Beijing Biden And DNC Crew Want To Limit Flying US Flag In Virginia


Beijing Buddies in Virginia in the county surrounding Washington, DC, the Democrats there want to stop people from flying offensive flags like the US flag.  They claim, they are doing this to control the size of flags but we know the real reason for this.  If controlling things too big, all one needs is an ordinance that limits size of anything of any sort that might be dangerous due to size or location.  The DNC gang isn’t smart enough to do this because they are too smart, they know there are laws and regulations, already, that limit size or height of stuff.  So we can safely say, they are doing this to stop Trump voters who wave way too many flags, making it uncomfortable to be a supporter of a Chinese communist buddy like Biden.


It should be obvious now to anyone with a brain: the DNC hates American citizens.  They keep opening the borders to violent invaders like the gang that drove through the California border fence the other day.  They want invaders to come in and assist them in seizing power, illegally.  They want drug addicts to move to DNC run hell hole cities who then are encouraged to vote for more crime and fewer cops!  The DNC power base is 100% in nasty cities where people run riot.


The higher the crime rate, the more DNC voters!  Across all DNC run hell hole cities, Asians who live in these horrible places are now demonstrating with DNC leaders, demanding a stop to anti-Asian violence which comes from….DNC VOTERS!  The populations voting for the DNC are the ones attacking Asians and robbing, beating them up and killing them.  We all know who is doing this but in all these insane demonstrations, they all blame us law and order voters.



The evil lunatics running the DNC love to feed this obvious racism against ‘white’ people and blame ‘white people’ for massive hikes in violence in all DNC cities due to the shut down and defund the police moves by Democrats doing this to appease the black community where violence and rage runs riot, daily.  Stopping this madness is impossible now.  The DNC is so addicted to this psychotic view of the world, they cannot stop even though all the DNC speakers at the top of the power pyramid were all white males, too.  They are too dumb to figure out that what will happen next is….ooops…ask Andrew Cuomo!


Into the toilet with them all, of course.  Andrew Cuomo isn’t stepping down after molesting his staff and killing thousands of elderly people including Asian elderly.  Nope, he hopes to soldier on and blame everything on the Republicans who have near zero power in NY City and much of the state.  Yes, blame those who don’t control this terrible chaotic mess of a state.


Here is an amusing story: a WHITE male ran up to a Chinese woman and pushed her down!  OH NO!!!  A total crime wave!  And it is…because people do this all the time in NYC because the city is totally out of control.



Funny, how ‘hate’ crimes are all about white people being nasty but the reverse isn’t allowed, criminals who are not ‘white’ can attack ‘whites’ with impunity and never fear ‘hate crimes’.  The lady pushed down by a white man was supposed to be a ‘hate crime’ only even the DA and police said, it wasn’t.  This entire ‘hate crime’ stuff is out of control in DNC run cities which seem to have endless ‘hate crimes’ while real crimes soar out of control and literally kills many people and arson, etc. out of control.  One of many DNC cities that has nonstop crime: man arrested 76 times for committing real crimes, not elusive ‘hate crimes’.



Now on to South America where violent students cause a terrible tragedy due to stupidity:



We see this all the time: a fight in a crowd breaks out.  Young people, anxious to get it on their phones and post it online, rush in as close to the fight as possible.  They then form a moving mob of mindless flesh until something really bad breaks up the mess.  In this case in Bolivia, university students engaged in political violent chat with each other end up being so densely packed, as some of them fought, they burst through steel railings, killing several students, instantly. Why do humans behave this way?


This is common mindless human behavior.  Here is a crowd within which, a fisticuffs breaks out suddenly.  Immediately, masses of people rush to either watch or record it or join in:




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30 responses to “Beijing Biden And DNC Crew Want To Limit Flying US Flag In Virginia

  1. snoosebomb

    sorry OT but i heard on the news ” this morning we have the

    pronounced ‘ nazi ‘ hahaha !

  2. Zeke

    Now THAT I believe! Why are you pushing that website? Are you a paid agent for your “sponsor”?
    As I understand it – he is a con in both senses of the word.
    Do an Internet search: he is an ex-con as in convict. Convicted criminal. Having spent many years in federal prison for financial fraud, theft and hiding assets.
    Why anyone would always be pushing his website other than personal pecuniary interest strains credulity.
    I know he has his excuses. As Marines say: ‘excuses are like a-holes – – everybody’s got one & they all stink.’
    He’s ‘paid his debt to society’ have served his multiple year prison term – but I still wouldn’t trust him.
    I have no ‘inside’ info. That’s just my opinion from doing rudimentary Internet search.

  3. snoosebomb

    lol ,,

  4. Zeke

    I didn’t hear a denial.


    (Is that the whimpering faux laugh of one who’s been caught and outed?)

  5. snoosebomb

    dolly the sheep

  6. Zeke

    So – you are a paid agent. aka shill.

    Well, we (all) got that cleared up.

  7. Zeke, you are a shrill shill, too.

  8. Zeke

    For what or for whom?

  9. Jim R

    Zeke, why was Dear Leader’s video feed cut off today, just as the was ready to take questions?

    Isn’t he able to take questions?

