Read Entire Ruling Supreme Court Justice Thomas: Election Problems Are SERIOUS And MUST Be Solved


The final criminal act of this election: the Supreme Court majority chickened out and decided to not decide anything but be totally useless and helpless, ‘Let the crime go by’ solution which is 100% UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  We are now very deep in a Constitutional crisis with the Democrats threatening to pack the Supreme Court if it dares to rule based on the Constitution.  Justice Clarence Thomas issued a strong rebuttal of the other cowards in the Supreme Court.


Everyone can read the entire thing here:


Click to access 20-542_2c83.pdf


Here are some salient points in his counter analysis:



IT WAS WRONG.  It doesn’t matter if it is important or not, it was…WRONG.  I was arrested for jaywalking due to putting one foot off the curb many years ago.  The case was dropped because the police over-reacted and arrested me, triggering a major riot.


The point here is, I DID break the law but the response was illegal.  In the present case, many laws were broken or tinkered with or changed without feedback or warning and that was illicit and wrong and bad and…stupid.  And now we have a government with zero moral support.  They are illicit, they are wrong.



They KNEW they were breaking rules, tossing laws down the toilet by refusing to see or hear any cases and then decided to do this all over again due to NAKED FEAR.  They don’t want to rock the boat so instead, they sink the ship.  This Titanic is going under, fast.



And the coup conspirators knew this which is why they did this.  We had a COUP, not and ‘election’.  More and more proof of this comes daily.  There was lots and lots of cheating of every sort and every level due to the coronavirus mess.


It isn’t just ‘baffling’…it is CRIMINAL.  The people doing this, many of them go to Bilderberg meetings in secret, often in Europe but also near DC at various heavily protected resorts.  They conspire with foreign powers to control our elections, our economy, our borders and they do this in order to make themselves richer and more powerful while enslaving the rest of us.



The Democrats want to eliminate the First Amendment.  They are desperate to remove all news outfits from online services so they can broadcast only Pravda News which is No News.  They want Fake News, not Real News.  This is utterly disgusting and the evil minions pushing to eliminate all rival news services should be impeached and removed from Congress due to an inability to understand the First Amendment.




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7 responses to “Read Entire Ruling Supreme Court Justice Thomas: Election Problems Are SERIOUS And MUST Be Solved

  1. snoosebomb

    Up next , the Court itself is ruined, their only job will be to rubber stamp whatever Klaus Schwab wants

  2. lou

    how many jews pack the SCOTUS?
    Sotomayor could only get into an ivy on her ‘latina hood’. i o w–shes a dumb jew.

  3. lou

    merrick garland is a jew

  4. The Supreme Court is SCARED. They think, if they stomp on the US public, they will be safe. Everyone there and in our government read ‘1984’ when in school and as I have pointed out before, they view this book as a fine way to run things forever and ever and never worry about losing power!

    This is so pathetic, actually.

  5. There was “the covid mess” to consider, as you say. Troubling reports of the postal service being run by a Trump loyalist who was sabotaging the ability to deliver mail on time. I assume those were considerations in extending the deadline for when ballots could be received.
    Sad that there’s so little trust on both sides.

  6. AT

    With its insipid diffidence, the Supreme Court risks a de facto overruling of Marbury vs Madison. And, through its own paralysis, making Constitutional arbiters of both the other two branches of government, all the oath-takers in government jobs and uniformed services, and the sovereign states in our federalist system.

  7. Steve, please explain which President made the postal service work better? I am all ears!


    Good lord.

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