Biden Asks Handlers If He Can Answer Questions AGAIN, Is Suddenly Shut Down Instead

Some things are no news that is gigantic news and the bizarre business of Biden’s handlers cutting him off with no comment right after he says, ‘Can I take some questions now?’ as if he is asking for permission to answer questions from ‘reporters’ (sic).  They did this to the senile old coot twice this week!  It is startling how this operates.  On top of this,  Pelosi and the DNC Bilderberg gang are keeping DC on full military lock down after lying about ‘an attack is being planned’ fraud.  Arrest all these people.  This is beyond ridiculous now.


The disgusting censorship of a major political leader by Bilderberg online hosts is another sign of an ongoing coup attempt.  Ramming bills through Congress via Presidential fiat is another sign, this is a coup.  This is the stupidest coup on earth, the ‘leader’ is a weak, senile puppet.


But how do we explain this?



Biden and his people call sane people ‘Neanderthal’ (I have Neanderthal blood in my veins, in a very small way due to being mostly ‘Norse’) in the same Oval Office thing they cut off with no comments.  Note that Biden keeps putting his hands on his mask while talking because he never wears it normally.


Note, also, his handler goes into the Briefing Room and…doesn’t wear a mask, too!  HAHAHA.  She is a Neanderthal!  These people are utterly insane.



Censoring our real President who really won the election if there was no cheating or illegal aliens illegally voting is a sign of desperation by the GOP traitors.  So calling 75 million voters ‘Neanderthals’ is uniting us against these invading Homo Sapiens. Next, they will call us all ‘gorillas’, too.



Smart Republicans who are not Bilderberg buddies are striking back, hard as they can.  If online businesses want to censor people they disagree with then they have to PAY HIGHER TAXES as ‘publishers.’  Of course, the DNC wants to keep the tax free attackers on freedom of speech to keep on defrauding the government and not pay the proper taxes.



There is no ‘unity’ there is only surrender as far as the far left is concerned.



Dr. Samizdat (formerly named ‘Dr. Seuss’) banning is causing his books to soar in value as the publisher annihilates this dead author, removing his books ‘forever’.  Major libraries are refusing to eliminate these books that the SJW mob tried to eliminate in their endless jihad against reality.  Books praising child sex change children are OK but Dr. Seuss is bad for children?


These people are utterly insane.  The entire left is all about censorship.  All, absolutely all communist regimes censor nearly everything.


Fox News Now so far is the ONLY place on YouDon’t that has the famous Trump speech!


Yes, we can still see this terrifying speech!  Supporters chanting, ‘USA, USA’ pissed off YouStink staff so they ruthlessly eliminated this speech except at the Fox News site?  HAHAHA.  I wonder if they are scared of being sued?


Trump is reveling in all this!  He knows this causes supporters to double down.  The elites doing this are increasingly unpopular and they fear us and so they double down on the dumb even more hoping to finally crush all those pesky Neanderthal voters.



And more and more proof pours in that this perfect election was totally not perfect at all, it was riddled with frauds:



Also funny news: DNC hell hole, Connecticut suddenly decided to join the Trump revolution and stop the stupid coronavirus restrictions!  HAHAHA.  Maybe our corrupt governor in NY who has yet another DNC female accusing him of being a molester in chief, will do this, too?  NOPE.  HAHAHA.  Insane.


‘Biden is letting in thousands of coronavirus diseased illegal aliens to enter so why have any restrictions on citizens?’ everyone sane is asking.


Also, Dr. Seuss’ daughter said in public, the books should never be censored!  Thank you, we love you, too.  Good lord, this is so insane.


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23 responses to “Biden Asks Handlers If He Can Answer Questions AGAIN, Is Suddenly Shut Down Instead

  1. Jim R

    Note that Biden keeps putting his hands on his mask while talking because he never wears it normally.

    Good observation, Elaine! Excellent essay this morning.

    Remove the spaces from this link to play an interesting message:
    https :// http://www.bit

    Again, I am not ‘anti-vax’, but this experimental shot is like the bad old days of flu shots, in the ’60s, when the shot would give you a case of flu. They haven’t yet sorted out which bits of this new vaccine are bad, and which ones are necessary for immunity. The vaccines encode the whole spike protein, and some of that protein’s subunits may be viral toxins.

    On the other hand, there is a mind boggling array of ignorant, stupid disinformation out there (e.g. “it reprograms your DNA”), and no doubt someone will chime in with some of it here.

  2. Jim R

    If I post the link in clickable form, WordPress will silently censor my comment:

    If it doesn’t, then there is the link in clickable form.

  3. Pete

    I have problems posting bitchute
    on here as well.
    Yeah I saw that video. Amazing.

    ( don’t let Elaine see that post )

    I talked to Ben on a C-span
    call in show.years ago.

    Hope he has better luck than
    Hank Aaron.

  4. Jim R

    Based on what Elaine has written about her history with flu, I would guess that she would have gone for that ’60s flu vaccine, as bad as it was.

