Dr. Seuss: Killing Kiddie Kultur Is Pure Maoism At Work


Michele Obama and her husband, Obama are Thing One and Thing Two.  So of course, it was OK for THEM to read about THEMSELVES.  But no more, the rest of us are forbidden to read Dr. Seuss in public lest children rebel against the DNC/ANTIFA/BLM agenda.  The deadly game of redoing everything set to modern SJW phobias is wrecking our culture, our civilization, everything.  This is pure Maoism at work.  To show how criminal this is, I present here a video made by a young BLACK child and her dad, as she read ‘And To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street’.


That book has been banned by the Dr. Seuss Foundation and it is now to be burned on the bonfire of nasties.  To see how evil this book is…to SJW lunatics…here is again, a BLACK girl reading it with happiness and pleasure just six months ago:


The offending page with the Chinese man and his chop sticks is the second to last image in this little, charming book.  I loved this book way back in 1955.  This was the great author’s first children’s book and it was pure marvelously funny and touching, too.



I hope the insane censors who now run everything off the cliff, keeps this video posted.  This clearly shows how the evil constant attacks on civilization in the name of ‘black power’ is so very destructive.  Obviously, this particular black child was amused, like myself, by this book and wanted to share it with everyone.  I wish mainstream media, when attacking this book, would have first gone to this video and watched it very, very carefully.  Ooops.  It isn’t an evil book.


Books talking about adult sex desires while using little children and written for little children is pure evil.  Instead of condemning this, these same lunatics praise such disgusting books.  Then turn around and destroy one of the 20th Century’s famous little children books author, Dr. Seuss.


And now we all have to read Dr. Seuss with both eyes shut.  Sigh.  This is going to get  much, much worse before we stop this latest form of Maoism which is one of the most destructive cultural revolutions in human history.


From a year ago, Punk Rock Preschool posted this now-banned story by Dr. Seuss:  If I Ran The Zoo.



The offensive pages in this book are the foreign countries far away where the CHILD imagines he will find very exotic animals.  He sees things in STEREOTYPES garnered from reading books and seeing pictures of far away places, long ago.  None of the fantasy foreigners are any different than recent Disney movies which has similar or even identical racial cartoon characters.  Indeed, the entire thing of ‘cartoon’ is about making things look funny.


By the way, the above book is the source of the word ‘NERD’:



Wow, it is a nerd!  HAHAHA.  SJW nerd.  Writing about these stories reminds me how creative Dr. Seuss was.  He has enriched our language and visual comprehension.  This cartoon shows how little children must be controlled by crazy liberal adults or else:



Kulturkampf is real and it is really stupid.  But it must be fought.


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6 responses to “Dr. Seuss: Killing Kiddie Kultur Is Pure Maoism At Work

  1. lou

    Elaine, you have warned about a maoist type kultural revolution, for years.

  2. Jim R

    Children should be exposed to as many things as possible. Multiple languages. Woodworking. Knitting. …

    Mark Twain has been removed from a lot of libraries. The most American of American authors.

    I think we should bring back everything, Little Black Sambo and Uncle Remus. Let kids decide what’s worth reading.

  3. snoosebomb

    OT ; tragi- comedy

  4. AT

    Seuss brought the world Sneetches ahead of his time.

  5. Zeke

    Not actually familiar with Dr. Seuss ~ except maybe ~ is that the book that Cuban/Canadian/Cancunian Rafael ‘Ted’ Cruz read from when he filibustered B.O.’s budget deficit (hypocritically tiny by comparison to Trump’s astronomical blow out budget deficits which ‘Ted’ supinely accepted and hypocritically relished).
    Alleged ‘”businessman”‘ Trump NEVER had a balanced budget in his FOUR year administration!

    Let the Truth go forward + and ring across the Land.

  6. The Mulberry Street books that are original copies are going for over $1500 each right now, today. Tomorrow, even more. Wish I kept my copy. Darn.

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