Biden Stops Pipeline/Trains Carrying Explosive Fuels Blows Up In Texas

There was a huge train/truck crash which blew up like a volcano in Texas.  This is why the oil pipeline was being built.  Trains and trucks crash at crossings all the time.  Instead, we get huge job losses, lower wages and social chaos as Biden and his Beijing buddies strangle our economy.  The new open border policies coupled with free one way trade with China resumes the Obama mistakes.  We are going to have very chaotic years now with the DNC in total control and US media giants trying hard to wipe out competing news services so they can peddle their lies, unopposed.


There are many examples of fake news.  There is also no news wherein, mainstream Bilderberg gangsters deliberately refuse to report news.  Here is a typical example of ridiculous liberal news programs that refuse to tell viewers who the criminals are, zero descriptions:



This wheelchair jacking happened a week ago so mainstream news sat on the story like a hen set on eggs.  Now, they hatch it.  Alas, the critical information, who did this crime, what they look like and what sort of people they are, a simple description is missing.  Everyone knows, if a crime has zero descriptions or only describes clothing and nothing else, it is a ‘minority’ who is being sheltered by criminal leftists who want these people to run riot in all cities run by Democrats!


In the funny news, Biden reopened ‘concentration camps for children’ which AOC and the other communists howled about the last four years:


Invaders are pushing their children over the border in order to enable themselves invading to ‘reunite’ with their children.  This is an old tactic which Trump stopped.  He sent their children back home.  Imagine that!  Oh, the humanity.  Biden literally invited them to invade again and this has a name: TREASON.  I don’t repeat this because I am stupid, I repeat this to slam home the truth.  It is ‘treason’.


Biden decorates White House with candles and black banners to celebrate half a million Covid deaths.  It is like the Adams Family took over the White House.  Also, he doesn’t explain where this disease came from and who sent it over to the US by allowing diseased people to fly out of Wuhan, China last year.



I remember even in my dotage, the DNC gang and Biden yelled at Trump when he tried to stop the disease.  They sided with China which is why I call all the DNC gang ‘traitors’.  This is the very definition of ‘treason’ and this treason killed half a million citizens, too.  So it is mass murder as well as treason.


Biden is now in full mental collapse.  He can’t hide in his basement and emerge every full moon.  He has to come out every day.  This is killing his remaining brain cells, rapidly.

Never fear!  VP Harris is wildly popular and gathered over 80 million votes, even armies of people with no addresses or homes voted for her!  She is so very popular, only two, yes ‘2’ people showed up to greet her home in California.  Harris didn’t even slow down and wave to the lonely pair:


Meanwhile, brave Trump supporters put their lives in danger to wave his flag in DNC hell hole city, New York City.



Below is a comment to the above video:


Old man tries to grab a police officer’s gun and is lightly pushed during a BLM riot, everyone is on the old man’s side. Old man tackled because he’s a trump supporter everyone condemns the old man. Liberal logic at it’s finest.


And here is a Babylon Bee cartoon I found rather droll:



Oh, in my dying state of NY where all the DNC cities are going bankrupt including NYC, we had ANTIFA/BLM nasty stuff due to cops who shot dead a very violent felon, were found ‘not guilty’ (give them a pay raise!) :


Not to be left behind in the ‘stupid demonstration’ game, Portland’s ANTIFA/BLM rioters ran wild, too:





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10 responses to “Biden Stops Pipeline/Trains Carrying Explosive Fuels Blows Up In Texas

  1. it’s the end of time, follow the science

  2. If I were an American elite wanting to maintain the status quo I’d be quite pleased with this post. The Democrats consider Trump a Russian agent, now the Republicans accuse Biden of being a Chinese agent. Everybody blames a foreign power for their problems and I can carry on as I like. Woohoo.

  3. Timothy Carroll

    It be rayciss to say a brotha can’t be snackin! As Uncle Joe would say, “C’mon Man! It’s their culture!: Welcome everyone to No Borders, No Laws, No Rules (‘cept fo duh white folk) Merka! Har har….Enjoy it, muh goyum!

  4. Zeke

    Adding potatoes was a nice culinary flourish touch. Beyond the typical ‘bare bones’ cannibal cuisine gastronomy.
    Empathizer in Chief, Holy Roller Joe may saith : ‘ah, cooome on maan ….. have a heart.’

  5. Trump collected no bribes from foreign powers.

    All the other clowns have done exactly that starting with RONNIE REAGAN. Yes, he, too, collected massive bribes from the Japanese, for example.

  6. Zeke

    How do you know?
    Is that why DJ Trump tried desperately to keep his financial and tax records secret?

    BTW – although SCOTUS decided that case before the election, it did not release or publish its decision until after the election and aftermath tumult so as to in no way interfere with the election, thus adhering to its nonjusticiability doctrine re. Political Questions.
    Something Justice Thomas would prefer to throw out.

  7. snoosebomb

    Ziki , you do a lot of squeaking around here but i have yet to see you endorse any political philosophy or leaders or formulate solutions or a perspective that would help solve problems foreign or domestic. Just wondering ??

  8. He has to mindlessly attack no matter what which is rather sad. I provide high quality level information here along with explanations and above all, I predict the future and have a good record with that.

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