  10. Zeke

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was outside most of the day. Didn’t ‘consume’ any media or news.

    I thought “Dear Leader” was DJ Trump, disgraced former Pres.

    If you’re referring to the Crypt Keeper, that’s not my Leader. More on that PoS later.

    BTW – IMO electric utility provider IS obligated to maintain electric supply to rate payers. Whatever the sub-task obligations are: like keeping wires up on towers or winterizing or updating are sub obligations of keeping power on.
    Why do you think the overpaid CEO was fired? They didn’t like his haircut?

    Re. Cuban/Canadian/Cancunian – more than just optics are involved, imo. Dereliction of Duty.

  11. snoosebomb

    ”For what or for whom? ”

    that’s what we are wondering U seem to stand for nothing in particular

  12. Zeke

    Whaddya mean “we”, kimosabe?

    Zeke stands for Truth.
    (That’s probably a foreign concept to you.)

    Zeke is unbiased. Not a partisan political party hack.
    (That’s probably an alien concept to you too.)

    Zeke is not a shill for anyone or anything. Never has been; never will be.
    (That’s definitely an unknown concept to you.)

    Zeke bows to no man.
    Zeke does not worship another man – neither Trumpturd nor Cryptkeeper.

    Most if not all cults are some form of ….. “cult of personality”.
    Many have fallen under the Trumpturdian thrall of that like the fictional Svengali or real Rasputin influence.

    Mao and his “little red book” and Trump and his ‘little red hat’ have many similarities.

    If the cult leader can get his hapless moronic minions to repeat and chant his phrases: Build The Wall, Lock Her Up, Stop The Steal, Stop The Count, Count Every Vote, etc. ….. typically a three word, three syllable mesmerizing chant, the Cult Leader has you where he wants you.
    He (it’s overwhelmingly a he) can then get you to mindlessly ‘believe’ anything and even do his bidding.

    Zeke is immune to cultism as he is to alcoholism and drug addiction.
    Zeke knows what it means to think and does so every day.

    Since you asked.

  13. Jim R

    He’s you Dear Leader now. You have been cheering for his election cheat, you grovel at his feet, and ascribe deep meaning to his every mumble.

    You felt free to throw that insult around last year, never reading anything Elaine or I wrote.

    So now your are his little sheep. Own it.

  14. Zeke

    I have no Leader, Dear or otherwise.

    There was no “Stolen Election.”

    I NEVER grovel; YOU do. You should be ashamed of yourself. Groveling Trump worship is not only un-American, it’s unmanly.

    You’re spewing complete fabricated nonsense. In psychological terms it’s known as ‘transference’. You are attempting to ascribe some of your many faults and flaws onto me. ‘The pointing accusing finger has three fingers pointing back at itself.

    You’re upset, disappointed, and angry that your ‘Lord and Savior’ has been exposed as well as deposed. And did not descend on a cloud yesterday per Q-Anon ‘droppings’ to reclaim his ‘presidency’.

    I read every word that Elaine writes and all of your crap too. I do not watch most videos presented because of bandwidth limitations.

    I have never posted ANY SINGLE WORD or SENTENCE in praise of the one I consistently referred to and continue to refer to as “the Crypt Keeper” or “Cornpop” or as a diminished capacity plagiarizing phony, etc.

    YOU, however, are lack of character incapable of even ever uttering the slightest criticism of yur ‘Lord and Savior’, and you ever remain ‘Jim R(ectum) of Trump.’ I don’t hate you; I pity you.

    Stay warm and dry with adequate potable water and safe in the failed state of Texas. I’ve met many wonderful people in Austin, Dallas, Arlington, Houston, El Paso, and tiny outposts west of the Pecos. But the scum y’all foist on the national scene like W, Cruz, etal are not representative of the good people and great state of Texas. Your scummy state AG even tried to steal MY vote, disenfranchise ME. I voted legally and that indicted on other charges vermin tried to overturn an election based on his lies. Again, the accusing finger.

  15. snoosebomb

    “” WE “” = me , myself and I

    LOL thanks for the morning comedy !

  16. Zeke

    So ….. you are either stupid enuf to not use correct grammar as to aspect of ‘person’
    ….. or ……
    You are subconsciously adopting the ‘Imperial ‘we” as in when Queen of England says “We are not amused” meaning she is not amused.
    Do an Internet search. Learn something. Fill the void.
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    “The royal we, or majestic plural(pluralis majestatis), is the use of a plural pronoun (or corresponding plural-inflected verb forms) to refer to a single person ….. ”

    Sad. Pitiful.

  17. snoosebomb

    haha ‘ the fun never ends !

    back to point , do you have any sort of world view that you think might solve problems ?

  18. Zeke

    On Topic per usual:

    The larger the flag, the bigger the crook.
    Look at the images on-line of Trump groping, molesting, fondling, humping our poor bystander flag. Do an Internet search.
    It’s a phenomenon with a pedigree. “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”
    Read history and learn from it. As Elaine says.

    It was W who forbade photographs of flag draped coffins returning from his illegal invasion of Iraq arriving at Anderson A.F Base. Have ye forgotten already? Zeke is here to remind you. “Never forget”.

