Biden Worries About Burma While Ignoring ANTIFA Riots In USA



This time it is Olympia, Washington State that is being attacked by ANTIFA thugs.  These thugs are joined at the hip with Black Lives Matter, those violent leftist activists who were nominated for a Noble Peace Prize recently.  As per always, these events become very violent at night.  As always, there is nearly no US media coverage of these events.  Fox TV and CBS news carried it on TV which is a surprise, that is, CBS is a surprise here.  The Daily Mail in London carried it but not the NY Times.  The NYT is one of the laziest, stupidest papers on earth at this point, utterly useless when it comes to news or anything important.


We are no living in a total nightmare world.  Our Real Rulers just pulled a coup here in the US and the fake President and the entire DNC is deliberately ignoring violent activities of their cat’s paws, ANTIFA and BLM gangs.  They protect and reward both gangs over and over again.


When any of these gangsters are arrested, they are released with no bail and then charges dropped, over and over again.  Meanwhile, the coup throws the book at rioters during the ‘vote for the usurper’ day in Congress when they verified a fake election with tons of cheating going on.


Today, we are warned by our overlords, even discussing this is a crime, the voting was just fine with no problems at all.  Indeed, to prove this point, the coup is voting in Congress to eliminate previous voting systems entirely!  No more ‘electoral college’ business!  Who needs this anymore!


Meanwhile, Andy Ngo persists in reporting real news:



Where is the DNC governor of that state?  The DNC mayor of that city?  Why are they not protecting the people trapped in the hotel?  The police try to protect the people in the hotel but have zero backing of the authorities.  What a bizarre police state we live in these days!



DuckDuckGo has good coverage and more than one link.  Google has only one link:



Google has gone full stupid now.  It is utterly useless for discovering news, all news is censored there.  This is active censorship going on.  Also, what is scary, I looked for Washington State news about the governor of Washington State condemning riots and got this story:



So, some young males who are Trump supporters OPENED a gate (unlike BLM who breaks into gates) to briefly and peacefully demonstrate against the coup in DC and then they left quietly and damaged nothing.  This enraged the governor who sits on his behind as ANTIFA and BLM run wild, every week, for months.



The Chief of Police in Seattle says he will push back on ANTIFA and BLM but not the governor, he sits out as always.  The police do make arrests but the judges and DAs let them out again with no restrictions.  This is utterly absurd.



As always, RT news covers everything, live, all over the earth, every day.  They are an immense form of information for me, they even cover Putin having people arrested who are angry about the government arresting Navalny, a political rival against Putin.


A letter sent to US President Joe Biden by allies of jailed opposition figure Alexey Navalny has sparked a fierce backlash in Moscow. It calls for harsh measures against high-profile Russian officials and businessmen.


Biden and his gang want to run Russia and are all for freedom and opposition to the government regime while…DOING THE OPPOSITE HERE.  This is disgusting and dangerous.  We can’t demonstrate against Biden!  He wants to punish any and all resisters in Congress, wants to remove Senator Cruz for asking an examination of vote fraud in the last election.


Young people tired of the China Virus call the government ‘Nazis’ in Vienna, Austria.

Unrest is rising everywhere.  The coup in Burma is top news and Biden is going to ‘take action’???  How about the coup here!  The Democrats openly talk about kicking out all GOP resisters to this coup here in the US.  They won’t arrest violent leftists while throwing the book at conservatives who do far less dangerous things, not one conservative has looted a store or burned down a city!


This globalist cop junk is beloved of all despots.  They want to control the entire world while destroying people at home who differ with them.  This is called ‘tyranny’.  I bet polls will show, most citizens do NOT want to control Burma at all.





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15 responses to “Biden Worries About Burma While Ignoring ANTIFA Riots In USA

  1. lou

    With regard to your title, he is a globalist. he was placed in WH to destroy USA.

  2. Richard

    Illegitimate Globalist puppet in Burma removed due to election fraud,
    outspoken critic Globalist Puppet Crazy Joe laments. Its only just begun.

  3. Richard

    Elaine, are you following the Silver markets? Big week. Think GameStop.

  4. KHS71

    How long before they storm the capitol in Olympia and burn and loot it?

  5. Duski

    Plenty of people claiming silver market is going next…. but not the people who caused Gamestop event. They are warning that it is a hoax. made to lure people into trap and take their money, Go at the original source and you find, as always, media is lying again.

  6. lou

    3–years ago, Elaine mentioned that she didnt like gold.

  7. AT

    Nationalism is the military coup after election fraud.

  8. Gold doesn’t ‘grow’ anything. I am for markets. Real wealth lies there. Same with silver. It is a tool one can use to gage the value of MARKETS. See?

    I believe in building civilizations. Gold and silver are markers not markets. Note that all that gold and silver of the Roman Empire didn’t vanish, much of it was BURIED and then dug up a thousand, two thousand years later. The rest went to China where it was looted by barbarian invaders, too. I see a pattern here.

    Hoard gold=get invaded by looters.

  9. Zeke

    The Golden Rule: ‘He who has the gold – makes the rules’.

    Treason is attempted coup spurred by lie of stolen election.

    Max Keiser claims gold & silver prices suppressed via the ‘paper gold’ & ‘paper silver’ manipulated markets.
    Ya can’t buy physical gold or physical silver at the quoted (paper metal) prices.
    They’ll buy your physical gold or physical silver at the quoted ‘paper metal’ prices but won’t (can’t) sell at those prices.

    Plus – allowing real prices of silver and gold – would show harsh light on so called “Federal Reserve” and their wonton fiat script printing.

  10. AT

    The coup happened in 1963. What you have is a uniparty playing dirty tricks on itself for shits and giggles and to occupying the discursive space. Keeps out the third parties and independents.

    It’s no coincidence the CIA magic trick masquerading as a seditious uprising in DC has led to troops occupying DC indefinitely. They are prepping for when these failed monetary, fiscal and energy policies finally end in tears. Without fully understanding their risk appetite, that assessment could be anywhere from one to ten years.

  11. AT

    What did we know bout recent events in burma? The Chinese met with the General in charge of the coup (notthe president) and discussed giving out free COVID vaccinations as well as Burma’s inclusion of the nation into one of China’s belt and road initiative corridors. That meeting took place 2 weeks before the coup, which means the general was literally planning the coup the day of the meeting.

    The next layer on the layer cake is win-win. Time and again in these oil wars, we see a good cop bad cop routine carving up third world resources. Third world nations that demand more oil money be either spent or taxed before leaving the nation find themselves sanctioned and driven into the arms of China, who still pays them less. Ultimately that is still a win for the western consumer banking model plus China (minus Russia). Take Veezuela for another clear example.

    The next layer on the layer cake is not so good. Optics for the US, the British Commonwealth, and the EU are not good. (Arguably the old colonial powers have nothing to lose, having already burned that bridge.) For the US, climbing into the grip of this shits and giggles parasite club turned global bio-terrorist death-cult has longer term implications to our optics than merely watching Burna get grifted by a tag team of major powers, particularly when a vaccine for a dud-bioweapon designed in the US is the Chinese pitch in the whole con.

  12. Zeke

    Unsubstantiated blather.

    (Fantasy layer cake brain farts).

  13. AT

    Zeke you little tribe troll, buzz off.

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