    If she was one of the first cases, the vaccine would not have been available — unfortunately, some people must get sick with a disease before the scientists can begin to figure it out.

  5. Jim R

    Thinking about it for a few more minutes, you know, that ’60s flu vaccine might well have had a little of Elaine in it. The scientists have to start somewhere, and it would require blood or tissue from someone infected with the virus.

    Back to Neanderthals — I don’t suppose Biden’s writers knew this, or they had forgotten, but there’s a notion floating around that red-haired Europeans are descended from Neanderthals. They had red hair. So, that remark comes right back to his press secretary again.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with being Neanderthal . . .

  6. snoosebomb

    U didn’t watch this , or else U would know that this vaccine tags your cells

  7. snoosebomb

    on the other hand good ol’ Megalomania is a reasonable explanation for
    the Plandemic .

    when Gates says he is giving money to charity , he isn’t. The rich are always like this ,

  8. Pete

    Hope Elaine doesn’t deplatform us 😦

    Where is our leader?

    The address fulfills the requirement in Article II, Section 3, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution for the President to periodically “give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

    I want my MTV.
    I want my ubi for nuthin
    and my chicks for free.

    Is crazy Nancy drunk or what?

  9. Jim R

    @snoosebomb #6,

    Watch this, if you aren’t already —

    Good information on all phases of the disease, including vaccines.

  10. OMG I so want my Mtv. Can we just go back to the 90’s and pretend all this never happened?

  11. AT

    It’s interesting that both Biden and Clinton turned up nearly brain dead in their respective Presidential campaigns. It’s almost as if some spooks fried their brains out with that Havana micro-wave brain zapping spy-vs-spy weapon.

  12. Jim R

    @snoosebomb #6,

    Sorry, I meant to send this link —

    I was watching the video, and posted the show notes link from the video, which points to an old show.

  13. snoosebomb

    Jim ,, vid is rather long ,what point did you want to make ?

  14. snoosebomb

    Re Biden dementia ,, i don’t think so , my mother died of it ,so i know it well. Biden strikes me as just being a bit too old for the job , hell i forget words now and then. [ i know, now the quips will arrive haha ]

    There was similar talk about Hillary which came to nothing .

  15. Jim R

    It was the answer to your video up there at U would know that this vaccine tags your cells . . .

    Which was also long, and the Ninja Nerd, whoever he is, sort-of conveys the idea. I mean, he’s better than the 5G – somethings and moonlanding hoaxers. But his presentation is quite an oversimplification, and he’s a little off the mark on some items. So I give him 3 stars on a scale of 5, or something. Also, he didn’t cover the J&J vaccine, which just got emergency approval.

    As a matter of fact, those of your cells that have been ‘tagged’ by any of these vaccines will be killed by your immune system. That is how it eliminates viruses — a cell is acting weird, and various white blood cells have a brief discussion about it, and then they kill the weird cell. It is what you want to happen.

  16. Jim R

    The video I wanted you to see is just 35 minutes long. Dr. Griffin gives a clinical briefing on all phases of the disease.. useful information. He reports on the various vaccines, and scientific studies which may be meaningful to back up his clinical strategies.

    The show I linked by mistake was from last November, and it starts with a clinical briefing, after which the virologists get together and blab for an hour and a half or two, like they do every week.

  17. snoosebomb

    ”tagged’ by any of these vaccines will be killed by your immune system.”

    Yes my mistake ! you are right , BUT i misread this market ticker

    there are now TWO types of antibodies , one is the potential target to cause a lethal ADE reaction

  18. Jim R

    Interesting . . I wonder how long that Memphis station will be allowed to publish real news. Of course, this phenomenon has been seen before in a vaccine. You want your immune system to attack infected cells, but not go apeshit and attack healthy ones.

    In the video for TWIV 727, Dr. Griffin talks about treating the inflammatory phase with steroids such as Dexamethasone. The other weird aspect of Covid is the blood clotting starting about week 4. He recommends prophylactic doses of anti-clotting drugs for that (old fashioned aspirin could be used as sort of a home remedy).

    But if what Karl says is true, and there are two antibody responses, the vaccine should never have been approved.

  19. snoosebomb

    yes , 600 dead @ your link !!

    Meanwhile MSM squawking about rising variant deaths , DR is still only .16 %

    there are some odd cases , a utoober i watch ” sailing into freedom ” got the one that lasts a few weeks of hell and makes your lower spine hurt

  20. snoosebomb

    & why the 70% vaccination demand ? , We knew from the start with the Diamond Princess natural immunity was probably at least 50 -60 %. if 30 % get the annual flu shot that’s considered fine and there is zero concern. Then also the CDC [?] changed its definition based on a 100 yrs of science to say that herd immunity was achieved only with vaccines.
    All VERY odd. It could be ‘ just ‘ for control , wow, we are so grateful you didn’t try to kill us [sarc]

  21. Petruchio

    Biden’s owners must pump Ol; Joe full of some serious meds just to keep him upright. foe short periods of time. Seriously.

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