Yet ANOTHER Near Zero F Week Here: Global Warming Vanishes


Frantic NOAA leftists who infest government systems depend on fooling people to keep themselves in power.  One of the most powerful tools to be used to enslave everyone else was the global warming scam.  When we had a brief warm cycle lasting the usual 20 years, they could yell about ‘global warming’ but now that it is getting much, much colder, they came up with a new code word, ‘climate CHANGE’ which was truthful and then said, it was ‘changing’ by getting hotter while it caused everything to freeze.


Convincing people to stop burning any fuels lest we get warmer when even Texas is below zero F is very difficult.  I posted videos of global warming marches in Europe two years ago when it was already getting much colder and it was hilarious, watching earnest younglings shivering with severe cold, whining about it being too hot.  This year, nearly all such lunatic marches have vanished.


These were replaced with marchers yelling about energy restrictions and strangling the workers, making them cold and poor.  A dangerous combo which historically, leads to open revolts.  So these were replaced by the coronavirus mess which is ending now, in the usual way all flu epidemics burn out after two years.


Government agents inside NOAA are desperately peddling their global warming fraud in the teeth of record cold:

Think this polar vortex was cold? It should have been colder.  HAHAHA.

 An initial blizzard of headlines gave the impression that this week’s cold, driven by the weakening of the “polar vortex”—miles-high winds circling the North Pole—was a monumental event, and some accounts projected worse to come under global warming.


These people are utterly insane.  They also ignore history.  They pretend it is getting warmer when it is getting colder.  We had snow this winter in very unlikely places yet again, places like the Sahara Desert, Saudi Arabia, just for example.


But many climate scientists focused deeply on the response of extreme winter weather in a human-heated climate see a different picture, explaining that data clearly show a long-term trend toward fewer, less widespread and less severe cold snaps of this sort. And the pattern is not limited to the United States.


This story full of lies was made two cold months ago.  It got much, much colder after this story was written for a magazine that once had great respect.  My father knew people at National Geographic half a century ago.  I grew up, seeing them do stories about Arizona.


These were filled with verifiable facts!  Imagine that.  Today, the poor magazine has been filled for the last 20 years with increasingly false or stupid stories but these have government backing like any good Pravda publication.  But the gap between ideology and reality is now as wide as the Grand Canyon.


Those background trends are a far more robust signal of human-driven planetary warming than any recent shifts in the behavior of the vortex.


Summers were very much hotter in the 1920’s.  Graphs used by these criminal ‘scientists’ cover this up by making the graphs based on fake data.  So they can wipe out the Dust Bowl years which they now seldom mention.  Even the 1950’s was hotter than today and that was wiped out, too.  I spent part of the 1950’s in Death Valley, in Arizona and Texas and it was very, very hot back then.


In a press release about the research, study author Jennifer Francis said, “Warm temperatures in the Arctic cause the jet stream to take these wild swings, and when it swings farther south, that causes cold air to reach farther south. These swings tend to hang around for awhile, so the weather we have in the eastern United States, whether it’s cold or warm, tends to stay with us longer.”


Warm weather does NOT ’cause’ the jet stream to shift.  These shifts are caused by the SUN.  Fake scientists today refuse to even mention our local star and they lie about it when they do mention it, they claim, going for months or over a year with near zero sun spots is ‘normal’ and NOT an indicator of a looming Little Ice Age.


Why is this so?  Well, sun spots spit out energy towards the planets, heating them up more than normal.  No sun spots, everything from Mercury to Saturn gets colder.


One theory for why this might occur focuses on the stability of jet streams. These westerly winds are propelled by the difference between cold air in the north and warm air in the tropics. Without this strong difference, jet streams could become weaker, concluded a paper published last October.


Time to view that paper:


A specific mechanism involving the characteristics of atmospheric Rossby (or “planetary”) waves may be implicated in some of these cases (11, 14, 22, 26–28). Charney and De Vore (29) used a simple barotropic channel model to demonstrate the potential for resonance of stationary planetary waves, while Hoskins and Karoly (30) and Hoskins and Ambrizzi (31) demonstrated the potential for waveguide-like behavior for stationary planetary waves. Petoukhov et al. (11, 22) demonstrated that planetary waves within the synoptic wave number range (wave numbers 6 to 8) can become effectively trapped in a latitudinal waveguide depending on the meridional profile of the midlatitude westerly jet, thus providing a mechanism for the time dependence of resonant behavior, because that profile exhibits substantial variability in time. If these waveguide conditions hold, then a pronounced amplification of waves that are excited by orographic or thermal forcing can occur (32). This phenomenon is referred to as quasi-resonant amplification (QRA).


