Arizona Voters Win Court Case: Votes Will Be Examined PROPERLY


The big news is: votes will be counted CORRECTLY!  For months, voters had to sue in multiple courts to simply see these votes counted correctly!  This is insanity. Why on earth did they have to sue?  We are talking about the Arizona Senate Republicans, having to sue to see if vote cheating happened.  Imagine that.  This was true in a number of elections: the DNC gang cheated in various ways.  The President is not the winner of any elections, he is in office via vote cheating.


‘This is not about OVERTURNING the election, it is just looking for evidence…’  OF A CRIME: VOTE CHEATING.  And the corrupt DNC gang knows this.  Beijing Biden is not our President, he got into office via massive cheating.  The present propaganda pushed by the Bilderberg gang is, ‘OK, there was some cheating but not enough to change the election results.’


This is an outright lie.  Anyone saying this on YouTube or Instagram or Twitter or Facebook will be banned forever.  This isn’t because this is a lie, it is because charges of massive vote cheating is the TRUTH and means Biden stole the election.  He, himself, even said he stole it!  We have a video of this which I posted here the other day.



The Chinese communist dictator mocks Biden openly in various ways as Beijing Biden kowtows to Xi.  Open insults are how they do things in China.  When my parents were doing diplomacy there many years ago, they tangled frequently with Mad Madame Mao.  They had to be very careful to not fall into Chinese traps that would be designed to humiliate them.


This is grounds for pulling out all our diplomats in protest.  China would beg for forgiveness immediately and claim, it was a ‘mistake’.  But under Beijing Biden, nothing happens just like Iran can poke him in the eye and nothing happens….oh…he bombs Syria which hates Iran.  Yes, that works great.



We all know if the ballots in Arizona show Trump won, we will assume This is true in all the other states which cheated, too.  This is intolerable.  It is like living in communist China and since Biden loves communist China and says, they have their own ways of doing things (like himself) then this leaves us with the other solution: ARREST BIDEN.  Charge: he is a Chinese agent.



The massive Bilderberg attempt at framing Trump for DNC/mainstream media crimes is horrible.  It really pisses me off.


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20 responses to “Arizona Voters Win Court Case: Votes Will Be Examined PROPERLY

  1. KHS71

    I’m sure the Rats will take this case to the Supreme Court. No way do they want those ballots examined.

  2. Zeke

    Don’t forget the Pukes. Trump just lost after taking his tax & financial case to the Supreme Court TWICE.
    Promised to release them 5 years ago. (“when audit is complete”) Lied, of course. One of 30k lies.
    No way do they want those tax & financial records examined.

    How can peeps be so distorted and one sided? And why must Zeke be the Truth Bringer?

  3. snoosebomb

    Ziki , you do a lot of squeaking around here but i have yet to see you endorse any political philosophy or leaders or formulate solutions or a perspective that would help solve problems foreign or domestic. Just wondering ??

  4. Petruchio

    ” This is insanity. Why on earth did they have to sue? We are talking about the Arizona Senate Republicans, having to sue to see if vote cheating happened.” Well Gee whiz. Maybe there is hope for this Country after all. Why do I say this? Because in a full blown, South American style Dictatorship suing the Ruling Class would get you disappeared and then executed. Maybe they would torture you first. God Bless America! Land of the Free!! HaHaHaHaHa!!

  5. Jim R

    #1, that sounds about right.

    But will the Supremes overturn the decision? Unlike previous cases, which they chose to simply ignore, this would require them to take a stand directly against accountability and rule that Arizona must not be audited.

  6. Pete

    I’d like to see Pelosi’s tax returns.
    Great news about the audit!


  7. nclaughlin

    The goal can no longer be fixing the 2020 election, but making sure the 2022 and 2024 elections are clean. This is why the Dems want to stop the Arizona Senators — they want to do it again and again.

  8. Zeke

    There was no “stolen election”.
    That was a big lie told by a malignant narcissist to his gullible fragile cult members. DJT always whines and wallows and complains about how unfair the world is to him. Sixty courts and fifty states affirm.
    Cult members resorted to violence to effect a coup. Now they are being rolled up by law enforcement nationwide.
    They are crying and begging and despondent before judges but they’ll have adequate time to repent in a penitentiary.

  9. lou

    Zeke is stuoid.


    California is now trying to force and normalize gender-blurring on all kids. Here’s a link to the proposed law that would fine all California stores $1,000 for not making children’s toys, clothing and other items gender neutral.

  10. Zeke

    I watched the proffered video where proponents claim Biden is making an admission of election fraud.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Rather the tightly clipped video segment is a complete distortion and shameful and cynical and perverse attempt to manipulate facts.
    In general, beware of any video or audio recording that is clipped so tightly so as to strip the supposed ‘evidence’ of context. They are really insulting the viewer or listener. And a tacit admission that they got nothing.
    A partial truth can be a distortion. A partial truth can be, as in this case, an out and out lie.

  11. Pete

    Middle Easterners Begin Painting Transgender Flag Colors On Doorposts To Avoid Biden Drone Strikes

  12. We had a coup, not an ‘election’. The need to censor all discussions online at YouTube, etc. is part of the ‘coup’. Pretending it is NORMAL to forbid all discussions of vote cheating is ABNORMAL and part of this COUP.

    Period. If this wasn’t a ‘coup’ they would allow discussions of election processes, systems and voter frauds.

  13. snoosebomb

    I wonder if we are witnessing some mostly unrecognized aspect of human nature , whereby once some sort of critical mass is reached we become dangerously irrational. ie ; Rwanda , Germany under pressure post WW1 , even at the individual level under stress = drugs , violence . , individual stress becomes collective.

  14. Zeke

    Trump was the catalytic agent of the irrationality.
    Soon he will be brought to heel – now that he can no longer hide his tax and financial records from law enforcement. SCOTUS ruled against him and his concealment.
    In a Darwinian, Malthusian fulfillment, those dumb enough, easily bamboozled, easily beguiled, will similarly be crushed into waste chaff under the stone milling wheel of history.

  15. HAHAHA. Voters who voted for a deranged elderly man who takes bribes from the communist Chinese are really a catalytic agent…catatonic in Biden’s case.

    How on earth can anyone ignore all this is beyond me but then, I am used to this level of deranged thinking.

  16. lou

    17–why do you continue to read and respond to him?

  17. snoosebomb

    LOL , i was thinking of Ziki @15

    he has yet to propose any solutions to any problem !

  18. Zeke

    17–why do you continue to read and respond to him?

    Maybe because he is usually On Topic or On Thread – as opposed to being consistently OT Off Topic + ems is not afraid of alternate points of view. It’s Communists who suppress other points of view.
    LOL , i was thinking of Sleezyboob @19

    she has yet to propose any solutions to any problem !

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