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Fauci & Brix: Both Falsely Accuse Trump And Pretend They, Not He, Pushed The Fast Release of Vaccines!


Fake Fauci and Bitchy Birx attacked Trump this week.  They decided he had nothing good to do with dealing with the coronavirus.  They also pretended they, and not the President last year, pushed for the vaccines to be released as quickly as possible.  This is utterly ridiculous and infuriating.  I watched and commented on every day, when they had their lengthy press conferences.


The last President was very, very open to the press!  He answered their questions, knowing full well, they would lie in their reports inside their organizations.  I tracked that and mocked them for lying or manipulating reality.  Their hatred of Trump is so intense, killing millions of people deliberately didn’t matter to them!  Their DNC buddies dropped the ball, not Trump!



I clearly remember those two wanting to drag the testing along and along as thousands of people died.  They were telling us, it would take two to five years to do this!  Trump, not them, created and pushed along ‘Operation Warp Speed’.  He bent the entire government in backing PRIVATE drug companies to push along this vaccination.  The entire DNC dragged their asses.


Trump ran like a champ and it was highly interesting, watching him force the media giants and DNC clowns to stand aside and let him operate properly.  They wanted mass deaths!  They boast today that their election win was due to all the mass deaths…THEY caused in DNC run hell hole cities!



Yes, she did try to forbid us from family dinners at Thanksgiving and then broke her own ‘rules’.  She was very pissed off when caught and made up stories about how she was really ‘fixing a house’ and not having thanksgiving turkey and then accidentally stumbled into the turkey dinner1  It was utterly disgusting and my distrust of her turned into ‘she is a fraud and should be ARRESTED.’


All the DNC gang are frauds and many of them did violate their own rules while punishing citizens for breaking DNC coronavirus rules!  They even put business owners in jail, in prison!  And then violated their own rules with no punishment.


Arrest Birx!  She violated the rules.  Dr. False Fauci is at it again, demanding everyone be locked down forever:



Yesterday, this monster demanded children not be allowed to PLAY with each other until there are no more germs!  This is cruel and insane.  Arrest Fauci!  Good lord, so many of these people should be arrested.



These diseased people have no passports and don’t care about that and Biden is OK with that.  It is amazing, watching the DNC demand citizens be carefully processed to prevent diseases and criminals while letting in an army of diseased aliens and vicious alien criminals!  Good grief, arrest Biden!



This mess is 100%+ Biden’s mess.  He invited invaders and deliberately removed the guards at the gates and fences and bingo: invaders are pouring in!  This is TREASON.


Now for a funny story about ATIFA radicals:



It is obvious that, as the cop carefully wheeled her out of danger because she was deliberately going into the street to interfere with traffic.  So she did the toddler trick of arcing her back and sliding off the stroller.  Then she cried like a toddler when she slipped off and landed on her tusch.



Pretending to be hurt has a lot of examples from soccer game!



So we end today’s news with a laugh.  ANTIFA is a European soccer team!



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False Fauci and Bimbo Brix Attack Trump, Lie With Biden About Wuhan Flu

Fauci and Brix both are running about, telling everyone they were the people who pushed for shutting down Kennedy Airport, etc. at the beginning of the epidemic.  People who actually watched the news closely and reported the news like myself, knows this is false.  Trump pushed for swift actions immediately while those two dithered just like so many others.  Both are Democrats, by the way.  The messes created by the DNC gang are growing worse and worse by the hour!  Media giants can’t cover this up anymore, it is explosive and dangerous: foreign invaders are now pouring into the country!

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Watch Wicked Witch of the West, VP Harris, Cackle!

The WHITE HOUSE put up this video of Harris cackling at her ‘jokes’ about keeping children out of school and teachers happy at home in front of a teacher’s union event.  She is obviously deranged in some frightful way.  She and her boss, Biden, are pushing for an agenda that places illegal aliens above citizens!  They intend to keep these invaders so they can gain political power.

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After Anti-White Male Marches, Asians In NYC Are Systematically Attacked By Racist Black Thugs!

As my governor, Killer Cuomo, gets in more and more troubles as finally people are focusing on his madcap killing of the elderly during the epidemic, his sick sidekick, Deadly de Blasio is in increasing troubles, too.   The entire DNC machine depends on placating the black community and the #1 thing this community seems to want is to be allowed to run riot all the time and do as they please including racial attacks for the fun of it.  It’s OK to be racist if you are ‘black’.

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More ‘Free’ Countries Are Imposing Secret Laws/Regulations On Citizens While Enabling Illegal Alien Invasions


Canada doesn’t have a First or Second Amendment, they have European-style legal rules which lets liberals impose Maoist rules with no recourse in courts.  In this case above, an alternative news service which actually goes out and records events and then puts these online so we can see things happen in real time, has won a lawsuit in a case where the government tried to shut them down.  But a father of a son who decided to transition to being a boy was put in prison in Canada not because he stopped the drugs the child under the age of 16 is taking, he simply refused to say ‘he’ to his former daughter.


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DNC Traitors Move Diseased Illegal Aliens All Over USA Via Airplanes


Beijing Biden and his communist buddies in the DNC are now sending hundreds of thousands of ill, illegal aliens to every possible point in the USA to deliberately spread germs and cause crimes to rise.  They are now being FLOWN at taxpayer expense, too.  Good lord, this is utterly insane.  In muddled California, the mayors of dying cities being destroyed by armies of drug addicts are handing out cash to ‘artists’ who are often merely drug addicts making history’s trashiest ‘art’.  And an Atlanta BLM leader raised corporate cash which he happily spent on hookers, bling and fast cars.  HAHAHA.  And we have a video now of the black girls who murdered that Uber delivery driver.

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Massive Tornado Outbreak From Gulf of Mexico, Texas To Illinois to North South Carolinas


Major tornado breakout across the entire USA midlands from Texas to Illinois and all the way east to North Carolina and South Carolina!  This is a major storm.  Take care!  These storms are moving north and east and will eventually reach NY tomorrow morning!  This is a highly dangerous storm system.

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