Revenge of the Nerds: Wall Street Trembles As Nerds Teach Sharp Lesson To Bilderberg Gangsters

Wall Street billionaires were just messing around and decided last week to kill GameStop forever, swiftly, via trading it down while holding in reserve 140% of the  stock which should be impossible to ‘own’ more stocks than exist.  Now, exposed nakedly by the proud Gamer Communities online who rallied to support that business, the super rich are demanding to be bailed out and protected by the Biden gang who specialize in stealing stuff, having stolen an election, for example.


The side effects of this very effective smashing of entities which exist merely to destroy businesses and profit from these businesses deaths, I cheer this onward.  I knew the founder of Toys R Us because his grandchildren went to the schools where my own kids went to school.  He was a sweet gentleman, full of fun and life.  I watched his businesses boom and my own daughter worked for him eventually, as a creator there.


All utterly destroyed by Wall Street.  It didn’t help that Lucas Films was also destroyed at the same time causing great losses in stocks in Toys R Us.  All this stupid pandering to the radical leftists left many businesses sliding into bankruptcy.  Some of these, hoping to pet the far left and kick white males in particular, in the balls, doomed themselves by alienating 50% of their customer bases.


This is why so many sports, for example, are now heading towards bankruptcy, too.


GameStop shares soared again this morning in pre-market trading as Robinhood lifted its restrictions on the unlikely stock which has surged by 1,700 per cent this month because of the ‘Wolves of Reddit.’


Robinhood thinks it can still run as a business after viciously shafting its own customer base.  HAHAHA…NOPE.  It is now doomed to failure like all SJW systems are failing.


Still, Robinhood said it had been forced to raise $1billion to keep the pipes of trading flowing: The company needed the money at the ready to pay out customers who could be owed money on trades. The company also drew down a line of credit to the tune of around $600 million from banks, Bloomberg reported.


All this should be examined by Congress but Congress is run by SJW lunatics.


It was forced to boost its reserves, so to speak, to have a cushion of money ready to pay out customers and other firms it does business with in case of big wins or losses on particular bets. Without the extra cash infusion, Robinhood would have needed to put the brakes on even more trades – as it did Thursday – to make sure it had enough money to pay out wins – and put a limit on losses.

In early trade, before New York markets opened, GameStop had soared by around 70 per cent to around $322 by just before 8am, while other meme-driven surges were seen in AMC – up by 41 per cent – and in clothes firm Express Inc. which was up 42 per cent.


It remains perched at 312 during the night.  That is, it is holding just like so many posters online urge each other to ‘Hold the line’.  I am amazed at this strength, this power of the customer base at work.  This should be studied for years and  years: how the Little People can overwhelm and destroy dangerous, destructive crooks unleashed on them by lax regulations and bankers lending easy money to obvious crooks.

This is now an unstoppable force at work.  Many are happy to make lots and lots of loot, of course, but many are intent on stomping on the toes of the super rich.  The most amazing fact here is, hours later, the price of this stock remains amazingly high.  This shows steel will forces at work.  The hedge funds were bailed out by the super rich Bilderberg gangs HAHAHA….HAHAHA…but this is due to them all thinking, the Force that is With the Believers would bail out quickly and things would return to ‘normal’.


It is not.  This may end all these super rich dreams of utterly ruling all of us in their hamfisted, draconian ways.  Too stupid to figure out that the far left itches to kill them all, they depend on the far left to protect them which is beginning to fail, too.  The far left is waking up: hey, we don’t like the stock market at all!  Why on earth are we protecting rich creeps who hate us???  A good question, you morons.


Now on to more news about our Real Rulers and how stupid they are.  Our lovely next door neighbor Congresswoman, the brave and strong Elise Stefanik, a lady forged by war and politics, she is going after the Democrats yet again due to them murdering so many elderly this last year:


Stefanik demands Cuomo explain why he and his gang of lunatics lied about how many people died of China Virus in NY nursing homes:


She added, “We need to get answers and issue subpoenas immediately against the governor, the Commissioner of Health in New York state, Dr. Zucker, and his senior staff. Because the corruption is the cover-up. They knew this number, and yet they refused to be transparent with New Yorkers, but what was most heartless is they weren’t transparent with those that have lost loved ones.”


Legal battles over everything is breaking out all over the place due to the rigged election, everyone is very fired up now to fight back as hard as possible.  The Bilderberg gang thought that throttling all discussions of the election would make their theft vanish, they though that banning everyone would work only everyone is still on the web and the people who are vanishing are causing Bilderberg sites to go dead.


So back to Gamergate Part III: all systems are on fire now, simultaneously.  The DNC is, as sane people expected, causing chaos due to being incompetent and stupid.  Stocks are now struggling due to a consumer battle against the hot shot big shots.  The fake President signed global warming bills right when the US is being hammered by multiple blizzards and below zero temperatures, even Mexico is seeing lots of snow, for crying out loud.


All the schemes of the super rich are super stupid.



And the anti-Biden side is demanding all the people screwing up everything and breaking laws openly be arrested as I keep posting here, day after day: ARREST THEM ALL:



Will the SEC put these criminal Wall Street gangs in prison?  I hope.



This is Revenge of the Nerds, Gold Edition!



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4 responses to “Revenge of the Nerds: Wall Street Trembles As Nerds Teach Sharp Lesson To Bilderberg Gangsters

  1. Richard

    Stock investing is heavily regulated in the US for the little people, but the elites have don’t play by the rules. Insider trading is illegal, but not for the elites. Naked short selling is illegal but not for the elites. How can anyone short a stock 140% of existing stock float? Well……
    How can anyone short bonds to twice the amount of bonds in existence?
    How can anyone short gold 100 oz for every 1 oz in existence?
    How can anyone short silver 400oz for every 1 oz in existence?
    How can anyone short corn, wheat, orange juice, that don’t produce these commodities?
    When shares or bonds are shorted, they are supposed to be borrowed and delivered. How come “failures to deliver” are never satisfied?
    Why repos, which are supposed to be overnight lending by the Fed, are not paid back? Like I stated before, once you go down the rabbit hole…….

  2. Richard

    RobinHood needing $1 Billion dollars cash? Could Vlad have been front running to fleece his own customers by taking the opposite bet along with the hedge funds ? Then found himself fleeced, being on the wrong side of the trade? Very suspicious. It would also explain why Robinhood investors found their positions closed in their accounts without consent.

  3. snoosebomb

    GME should rise , if the brokers are holding they will need to unload at a higher price . Chart got painted with a nice big triangle [ a neutral pattern

  4. AT

    GME went from $2.50 to over $300 in less than a year. Video games may be a good lockdown bet. But, gamestop is one of the few chains still facing fierce competition from local mom and pop used game trading stores. And, gamestop hasn’t even been able to stock the latest consoles since before black Friday, over a whole quarter.

    You can see why the feds wanted to pop that bubble for fear of starting runaway inflation, a fear caused by fed money printing to begin with.

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