Wolves On Wall Street Should Go To Prison For Fraud

Stock losses due to the GameStop mess is now at $70 BILLION.  The big bosses are funding and protecting the lesser bosses and all of these bosses hate the public who have backed stocks the bosses, big and small, wanted to LOOT.  Now, they can’t loot, they are being looted and this pisses them off so they would rather shut down all markets in order to avoid playing their game while losing.  Arrest them all.


The elite Wall Street ‘fix’ for this mess when an army of small investors take down Wall Street Wolves is to prevent the army of small investors to buy any stocks the elite Wall Street Wolves are driving down in value!!!  THIS IS UTTERLY ILLEGAL.


All the conspirators in this attack on small investors protecting a company they love should definitely be arrested.  Wall Street is a fraud.  I own stocks and this is infuriating to me.  I watch Wall Street closely and it is now obvious what I knew for a long time, filled with con artists who are wrecking the economy to make themselves rich and these monsters supported BIDEN for President.


It is very astonishing, watching Wall Street jerks run around like crazy trying to bail out and protect fellow crooks.  Yes, they are CROOKS.  They aren’t punishing the short gangsters, they are FUNDING them and PROTECTING them.  Arrest them all.  ‘Cracking down on GameStop INVESTORS’ is illegal, illicit and anti-free market.  It is a conspiracy by pirates and crooks.


Congress is going to examine the GameStop Surge in the Markets despite all attempts by crooks to crash the stocks! HAHAHA.


Robinhood, one of America’s most popular free trading platforms, shut down buy orders on GameStop and other “meme stocks” supported by the users of Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets forum, claiming that due to “the recent volatility” they had to only allow “position closing only,” sending many of the stocks in a nosedive. As National File reported:


As a result of their shenanigans, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Robinhood in the Southern District of New York, claiming that Robinhood delisted GameStop from its app and stopped the buying of shares in it and other memestocks “in order to slow the growth of GME… [and was] done purposefully and knowingly to manipulate the market for the benefit of people and financial institutions who were not [their] customers.”


Accusations had already been flying of collusion and corruption between Robinhood and Wall Street, with some users highlighting that Robinhood’s “primary revenue stream” last year was from selling orders to hedgefunds like Citadel Securities. Citadel bailed out Melvin Capital, the hedgefund that took the biggest hit from their attempt to short GameStop.


So, Robinhood’s owners conspired with the Big Shots on Wall Street to screw their direct customers, the army of little people buying GameStock stocks?  This is pure collusion, this is not an ‘open market’.  The stocks are supposed to show ‘market value’ and obviously, an army of young game players who buy from GameStop decided to stop the collapse of GameStop by doing something totally legal: buy stocks and hold them!


Robinhood insider supposedly posted this online, it cannot be verified:


I work for Robinhood. Don’t kill me.  Low-level, technical shit, comp sciences major, not finance side.  Guess what we overhead today?


Vladimir, yes founder Vladimir, and the C-Suite, received calls from Sequoia Capital and the White House that pressured into closing trading on GME etc. I guarantee you the same took place at E-Trade and the others who closed trading.


File reports on the SEC page. If I wasn’t scared to be out of work in a pandemic I’d quit. I’m disgusted. We all need to rise up, this is as bad as it gets when we talk about how the rich get one set of rules, and the rest of us get screwed over, and over, and over again left to bail them out and pick up the tab for their trillion dollar tax breaks. We need to pile pressure on every government and financial institution involved in this travesty of justice.


I’m taking a massive career risk even posting here but fuck these motherfuckers.


The fact that all these Wall Street entities colluded with each other to prevent honest citizens from buying stocks they wanted is ILLEGAL.  Wall Street Wolves regularly mob businesses and destroy them by driving down the stocks!  This is why they call themselves ‘Wall Street Wolves’.  DUH.  Now they want us to think they are sheep.



As always, mainstream media cannot report the news correctly.  Since Biden and his gang are behind all this chaos and sided with the Wall Street Wolves to protect THEM and not the jobs and companies the wolves devour, voters should know this vital information.  Instead, they are fed utter lies.



