ACLU Supreme Court Challenge: Draft All Young Women! HAHAHA.


The Democrats have restarted illegal wars, once again, is bombing Syria.  It took nearly no time to kill of Trump’s Peace Prize operations, ending illegal wars!  The Peace Prize is actually a war prize after it was given to Obama.  Now, the ACLU is suing to draft women!  I think it is a great idea. Feminists want equality and way back in 1969, I proposed women be drafted so they could put their bodies where their mouths were during the Vietnam War.


Of course, every young female, when war looms, will rush out and get pregnant.  This is obvious, it is totally normal for humans to cheat this way.  After all wars, there is a baby boom.  This is hard to do when young women die in a war!



Women demand full equality and this definitely includes the draft during wars.  A lot of war actions today don’t require ground troops, a lot of it is tech stuff or support.  Feminists are caught in their own trap: they assumed they had ‘choices’ and could shove men out of the way and take over systems and at the same time, have no RESPONSIBILITY so they could not be forced to die in a war, for example.


They could DECLARE war but not worry about FIGHTING it, physically.  That, the men would have to do for them.  That is totally wrong.  Besides this, who is invading US?


It is easy to see where our ‘DEFENSE’ money should go: to protect our own borders!  Duh!  I have said this for years, now.  Here is the GOP Dead Duck or rather Dead Turtle, talking abut the $2 trillion spending spree by the reckless Democrats HE put in power when he stabbed Trump in the back:



This man has no shame.  He enabled this, he helped this along, he blamed Trump voters for his China betrayal.  His own wife makes many millions of dollars, doing stuff for the CCP in China while he demands ‘free trade’ and ‘open borders’.  He is everything Trump is not.


This includes ‘traitor’.  He is definitely a traitor.  Now on to amusing news: Gamestock stock shoots upwards again!  HAHAHA.



This is a small uprising from mainly ‘white males’, those humans who irritate the hell out of communists.  Young females who normally would marry young males like this are on the attack right now due to learning in school, they don’t need husbands anymore, they marry the State.


Which will then DRAFT them and send them into war to DIE!  HAHAHA.  Good lord.  The women’s rights movement is hitting this major wall called ‘reality.’  Women are not faster, stronger, bigger, smarter than men.  Quite the opposite.  Now, in order to win any awards anymore of any sort, intellectual or physical activities, they will have to compete with men.


All the special ‘women’s’ whatevers will end.  And should end!  I am all for women learning exactly how strong and smart they really are, collectively!  Now, they get to have it right square in the nose.  No more protective spaces or positions.  I  hope all those very young females enjoy their awful future.


Below is conservative GOP from Kentucky, Ron Paul, questioning the transfemale who will be running the healthcare systems under Biden.  This trans who is a genetic male wants to have little children ‘choose’ to have a gender swap operation/meds even if they are only six years old!


Top comment to all this:


Levine keeps saying it’s “very complex” so if it’s so complex that Levine can’t even answer with a simple yes or no then how can a child make the decision for themselves???


This is absurd.  Letting adults decide for a child is even worse.  This is an issue which should be resolved by the child when they become an adult.


Speaking of naughty children now, Bezos, who owns the Washington Post and, has banned Justice Clarence Thomas during ‘Black History Month’.  HAHAHA:


Racism is always very funny when it is liberals doing it!  They are the most anti-feminist/racist people on earth and have no way of seeing how they look in reality because they are all insane at this point.


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12 responses to “ACLU Supreme Court Challenge: Draft All Young Women! HAHAHA.

  1. KHS71

    What’s sad is that women determine the population of earth. They can only have a child every 9 months but men can get a women pregnant every day. We don’t want them dying in battle. Our job is to protect them and the children to preserve the specie.

  2. Zeke

    Occasionally he gets something right although I rarely agree with curly hair permanent creep Rand Paul. But here he is right and I’m glad he’s challenging Levine’s appointment as Sec. of Health …..

    Levine is an abomination. The position is in part a public face, PR, communications job.
    Rand is correct in not wanting to ‘normalize’ aberration.

    Rand even questioned routine male infant genital mutilation (circumcision). That’s gonna piss off the jews. The goy who permit it are just too stupid.

    I don’t understand “the trans community” if there is such a thing. I know transvestites like to don apparel of opposite gender. What trans-gender and trans-sexual are I don’t know. They may involve chemicals and scalpels .
    And that’s the point – issues of public health shouldn’t get sidetracked and bogged down onto such diversions.
    With Levine as the public face of public health – it’s ‘in yo face’ distraction of ‘what the freak out is this’. Instead of focusing on issue at hand.

    It used to be called “gender reassignment surgery”.
    Homosexual gays used to say they were born that way – God made them that way – and God doesn’t make mistakes. And variations thereof.
    Now it’s called “gender corrective surgery”. They are correcting a ‘mistake’. WTF.
    Pick a story line and stick with it.

