Berkeley Teacher Union Boss Puts Own Child In Open Private School While Demanding Public Schools Stay Closed


NONE of the DNC gangsters who took over our country via outright vote cheating during the ‘mail in’ election which was due to them falsely claiming, we need to vote from home due to germs…NONE of these clowns follow their own Chinese Flu rules!  NOT ONE.  They all cheat while telling everyone else, we all have to stay home and not use any services of any sort at all.  They go to restaurants, vacations, beauty parlors, etc. while everyone else is locked up.  They are still at it!  They get to send their brats to private schools while locking out public school children.  Shameless hussies, all, they cannot see what they are doing is so very wrong and extremely irritating.


These obvious frauds are easy to find: just go to any DNC run hell hole city and follow them around as they break every single covid-rule they create.  In this case, the children of the rich and powerful are going to PRIVATE schools while the DNC politicians conspire with school teacher unions to keep the schools closed for a year!  This is insane. We have known for quite a while, children don’t die of this disease.  Furthermore, we have vaccinations and all teachers should be vaccinated by now.


All the DNC run hell hole states are slow to vaccinate anyone. NY, for example, has vaccinated only 6% of the population while GOP states have already vaccinated over 30% of their people.  It is very infuriating.  In NY, our Governor, as he goes down in flames due to being an obnoxious molester like Biden and who deliberately killed thousands of elderly via putting covid patients in nursing homes, he said just last month, he was suspicious of the vaccination and wanted to run tests, himself, first.



Places like Florida, schools are open.  My tiny town defiantly opened our schools this year, too, thank god.  The DNC states are floundering badly because they are run by frauds who lie about everything and break all their own rules.  Arrest them all, I say.  Then there is the DNC issue about letting little children, even six years old, choose gender changing medical procedures that are life-long.  The DNC believes little children are mature enough to do this drastic medical alteration that has huge problems, lifelong.  This is insane.



For the last four months, mainstream Bilderberg news has been howling to us that Trump lies when he explains obvious voter frauds that utterly wrecked a normal election.  This fraud was the biggest fraud in my entire life!  This fraud in voting systems and who is allowed to vote is obvious to outsiders who aren’t in on the coup.  We can see it crystal clear.


But mainstream news has been lying about this since the election.  Here is what YouTube brought up when I asked ‘Trump explains election fraud speech CPAC:



Not one link to CPAC videos of which there are many.  I then posted ‘CPAC meeting trump speech explains voter fraud in election’ and got the same search, not one item was CPAC meeting materials at all.  I then got very specific and wrote ‘February 2021 CPAC meeting trump speech explains voter fraud in election’ and I still didn’t get what I searched except for one story by Forbes:



Further down the line are anti-Trump stories about ‘clash with GOP Leaders’ for example which is funny since they are all kowtowing to him like mad now that their own voters are yelling at them and they are all at record low approval ratings in their home states!  At the bottom of the search page are some videos that sort of match my search request!  Wow.  About time, three tries to find these videos!



Google foolishly things manipulating searches so only their beloved propaganda stories show up first and often, one has to go to two or three further pages to get what one is searching, they think they can run Google like Pravda forever and ever and never be harmed by this!


Good grief!  I hate Google.  It is rapidly approaching worthlessness.  These idiots running Google off the cliff are co-conspirators in the stealing of this last election.  They actively worked to warp the voting, warp the news, hide vital information, censor opponents while pushing obvious lies like appending all election videos with silly statements like the ones I pointed out saying, the election was TOTALLY fair and no errors, ridiculous junk like that.  Here is a typical example of this Soviet-style lying:



There were no ‘robust safeguards’ at all!  NO ONE in ANY DNC run state was examined to see if they were legal voters, people were not required to show any ID at all at polls, most didn’t show up at all, they mailed in ballots which is the least robust way to insure real voters are voting, it is rife with fraud by definition.  On top of that, the vote counting was screwed up by the disease excuse used to lock  out poll observers.  Then there was the fake water main break used to chase everyone home except a handful of DNC operatives who then flooded the vote counting with ballots snuck in at 3am.


Here is a funny video of a CPAC attendee from the ‘Federalist’ forcing CNN Jim Acosta to stop talking about Ted Cruz and talk about talk about Cuomo’s many crimes instead:


‘I’m hear to do a job right now…’ says Acosta which is hilarious.  His ‘job’ is to smear all Republicans.  He isn’t going to talk about DNC criminals, damn it!  HAHAHA.  How silly they all are.



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5 responses to “Berkeley Teacher Union Boss Puts Own Child In Open Private School While Demanding Public Schools Stay Closed

  1. Zeke

    ‘Do as I say; not as I do.’

    ‘Good enuf for thee – but not for me’.

    Putting a white or asian child into ‘inner-city’ public school – is a form of child abuse.

    All of yur elite leaders send their scion to private white schools.

    To yur Elites, Levine is a brave pioneer who is ‘out’ about her perhaps “gender corrective surgery” whereas to much of America, us ignorant folk, she’s just a bad drag queen. And a very bad influence on impressionable children. Who’s right?

    ‘Let them eat cake’.

  2. Petruchio

    Jim Acosta is a Media Wh#re. He pushes whatever the Billionaire Media owners tell him to say. The American MSM has zero credibility and for good reason. I noticed–and you guys can check me on this, but I believe fox has stopped using its “Fair and Balanced” claim for some time now. The Democrats have been in electoral decline for some time now. That Party is dying because they sold out their Working Class base. That Republican Party is flushing down the drain because more and more people are discovering the simple fact the Republicans have a deep bitter hatred of the non wealthy, which by their standards include 90+ % of Americans.

  3. DM:

    Loved the Monty Python skit. I have been thinking ‘Monty Python’ ever since seeing this guy.

    Furthermore, I consider that Zeke must be destroyed.

  4. Correction: the RINOs hate their voter base.


    Trump loves his voter base, by the way, and tries his best to fight for them.

  5. That Federalist guy ‘confronting’ Acosta reminded me of the Monty Python argument sketch.
    “Why aren’t you covering Cuomo?”
    “We are covering Him.”
    “No you aren’t, no you aren’t. Why aren’t you covering Cuomo?”
    I half wanted Acosta to say “This isn’t an argument, this is simple contradiction.”
    “No it isn’t.”
    “Yes it is!”
    “No it isn’t…”

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