OK: what is going on here is, something mysterious causes these ‘waves’ to shift from polar regions to further southwards.  What is this magic thing?


While the detailed mechanisms are explored in depth elsewhere (11), we provide a brief summary. Starting with the linearized quasi-geostrophic barotropic potential vorticity equation, we have, in the weak perturbation (“WKB”) limit, the approximate description of the mid-troposphere (300 to 500 mbar) streamfunction ψ as a function of latitude ϕ and longitude λ
Embedded Image(1)
where VT is the thermal forcing, VO is the orographic forcing, VF represents frictional damping, ū is the mean zonal velocity, a is Earth’s radius, Ω is Earth’s rotational angular velocity, and t is time.


When discussing ‘thermal forcing’ we have to look at what forces thermal events.  These clowns assume this has to be planetary.  This refusal to understand the thing in our sky that is hot and lights up everything after sunrise, this is deliberate stupidity.


Solar energy output varies greatly.  We fear, those of us who are sane, we fear that the increasing number of ice ages is a sign that solar energy output is dropping over time due to the star being quite elderly.


The equation yields plane wave free solutions (i.e., with right-hand side of Eq. 1 set to zero)

where k is the zonal wave number, l is the meridional wave number, ω is the frequency of zonally propagating waves, and t is time.

For persistent atmospheric states, we are interested in stationary (ω = 0) solutions. The dispersion relation ω = ω(l,k,ϕ) then yields (assuming u > 0)


Formulas are fun!  They look very impressive.  They describe stuff that words also describe and the words here describe just one force at work on our climate while leaving out the key part about the entity that is the true driver of all of our climate.  Sane people who are real scientists are highly aware that over the last 10,000 years, there generally is a long warm cycle and very cold cycle alternating over a 2000 year cycle.


We call the warm cycles these names: the Egyptian warm cycle, the Minoan warm cycle, the Roman warm cycle and the Medieval warm cycle.  The Medieval warm cycle was 1,000 years ago.  Then we had the Little Ice Age from 1600 to 1800.  Now it warmed up, thank god.


During all warm and cold cycles we see ups and downs in heating/cooling.  The cold cycles have dire names like the Dark Ages, for example. Brrrr.


They keep predicting super warm weather and we don’t get it at all.  This refusal to stick to real science is destroying science.  People know these ‘predictions’ are fakes.  This leads to many problems caused by ideological leftists refusing to tell the truth about anything, any time.



Yes, alas, these monsters will do ‘climate lockdowns’ to ‘save us from warm weather.’  We are already saved from ‘warm weather’!  The sun took care of this.  Obviously, there are gods!  Note that it is the communist side of the political spectrum calling for locking down our economy to stop global warming.


The super rich fall for this scam stupidly because they were told, the communists will allow them to continue living like kings and queens while the little people freeze and starve to death.  Nope…the COMMUNISTS will be living in the palaces built by the rich.  The rich will be executed.  Too stupid to figure this out, our Real Rulers plow mindlessly onwards.


These monsters want to strangle us while telling us, the Chinese have to continue developing and using fossil fuels, etc.  We have to make China stronger while strangling ourselves to ‘save the planet’ while India and China, the two most populated countries on earth, get to continue to ‘pollute’ the planet with tree food called CO2.


Got to remove that magic food from the atmosphere!  That will teach trees a sharp lesson!  Plants are greener and bigger right now!  HOW DARE THE GROW????  Got to put a stop to that, eh?


Actually, these people are insane.





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5 responses to “Yet ANOTHER Near Zero F Week Here: Global Warming Vanishes

  1. Pete


    What happened to the
    State of the Union speech?

    If the Swamp is afraid of a
    MAGA attack, he should
    do it from the basement.

    C’mon man.

  2. Richard

    Best you live with lies about global warming because 95% of the population living in northern hemisphere won’t move anyway.

  3. Jim R

    South Texas is back to ‘normal’ winter weather (Chili tonight and Hot Tamale) — but we have a lot of dead rotting cacti and agaves and other landscaping plants as a reminder of that February ice age. It was below freezing for a solid week, and that never happens in south Texas. Until now.

    They can blab all they want about the polar vortex, but global warming is going to be a tough sale to make in Texas, where some people are still trying to find a plumber to fix their busted water pipes.

  4. lou

    This year, nearly all such lunatic marches have vanished….Due to the lockdown? or due to people waking up?

  5. “They keep predicting super warm weather and we don’t get it at all.”
    Hold that thought. Summer is coming.
    I’ll be very happy if I’m wrong, and the average temperature for this year is lower than usual.

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