Liberals Continue To Act Like Nasty Maoists Crushing Conservatives



Project Veritas is releasing videos today about various frauds and schemes by Bilderberg gangsters to control the economy and punish anyone who isn’t their slave already.  They are most anxious to prevent conservatives from accessing online funds and systems to pay for operations online.  This elimination of vital systems for conservatives is classic communist coup operations and all the commies doing this should be arrested.



Tim actually explains how this works.


The entire DNC is freaking out right now.  They are in full denial of their own violence, their many crimes, their wild behavior, their provocative passions firing opposition, their inability to compromise: all this is blamed on the opposition to their draconian rule.  Rule based on voter fraud of the worst sort in our history, no less.


The Republicans are now demanding the extra $140 million for subways in California (earthquake burial grounds for commuters!) that this loot go for school children who don’t have schools run by DNC mayors who kept all schools closed due to the teacher’s unions demanding they stay closed!



McCarthy hammers Pelosi and her gang.  In the US, the cases of this disease is dropping rapidly:



We have the vaccinations.  Yes, Biden and his gang have been messing up with the distribution of the vaccinations but it is slowly coming back into action, finally.  Time to reopen the schools and small businesses!



And the US is killing children in the Middle East again.  Liberals love doing this.  And the other problem: transgender males realize they can win anything vis a vis biological females so they want to do this all the time, finally regular females are figuring out what this means in the real world!



Now on to dying NYC run entirely by fake liberals who are incompetent and stupid: the left wants no more CONSERVATIVES when blacks are attacking Asians mainly by hitting or shooting or stabbing them in the back…FOR FUN:

Calls For Immediate Change Ring Out After 36-Year-Old Asian Man Stabbed In The Back In Lower Manhattan


ALL of these ‘from behind the back’ senseless attacks are done by black males.  The murderous suspect in this case has a multiple arrest record, too.


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9 responses to “Liberals Continue To Act Like Nasty Maoists Crushing Conservatives

  1. snoosebomb

    All the evil forces in the world that i distrust to the max [ cept EMS , wtf ,,] want me to have the ‘vaccine’ , so guess what ? i wouldn’t touch it with a 10′ pole.

  2. snoosebomb

    what a strange world this is . A good friend of my uncle on Hornby island art colony and fellow ‘hippy house’ builder Lloyd kahn has a blog with the most vitriolic TDS you have ever seen.
    i was part of that artistic , build your own house , anti war , enviro, segment growing up. My father was a devout Marxist but he worshiped the rich and their values , he had every issue of the NY’r magazine back to the 40’s. in the 2000’s i mad friends of a family whose father was an artist from that time . We exchanged emails for a time but he got the same TDS and i had to turn him off.
    All the same bunch , now they love the Obamas and ‘the Great Reset’ [ c-19 is good]] , the NYT is a fountain of truth ! But they are firmly ‘ anti capitalist ‘ , ‘counter culture ” , bizarre , stupid. Stanford educated too
    If you examine his blog he has a section on the 60’s , with ZERO mention of Vietnam , like it never happened

  3. Zeke

    Real TDS drove the brain dead zombies to attack state capitols and ultimately invade the Nation’s Capitol.
    It’s a knockoff derivative of an earlier attempt to ridicule critics of George W. Bush
    “The origin of the term is traced to political columnist and commentator Charles Krauthammer, a psychiatrist, who originally coined the phrase Bush derangement syndrome in 2003 during the presidency of George W. Bush.”
    IMO, the sentiment goes back further; to the USSR, at least, where if you criticized the utopian Politburo – you must be crazy. Your thinking is disordered and you should be institutionalized to get yur head strait.
    D J Trump has a condition called Malignant Narcissism which is like a god complex.
    His followers are essentially cultists who believe he can do no wrong and is being wrongly criticized and bedeviled by hoaxes, witch hunts, fake news, etc.

  4. Yes, Zeke, there were braindead ANTIFA zombies there that day. Glad you noticed. Snark.

    I wonder what you really are? Have you noticed Obama any time in your life?

  5. Jim R

    Well, Elaine, it looks like the second wave (or is it the third, if that little blip in between is a ‘wave’) is on the down slope. Maybe the viruses will do what they usually do, and fade away now? There’s hope, at least.

    And yes, the entire ‘insurrection’ or whatever, was Antifa — now that it’s over, they feel safe posting their selfies from Jan 6 on social media.

    Meanwhile, they are trying to track down the few non-Antifa tourists who wandered into the Capitol that day:

  6. ANTIFA is still rioting and burning etc. I posted their latest attacks this morning on my blog which is one of the very few real news services left online.

  7. Zeke

    So ….. there was one (1) antifa-blm-missing link whatever attendee at the attempted Trump coup inside Capitol on Jan. 6th – “….. And yes, the entire ‘insurrection’ or whatever, was Antifa…..”
    and the thousands of Trump cultists ordered to that location on that day and hour were just “the few non-Antifa tourists who wandered into the Capitol that day”. Ok, got it.

    Trump and Rudy and Trump spawn, etc. on dais – Instructed to march to the Capitol (“and I’ll be there with you” = another lie. One of 30k. He slithered into armored limo to watch insurrection on tv inside White House and failed to stop what he had started.)

    The Trump cultist insurrectionists traitors are being rolled up nationwide by law enforcement are crying and begging judges for mercy professing how stupid they were. Many selfie videos. Many being turned into authorities by ‘friends and family’ real patriots.
    The thousand of anti-American, anti-Constitution Trump cultist + that one anti-blm missing link need to be brought to justice. It’s a work in progress. Looking forward to felony murder charges being accurately and deliberately applied in due course.

  8. If only you actually look at all the information I provide here. Sad, isn’t it?

    There were a lot more than ‘one’ ANTIFA rioter in DC. And in Seattle and Portland, there are hundreds of these lunatics.

  9. AT

    The end state is the goal. Troops in DC before the dollar dies.

    The protest/riot on Jan 6 was staged, curated, and chaperoned for your viewing pleasure.

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