New Math Is 1984 Math…Dr. Seuss Is ‘Racist’ While Sex Books For Toddlers Are OK

The leftist attacks on math continues and worsens.  This is designed to destroy our schools, our culture and outright reality.  According to communists, ‘math’ is ‘white’ because it is logical.  They want murky math which doesn’t adhere to reality, of course.  The math that communists hate the most is that which counts lives or time scales or output in communist economies, etc.  The communists absolutely hate ‘math’ with a passion because it is REAL.


Rapidly, our schools are deteriorating.  Most of these schools in DNC run hell hole states are shut for months and months and if or when these open, they will be screwing up children as much and as fast as humanly possible.  Everything that was ‘normal’ a mere ten years ago are now ‘problematic’ and ruthless destruction of all cultural icons for children from the Muppets to Dr. Seuss and onwards, are being ruthlessly destroyed and eliminated by radical communist agents pretending to be ‘teachers’ and ‘librarians’.


Dr. Seuss has been under attack for the last five years, radical lunatics think he is ‘racist’ and ‘evil’ so he is being ruthlessly eliminated:


A Virginia school system has removed children’s books by famed author Dr. Seuss from its annual Read Across America program over charges that his books have “strong racial undertones.”
Dr. Seuss, whose real name is Theodor Geisel, is famed for classics including Horton Hears a Who, The Grinch, and Green Eggs and Ham, but the Loudon County school system now also says his work has “strong racial undertones,” the Washington Post reported.


This is lunacy.  This is beyond mere destruction, this is annihilating all cultural items leaving only Karl Marx and Mao as the only ‘safe’ icons we will be allowed.  This is how they run North Korea!  I want all these clowns fired.  They are a menace to society, to sanity.



These Seuss books are to be replaced with books celebrating gay sex.  Seriously.  Trans and gay sex.  This is just mind boggling.  This is dangerous because trans and gay activists said, they wanted things for ADULTS and were not going into child rape or destruction of a child’s mental health in various interesting ways!


Then, a mere ten years later, this is exactly what they are doing over and over again.  I posted stuff showing the ‘gay reading hour’ was all about demons and luring children to climb onto child molesters, etc.  It was amazing to watch our libraries being abused this way.  Now, they have resumed their attacks and want to bring sex into schools for small children!


I was raped when I was a small child and to this day, anything reminding me of this gives me the shivers.  Just four years ago, the attacks on Dr. Seuss began in Springfield, Mass:



The circus parade story was Seuss’s first publication for children.  He had all sorts of circus figures and people some of whom are no longer in circuses for various reasons:



So this is being removed because there is a Chinese man playing music in the picture of a parade!  There are other comical figures, too.  It was supposed to be a child’s idea of what a parade would look like if he could create one, himself.


Today, leftist females with children want books with these illustrations instead:



Yes, this is all about sex and it is all for very small children and it is very deliberately nasty and I am stunned, it is being peddled as a replacement for the Seuss books.  Good lord, this is so insane!  Each year, the junk put out by these perverts gets worse and worse, more and more openly nasty and illicit and wrong.  They are quite determined to drag little children into sexual situations.


Now on to our ‘election’ which is also criminal, too.  The more the DNC and mainstream media push the lie that we had a perfectly fine election, voters are getting angrier and angrier:



Good, I hope they do remove the borders and thus, remove a bunch of people in Congress who vote for our destruction.  Idaho will get more power, too.  Meanwhile, rampant voter fraud using fake addresses, zero proof of identity is being revealed by Louder With Crowder who have literally gone to Las Vegas to find out how many fake votes were submitted by the DNC there:



Just a small handful of voter ID was investigated with many, many fake votes with no addresses at all!  There was massive frauds like this, all done via ‘mail in ballots’.  Good grief.  These people want to destroy civilization, censor everything and anything while peddling porn to children!  Arrest them all.


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20 responses to “New Math Is 1984 Math…Dr. Seuss Is ‘Racist’ While Sex Books For Toddlers Are OK

  1. AT

    Raising a nation of navel-gazing, under-educated, professional-malingerers.

    So much for competitive edge in innovation or industry.

    Empires fall hard.

  2. Petruchio

    And don’t forget: they are making Mr. Potato Head change his name to something gender neutral.

  3. snoosebomb

    two unanswered questions ‘

    – what is the true purpose of the vaccine ?

    – why is Gates buying up farmland ? [ in addition to acquiring private jet
    fleets ]

  4. lou

    3— a] depopulation
    b] see you tube–ice age farmer.

  5. Zeke

    WARNING: Zeke has lost his memory, we must help him see a doctor about this dire condition. Trump not only did not hide getting vaccinated, HE WAS VERY OPEN ABOUT THIS and urged all his staff to do the same. DUH. He was also very open about getting ill and about what meds he used to get better, too.