The political attacks on honest citizens who are angry about Wall Street Wolves deliberately bankrupting still functional businesses comes entirely from fake liberals who are really globalists who want the average American bankrupt and without a job so they must go to the government to stay alive.


Robinhood raised a billion dollars to cope with the high volume of traffic at its website.


Meanwhile, Beijing Biden and his gaggle of goofballs in the DNC are silent while China issues this ultimatum:


Asleep at the wheel or treason?  I say, ‘treason’.




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12 responses to “Wolves On Wall Street Should Go To Prison For Fraud

  1. Mewswithaview

    Anyone filing court claims should avoid the southern district of New York (SDNY). SDNY will always protect the NY political machine (i.e. DNC) and Wall Street by ruling against their competition.

  2. Richard

    I have used the Lord of the Rings analogy before. Lets position the players. The military is gathered around DC (Gondor). Gondor is without its true king (Trump), yet ruled by illegitimate (crazy Joe). Meanwhile, the Hobbits are the ones to take down Sauron (the deepest evil power) in NY. It’s the little people which actually destroys Sauron. Once Sauron is destroyed, all evil collapses in a wave across middle earth, and the king returns.

    We began the Age of Aquarius, between Christmas 2020 and the New Year with the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. That would be the white wizard, Gandalph.

  3. Richard

    I made an error in my Lord of the Rings analogy. DC is not Gondor, its one of the two towers. Saurons (NY) tower center feeds the Saruman (DC) power center. Saruman controls the Orcs and their destruction (Antifa, BLM, false vaccines, virus release, fake news, business destruction) to wipe out the era of man and replace it with an era of the Orcs..
    Currently, Saruman (Congress) is fenced in the DC tower, and the military is in control.

  4. Zeke

    Cooperman reacts to charge that what he does (stock price manipulation, maybe fraud, etc.) has no socially redeeming value:
    Cooperman claims he does act in socially redeeming fashion – post stock manipulation, fraud, etc. – thru his philanthropy: “Cooperman defended himself and his fellow billionaires as contributing to society, ticking through a long list of charitable donations:
    “I pay college tuition for a thousand Black kids in Newark, New Jersey . . .”

  5. Petruchio

    The stock Market, like the precious metals market, has been rigged for quite some time now. It’s just that GameStop makes it obvious. Of course no outrage in Congress. No calls for an investigation. The Dems are too busy trying to impeach someone who is no longer President.

  6. Zeke

    Don’t forget the Repugnates in yer analysis. They are rushing down to Maralago like papal nuncios to genuflect and kiss the ring of their cult leader.
    Other Repug eunuchs approve of DJT’s murderous treason and are spinelessly obeisant out of fear of being ‘primaried’.
    DJT is out of office but not out of influence over his quaking minions. His instigation of his murderous inspired rampage must not go uncorrected. It must be made to heel and brought back to the Senate for trial – in chains if need be.
    Rule of law triumphs over brown shirt thuggery.


    ELAINE: Watching your deterioration is now quite alarming. Seriously, you need help.

  7. KHS71

    Trump is innocent until proven guilty. At the moment it appears that he will be acquitted. He can always brag that he has been the only President that was acquitted twice. I have assumed that the “brown shirt thuggery” that you refer is Antifa and burn, loot, and murder.

  8. snoosebomb

    Trump can wear that stuff like a badge of honor , condemned by criminals

  9. The most corrupt Congress ever wants to impeach the President twice, not even happy after stealing an election and then deciding to vote to destroy our Electoral College and thus, rip up our Constitution, they have to attack Trump one more time.

    This insanity will end badly for DNC run hell hole cities that barely function as it is.

  10. By the way, I live in the deep countryside, this is where a huge number of the population practices sharp shooting and go hunting every year and are accustomed to skinning bears and shooting coyotes. Multiply this by a few dozen million and compare to the DNC base in the inner cities where they spray bullets and hit babies and bus drivers by accident.

  11. lou

    11–maybe ‘They’ will use germ warfare to kill us.

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