normally, Wall Street buys stocks to keep them from falling. But it is in reverse now: they PREVENT the buying of stocks to keep them up! This reversal shows us clearly, Wall Street exists to destroy, not help businesses!

    This is also why it is obviously a fraud. They sell stocks to the little people but don’t want the little people to control stock prices, they get to drive up or down, stocks.

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