    1 – inoculation with some harmless simulacrum of the virus to promote the body’s immune response so that when the body encounters the real lethal thing the body will be prepared and not overwhelmed by first encounter. So that population will not get infected, sick, hospitalised, dead. So that economy and business and commerce can open again healthily.
    (Trump family quietly got their injections in January before leaving White House.
    Trump got vaccine in January.
    Why the hush hush?

    2 – Gates diversifying out of his conglomerate holdings. Into real estate assets. Towards feudal landholding system with fiat currency demolished by so called ‘”Fed'” – pushing up real estate prices and asset prices while destroying wages and savings of ‘middle class’ and ‘lower class’ wage earners.

  6. BY THE WAY…Trump didn’t need a shot at all, he had the DISEASE and therefore, didn’t need a shot but was probably given it, anyways.

    Now that ball is in Biden’s court; HE got the shots as well as his spawn but none of us got it and in NY, very few people got it, less than 10% so far. This is highly annoying to me, I live here.

  7. lou

    Gates diversifying out of his conglomerate holdings. Into real estate assets. Towards feudal landholding system with fiat currency demolished by so called ‘”Fed’” – pushing up real estate prices and asset prices while destroying wages and savings of ‘middle class’ and ‘lower class’ wage earners…yes.

    See you age farmer

  8. snoosebomb

    Vaccine killing elderly, deaths hidden as C-19

  9. snoosebomb

    my tin hat says Biden got the water shot , why take the risk ?

  10. snoosebomb

    C-19 perma -crisis ,

    lockdowns will save the planet !

    [ though CO@ went up , el stupeedo Schwab didn’t notice]

  11. snoosebomb

    From Armstrong ;;

    ”The world these people are creating is not one that values freedom of thought, speech, and body. They are not only canceling anyone they disagree with, but they are using this COVID scam to prevent the freedom of travel, which they fear will lead to the freedom of assembly. What’s next? Concentration camps and medical experiments that reduce population?”

  12. snoosebomb

    “Also, related to pandemics is something people don’t like to talk about much, which is bioterrorism, that somebody who wants to cause damage could engineer a virus. So that means the chance of running into this is more than just the naturally caused epidemics like the current one,” Gates said.

  13. Zeke

    If what you’re saying is true, then there should be photos of Trump etux receiving the needle shot ALL OVER THE INTERNET !

    Ok, so let’s do an Internet search for images of important people getting COVID vaccination.
    Well, well, well ….. what do we find? Well, there’s Pence, there’s Pelosi, there’s Biden, there’s Surgeon General guy, etc. – – – but no Trump!

    What gives? Trump (supposedly) took his shot behind closed doors, in secret, without any photo documentation. Thus fueling conspiracy theories among the sizable nutjob contingency of his cult following that jab contained tracking microchips or was meant to kill them, etc.

    Show me the photos! Produce the evidence.
    Zeke, the Truth Bringer, is proven correct yet again.
    Sooner or later, y’all will come around to the truth.
    ‘We’ll keep the light on for ya’.’

  14. I think many people are going insane which is why they are now banning Dr. Seuss books. Seriously, the SJW universe is imploding now.

    Fears of vaccinations is very childish. Sane people who figured out how the pre-vaccination world worked (most people died very young so mothers had to have many children just to have one or two survive) know that vaccinations which began way back in 1780, are life saving fixes for diseases.

    Since we are now very well protected from MOST plagues, when a new one pops up, it is chaotic and takes a while for vaccinations to be worked out and all that.

    The alternative, a no vaccination world means the vast majority of people will not read age 50 at all just like throughout history.

  15. snoosebomb

    ‘cept its not the same ”vaccine’

    i followed your advice re; annual flu shot since 2013 ? no problem, but this is a new game.

  16. I don’t mind people choosing to play Russian Roulette with germs. A fun game, indeed.

    I, on the other hand, love all forms of vaccinations because I know what the Gates of Death look like, I spent three days there when I was dying of the Hong Kong flu. Doctors managed to save my life.

  17. Jim R

    The early flu vaccines were just that, ‘playing Russian roulette’. They would give you the flu, and it was up to your immune system to defeat it.

    It isn’t yet clear to me, whether this hastily-brewed vaccine is better than the disease or not. It’s a ‘maybe’.

  18. Jim R

    By ‘early’ I mean in the 1940s. Later on, in the 1960s they had flu shots that were somewhat protective, but they’d make you sick for a day or two as they started working. Now, of course, there are tried-and-true vaccines for flu, but they need to be tailored to whichever strain of flu is running around in a given year.

    It looks to me like the Corona vaccine is one of those things. It will give some temporary protection, along with a dose of the disease. Not a full blown virus, but some of the nastier pieces-parts of it.

  19. snoosebomb

    Jim , no , the old vaccines were bits of a virus ,,, body makes antibodies. This is different ,RNA/DNA injected into cells so that each cell is marked with a new protein , which then induce antibodies. @ market ticker , autopsy of c-19 death 2 weeks after found antibodies AND marked cells. Being able to target specific victims has always been the dream of bio weapon makers

    watch the vid above

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