Biden Is Treason, Cuomo Is Nasty And Both Should Resign Or Be Arrested


The US is being invaded.  Our last election was so rigged, so fake, we ended up with a Bilderberg gangster President who immediately invited ILLEGAL INVADERS to come here, pronto!  And they are coming in huge numbers.  Yesterday, a small van packed with over 25 people rammed the fence in California to illegally enter and slammed into a truck which killed half of them.


This crime is Biden’s total responsibility.  He cut the Feds who arrest illegal aliens, for example.  He withdrew forces from the borders and he went on TV to announce, come and get it!  And they are coming in huge numbers now.


This has a name: TREASON.



25 illegal aliens drove through border fence at the California/Baja border.  I saw videos showing the part of the fence they drove through in this gambit to gain illegal entrance after Beijing Biden invited them all into the country, promising to legalize them illegally.  The fence in California is very weakly built by the Bush/Obama regime.  It is pretty useless.


Driving trucks through the deliberately flimsy fence on the border of California and Mexico is quite common, here is a typical example:


Posted at 12:42 PM, Nov 21, 2019

CAMPO, Calif. (KGTV) – U.S. Border Patrol agents stopped a “brazen” smuggling attempt Wednesday at the U.S.-Mexico fence in East San Diego County, officials said.

Agents near Campo reported the incident Wednesday at 3:45 p.m. when a Dodge 4500 utility truck crossed into the U.S.

Agents captured 16 people who admitted to entering the country illegally. The group consisted of nine men and five women from Mexico, and a man and woman from Guatemala.


This is the same story.  They do this all the time.  The difference is, Trump punished the invaders and sent them back home while Biden invited them in and promises to PAY them to stay here.  This is a gigantic difference the size and depths of the Grand Canyon.



Texas and Florida are ending the covid rules.  Meanwhile, my own governor, a lunatic whose father, who I knew years ago, is watching with disgust from the Afterlife, he said this a few minutes ago:



He is live, yapping for half an hour and he says he supports a woman’s right to come ‘forward’ and yap about making them feel ‘uncomfortable.’  This monstrous man is IN TEARS about being attacked by the harridan hoard which is the power base of the DNC criminals who steal elections and wreck civilization.


HAHAHA.  Fool.


He and his buddies used these screeching, easily bruised, raging, violent females to gain power and they turned on him.  He obviously never studied ancient mythology stories like this one:



Cuomo wails, ‘All I did was TOUCH people…’  which is OK but wrong and he apologizes but he didn’t do anything bad, he didn’t intend or mean it that way, but if they felt he was bad, he was bad and apologizes.


HAHAHA.  Trump will laugh to death.  This must be the plot.  Biden molests girls, that is ten times worse.  Note the harridans are  not attacking him for openly molesting girls, nope.  Not a peep from these creeps.


The DNC hung their hat on the ‘MeToo’ garbage and all of them are ‘MeToo’s in that they refuse to stop doing this garbage and they don’t care and they want us to forgive them if they accidentally do nasty stuff which they think they are not really doing…what a barrel of monkeys they are.


Governor Molester wants to get back to work, wrecking New York.  Yuck.


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13 responses to “Biden Is Treason, Cuomo Is Nasty And Both Should Resign Or Be Arrested

  1. snoosebomb

    & you think i’ve gone crazy. here is Trudopes jail for leaving the country. Jail food , exercise in the ‘yard 4 times AND you have to pay for 3 days stay $1000 + ? and no refund if you get out early with a neg test. So its a fine for daring to travel !

  2. KHS71

    In terms of incompetent elites ruining children’s live I will use my 6 year old granddaughter as an example. She finally went back to in person school later January. She did virtual learning the first half of the year. Did not take to Zoom very well. Did not like it. Hard to concentrate at a Zoom session. Lost ground in math and reading. Was not a happy camper. She has been much happier back in school. Among her class mates. She jumped off the bus on Monday saying school was terrific. They had planted seeds that day at school. What a difference. She’s back in swimming classes now and she loves swimming. We had her this past weekend over night and she had problems going to sleep. In talking with her she said she wished this covid stuff was all over with. She was down about it. Here she is 6 years old worrying about an illness that could harm mommy and daddy. Mommy’s 40 and daddy’s 50. Little brother is 18 months. I don’t remember having these concerns at age 6 (1960). I put the blame at the feet of the media and politicians. They have hyped the cases and death. I could see where she could be scared. Everything she sees is death. Different world than I grew up in. What’s ironic is that Papa and Grammie both had covid last November and both survived. Papa got to spend 4 days in the hospital with a day and half in ICU.

  3. Pete

    Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and her administration are official partners of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-funded Confucius Institutes, a propaganda front through which China instills American students with a pro-China worldview.

  4. Pete

    Judge Orders Election Do-Over after 78% of Mail-in Ballots Proved Fraudulent — Notary Arrested

  5. Zeke

    The Crypt-keeper wants 175 K immigrants this year. WHY?

    ‘The FED’ wants 2 1/2% dollar weakening inflation per year. WHY?

    Our Elite ‘Leaders’ are not acting in our (working (non-parasitic) class) best interest. It’s almost like they don’t care about us or worse – I know this is like crazy talk but – – want us impoverished or – – dead.

  6. Jim R

    When they are ready to get rid of Biden (< 6 months I would guess), they will suddenly notice that he touches little girls. . .

    They can't let the spotlight stay on Cuomo any longer, it reminds everyone of what monsters the DNC are, and what hellholes their cities still are.

  7. Zeke

    Yet, it’s the RNC that’s declared ‘jihad’! against American citizens.

    Just look at reality. Look what the RNC has done in Repub controlled Texas! They failed to upgrade electrical generation plants; refused to interconnect to larger grids; and when the inevitable SHTF, the lights went out, the heat went off, they had to boil water, just to survive. And RNC luminaries callously jetted off to Cancun to drink Mojitos on the beach while their constituents suffered and froze and died.

    Of course Cuomo must go, leave office and maybe to jail. Similar with the ‘hair sniffer in chief’ shamelessly getting a stiffy while he buried his nostrils in women’s hair.
    But don’t let that distract ya from or absolve the criminal RNC from its anti-American ‘jihad’! behavior.

  8. Jim R

    As far as I know there isn’t anything illegal about jetting off to Cancun. It just looks bad. Like he doesn’t care, or something. Well so what. . you’d be silly if you ever thought he did.

    Likewise, I don’t think ERCOT has any legal obligation to weatherproof the grid against an ice age. After all, this is practically Mexico.

    On the other hand, a case could be made about murdering 10,000s of care home residents. . .

  9. Put me in charge.

    Look, this is exactly how Rome collapsed. It happened right after an epidemic, by the way, and during that, barbarians poured across the borders and looted Rome, itself.

    I point out repeatedly that the Goddess of History is lazy, She repeats Herself constantly which is why reading history books is useful.

  10. Joseph E. Kelleam

    The choice was a red turd or a blue turd. Live with it.

  11. Zeke


    False Choice, False dichotomy of choosing Monster from Column A or Monster from Column B.

    They’re BOTH Mega World Class Criminals.
    One a fascistic proto Dictator; the other a diminished capacity brain dead bureaucratic skimmer.

    Chose yur poison.

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