    I do not consider myself to be a xyz-phobe. Zeke is just tired of all the bull$hit.
    A fright-nite scary bad drag queen shouldn’t hold a national PR job. It’s too disorienting and distracting.

  3. snoosebomb

    Ziki , you do a lot of squeaking around here but i have yet to see you endorse any political philosophy or leaders or formulate solutions or a perspective that would help solve problems foreign or domestic. Just wondering ??

  4. Petruchio

    We get glimpses of what women with authority can do. Such as the most cruel guards at Abu Ghraib were WOMEN. The female Nazi Guards in the Camps were distinguished by their cruelty. Then there is Maggie Thatcher. Hillary Clinton. Victoria Nuland. Susan Power. Nikki Haley. All foaming at the Mouth warmongers. All of these Women were hot to “prove” they were as tough as the Men. What is the net result? You have Women who bought into this Equality Lie coming home from serving with the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan badly damaged psychologically. And note how Hollywood constantly reinforces this Myth that Women are equal in combat? Movies are filled with scenes of women (Or Trannies purporting to be Women) beating up on multiple attackers who are all Men. Total BS but the Movie Industry keeps pushing ti.

  5. Females who are not in any danger of someone fighting back are ‘tough’. I dealt with dangers directly, even shot at with guns, men with knives, biker gangs, street thugs, political assassins…even the gods took a few whacks at me via lightning bolts.

    Exposure to severe danger is dangerous! It hurts. It is nasty. This is why I respect people who have to do dangerous things so much and the vast majority doing this are males.

  6. KHS71

    Correct Elaine, men are 93% of all workplace deaths. Mainly because they work in construction and factory jobs whereas women work in office jobs.

  7. Petruchio

    @#5 Elaine. You hit on a very important point. One of the main reasons let’s say about for example Men fighting Men. Yu have two guys fighting. The one guy has little or no experience fighting and the other has some experience in fighting. A big advantage the experienced guy has over the inexperienced one is: he has been hit. The ability to take a shot and keep fighting comes only from the experience of getting hit. This is one of the BIG advantages Pro Boxers have over Amateurs. The ability to absorb punishment AND continue fighting back is critical. Amateur gets popped in the face the first time and it’s over. The Pro is conditioned enough where he can absorb a lot of punishment before he quits. You can’t under rate this ability. If I had a son, I would enroll him in Boxing training. let him learn fighting skills (just for self defense). It’s a valuable skill for a male to have where he has been punched or hit and has the ability to fight on. The folks you Elaine encountered at Berkeley and NYC were counting on you to shy away from violence. You can’t do that with these people. They count on you backing off. If your opponent insists on a confrontation you have to accommodate them.

  8. Mewswithaview

    Another factor which the Israelis discovered in their wars during the 1960s/70s when they had mixed companies fighting, when the women got killed the men gave up and stopped fighting.

  9. AT

    There is no draft since Vietnam. As far as feminism goes, you should be more concerned about how, just 70 years after the first woman graduated from Harvard, and now at the cusp of unsustainable societal collapse wrought by men like Keynes and his ilk 50 years before, women are crowding into literally ALL of the talking head and useful idiot jobs. Might set back very recent and hard fought gains in equality.

    But, the larger issue is generational, and that is how the young people see it: Old rich people responsible for the waste of the worlds resources and the giant debt and fiat ponzi; and old poor people responsible for letting them do it. Millennials were just waiting for them all to die. Generation Z hates their living guts.

  10. Petruchio

    Another problem with Women in Combat roles–or in an Area of Operations (AO) –is some of the Men will play Sir Galahad and then their REAL mission becomes secondary to rescuing the Damsel in Distress. Or avenge her death. And then of course there is the Sexual Tension issue if the females are in the least bit attractive. Navy ships were called The Love Boat because ll the females got pregnant.

  11. lou

    G A G A

    Description of the assailants who dog napped Lady Gaga’s French Bulldogs, Gustav and Koji, and shot the dogwalker.

    Suspect 1: Male black, 20-25 years old, dreadlocks, wearing a black hoodie, and armed with a semi auto handgun.

    Suspect 2: Male black, 20-25 years old, wearing black clothes.

    Over at TMZ, they so wanted these criminals to be White Supremacists getting even with Lady Gaga for a video lampooning them she made a few years back.

    Of course anybody with their head not fully stuck up his ass knew immediately who shot the dogwalker and stole Koji and Gustav. I’m reminded of BLM riots in Philly last summer when Community Members were in the streets torturing a little white dog at a Mostly Peaceful Protest, twisting the dog up and slamming it on the sidewalk, and in Dallas and London, Antifa mobs throwing bricks at police horses, splitting their heads open

  12. One rule in wars: the winner wins.

    If one side chooses to do stupid things, they lose. I remember the Vietnam War: women ‘fought’ that war, too. For example, luring soldiers into traps, collecting vital information while working in bars and whorehouses, etc. Women also in all wars, carried messages and crossed enemy lines, etc.

    All very dangerous work. Fighting as soldiers…not so good. History is clear about this.

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