    ‘The Truth will out.’

  19. Zeke

    Weltanschauung is Zeke’s world view. Truth is the mission.
    Zeke = the Truth Bringer.

    Truth must be served. Never denied.
    Diogenes level of absolute verity.
    The Truth will set you free.

    PoS Bob Dylan, chameleon Robert Zimmerman sang:
    “Don’t follow Leaders;
    Watch yer parkingmeters.”

    Attend to immediate matters. “Chop wood; carry water”.
    Be circumspect at a minimal of yur Elite Leaders – of whatever ilk. Be it Trumpturd OR Hair Sniffer in Chief poppin’ a boner dry humpin’ nearest female – now switchin’ his MO to ‘Holy Joe’ invoking religious rhetoric: “That’s not who we aarreeee”.

    Zeke’s Rule: you don’t even START to think about bringing in Immigrant # 1 or Patient 0 UNTIL AFTER you’ve solved the – homeless crisis, shelterless crisis, income gap crisis, wealth gap crisis, Central Banking Fraud, etc.

    Crypt Keeper doesn’t know who we aarreee. He and his criminal spawn have been sucking at the govt teet for half a century.
    Cut the $hit.

  20. Zeke has lost a host of marbles lately. Zeke, do me a favor: censor yourself. You are all hepped up on the idea, censorship is wonderful.

  21. Zeke

    Censoring is ‘cancel culture’.

    I was even against tearing down Conferate statutes. Appending a plack giving historical context would have been better.

    Trump is trying to ‘cancel culture’ Carl Rove now fro Faux News.

    An exception is when platforms promote violence or perpetuate lies.
    I’ve NEVER done those . And 50 states and 60 courts and judges agree with me.

    I have ALWAYS EMPHASISED And Promoted one thing: TRUTH. Never violence; never conspiracies; never lies. TRUTH.

    So, there.

  22. snoosebomb

    well you tried , i appreciate your earthy approach

    BUT in your view

    CNN =TRUTH so , LOL more comedy

    And your view contains nothing from our cultural heritage / hierarchy

    ie how might we solve ”homeless crisis, shelterless crisis, income gap crisis, wealth gap crisis, Central Banking Fraud, etc”

    .& why do you think some of those are a crisis ?

  23. Zeke

    It’s self evident to any sane person.

    Cure requires govt policy decisions; constraining Central Bank perfidy and lawlessness, and education of the public – which is where Zeke comes in as Truth Bringer – – to enlighten peeps such as yourself that don’t even recognise or acknowledge that they are in crisis mode!

  24. Jim R

    Cure requires govt policy decisions;

    Trump is the only one in the last 40 or 50 years to make any policy decisions.

    The rest of ’em are all BS and lip service. Your Dear Leader went right back to bombing Syria and Iraq. He will never regulate banks nor arrest any of the criminals Elaine writes about every day.

    Education is again being trashed and replaced with obvious lies, and anyone pointing out the inconsistencies is instantly censored by big tech.

    And you continue to repeat your little delusional fantasies from CNN, etc. There’s more, but it would run long.

  25. snoosebomb

    ”peeps such as yourself that don’t even recognise or acknowledge that they are in crisis mode! ”

    Yet you mock my links to Armstrong who speaks of little else.

    ,,,, you would find if you bothered to investigate .

    This is why you have zero credibility around here

  26. Jim R

    Armstrong has been writing about the inevitable collapse for quite a long time now.

    I’m not a close follower of Armstrong, but his conviction and incarceration seem like he must have stepped on some important toes, or a political grudge, or just some theatrical BS like when they arrested Martha Stewart.

    Far worse offenders were given a free pass, and walked away with their fortunes intact back in 2008. Right out there in public, if you were paying attention — Corzine for example. Elaine wrote about them too, those articles are probably still in various archives.

  27. Zeke

    You worship Trump. Actually WORSHIP him. That is so sad.

    It’s called “Cult of Personality.”
    Remember ‘Only he can ….. fix it or save it’ or whatever.

    Policy decisions and proposals are made all the time.

    It was W who illegally invaded Iraq. Trump used MOAB to bomb desert in Middle East. Trump drone assassinated that Iranian colonel.

    One point of agreement: neither Trumpturd nor Cryptkeeper will curb Central Bank. They are in a negative symbiotic relationship that’s probably above your intellectual ability to comprehend.

    Elaine rarely writes about Central Banking anymore. She used to. That was when I first became aware of EMS website. To me, that still remains the big story. But Trumpism crowded out other issues.

    Again, I have NO leader. Just because you worship your Dear Leader, don’t assume that others are so inclined or disabled. Don’t try to transpose your condition onto others.

    The remains of your post are just too diffuse and goofy to respond to. Get well; stay well. Get informed. I can’t tell you how offensive it was to me personally, and I presume to the tens of millions of others who voted legally – to have that corrupt Texas AG try to steal our votes, disenfranchise ME. But I know that you and the good people of Texas are not really responsible for that hideous act.

  28. snoosebomb

    oh well, look on the bright side maybe Zikis get vaccinated

  29. snoosebomb

    First there is NO THINK , then there is NEW THINK

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