Democrat Females Charge Cuomo With Sex Touches! HAHAHA.


Liberal females seem to be constantly touched and demeaned by men.  These very fragile, sensitive wilting flower females run riot, screaming they hate men while they wear pink sex organ hats, these ‘MeToo’ lunatics are constantly bravely fighting off men who brush up against them or touch them or hell’s bells, KISSES them…HAHAHA.   I  mocked them when they did this to Trump and even when they did it to that wilting flower judge, Kavanaugh who cheerfully stabbed Trump in the back this last week.  Now, these hysterical females latched onto…CUOMO!   HAHAHA, again, he deserves this, 100%.  Now, get Schumer and I will be happy.


De ja vu all over again, from two years ago:



Super de ja vu all over again and all over the place, ten times more than with other sexual hysterias:



Trump is the BOSS.  He didn’t just touch three or even four foul females, he touched hundreds of wilting flower females who faint at the slightest breeze and run away from any and all confrontations.  I do know one woman in the news who was a professional fighter and who continues to hold her head high and fight off wilting flower males and females: GINA CARANO!  I love her to pieces.



Even some liberal males are embarrassed by the Disney staff’s disgusting attacks on a fine actress who happens to be a real fighter who knows martial arts and can take down quite a few males, too, if push comes to shove.  So the leftists pushed against Gina and she shoved them to the ground and now they are running around in Idiotland screaming about her and desperately locking her out of all things run by insane liberals.


So she is now very famous, I never heard of her before this year…she is now a global power due to being very strong and fighting back and absolutely nothing enrages leftist females than strong conservative women winning fights against these fake feminists.  Just one year ago, these harridans on the left were screaming, ‘BELIEVE ALL WOMEN!’


Now, they are screaming, ‘Don’t believe real women’.  HAHAHA.  I am going to die laughing.


I am pleased that Cuomo is getting whacked by his own buddies who are female hysterics.  He should have known better.  Even better, he should have refused to be a liberal and be sensible, too.  Win/win.


No, he wanted power and to be a dictator so he played pussy with feminists, too stupid to figure out, this game could backfire on him.  The Minute of Hate from Big Sister has landed square on Cuomo.  And he richly deserves all the humiliation and punishments.  He is one of them and they are all alike and there are many stories about hysterical women destroying rivals and lovers.  This, way back before writing was invented!


Both Cuomo and now Gov. Whitmer are also being investigating for mass murder of the elderly due to mishandling coronavirus cases, forcing elderly into nursing homes where they and all the others died after exposure to the germs.  There are three other governors who did this, too, all Democrats:



I detect a pattern here.  These same criminal DNC governors all accused Trump of sex crimes and mass murder due to ‘mishandling’ (sic) the coronavirus epidemic victims!  Well, well, well…it was them, who did these things, not him.  Arrest them all, I say, every day.



Cheating in elections, cutting off rival politicians from media systems, using billions of dollars to rig elections…and the DNC is dying, internally, killed by their own ideology biting them in the rear.  Now for the funniest news of the day: Hillary Clinton is happy to attack CUOMO for messing with young females who worked with him in the Oval Office…OOOPS…wrong office, there!  HAHAHA:



That insane female thinks she is smart and no one can see her ugly face which is nasty, nasty, nasty.  Sneering at Cuomo for doing much less than her wayward rapist husband is hilarious.  Arrest her, arrest her husband, charge her with fraud and him with rape.  Good lord, these people are nuts.  Don’t arrest them, put them in an insane asylum.


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12 responses to “Democrat Females Charge Cuomo With Sex Touches! HAHAHA.

  1. Petruchio

    The #MeToo movement is going to backfire on Women. Badly. Men who aren’t Democrats are responding to #MeToo by having NO contact with females in the workplace. Unless it is absolutely necessary, Men do not interact in the workplace This is a very logical response to a group so filled with Hate and venom towards Men. Another response to this is for Men to conclude that Women are the Enemy. Don’t you have enemies in War? Don’t you kill your enemies in War? This could turn ugly, very ugly. The wrong kind of man gets fired he will do the normal thing in war. KILL. Yes you do. #MeToo is doing serious damage to Men and Women. And of course that is EXACTLY the purpose. Saying it’s about eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace is a sick joke. It’s about a War on Heterosexuals. Notice how you don’t hear about Gay Men being charged with Sex harassment by #MeToo? #MeToo doesn’t do anything about Child sex traffickers either. That must be OK with them. And of course, need I say it” The Tribe is leading and promoting #MeToo.

  2. AT

    “The Tribe is leading and promoting #MeToo.”

    The tribe is only the proxy. Its zionist leaders jump at doing any of the dirty work. Notice the jobs they encourage their members to take in the US. They go laughing all the way to the bank while risking nothing more than a backhanded return of anti-semitism that would function as a carrot and stick approach to bringing the other half of their diaspora from the US back to the promised land.

  3. Moe

    I recall when working in the nuclear generation industry that I would occasionally have to partner up with female engineers. I was always circumspect and polite and would never have conversation that wasn’t purely work related. This was during of advent of ’empowered’ women but before woke-ism.

    One young attractive graduate female engineer (who was accustomed to male ingratiation due to her attractiveness) I managed to provoke when I refused do her bidding upon demand. She promptly reported me to her manager who, of course, called my manager. When queried I responded that her demand was made without acknowledgement of my workload which precluded an immediate undertaking. The managers smoothed it over but I’m certain that wouldn’t happen these days.

    I can’t even imagine working in today’s environment with a mixed work force. My eventual response would be to gravitate to an all-male work environment though that wouldn’t obviate the political correctness requirement: I’m so Politically Uncorrect.

    Everything in the song below is anathema today.

  4. Zeke

    Yet notice that ya haven’t heard of anybody groping or unwanted sex yapping with Rachel Levine
    or Serena Williams and sis.
    Not even handsy hair sniffer CornPop.
    Ain’t happening. Just ain’t happenin’.

  5. Jim R

    It is an effort to shuffle him off the stage before the mass murder story leads to any real investigation. Recall that there were multiple other Democrat governors who did the same thing.

  6. Jim R

    (reads rest of article)

    Ahh, I see that you said the same thing. It’s an attempt to cover and bury the murders.

  7. It is all about incompetence. And do we really want a competent government? One wonders.

  8. lou

    Jim, you have not mentioned bitcoin at $ 55,000.

  9. Jim R

    Yeah, bitcoin.

    To tell the truth, I never expected it to keep going so long. Will it hit a million? Maybe, if the internet is still working when the dollar caves in.

    Like I have always said, it is a gigantic FU to the Fed and the $US.

  10. Yup, those darn computers will function just GREAT as civilization blows up. Right. HAHAHA.

    My god, people are so unable to understand what ‘social/economic’ collapses look like despite THOUSANDS of fine examples. One of the first things to go down are electrical systems.

  11. Petruchio

    First we had rolling blackouts in California. Now it happened in Texas. A sign of things to come? In another post here, Elaine calls them “incompetent Elites”. That’s what they are. Supreme arrogance combined with total incompetence. That’s our Elites. It’s gotten so bad that we have a fraudulent President who belongs in a Nursing Home. And if the Elites had any competence at all the Lockdown would have ended by now.

  12. Jim R

    It’s worth noting, Elaine, that the $US will also go down, if the internet fails.

    Almost none of the money we spend any more is printed paper currency. Something like 98% of it is in electronic form. .

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