Democrats Push For Ending Free Speech…I Got My Covid-19 Vaccination At Pharmacy


The Democrats attack free speech constantly at every possible level because they view communism as an ideal model which is all about…censorship.  They want China-levels of censorship here in our First Amendment country.  Punishing people for saying either real things (the election was riddled with frauds) or saying things the left dislikes is pure communism.  ‘Big tech controls information’ is now verboten by big tech rulers.  Anyone daring to say this is removed from public view to prevent anyone from figuring out, they are being censored.


The censoring of Trump on all possible levels online is the ‘solution’ our fake communists who run online systems are doing right now.  Here is the latest banned character, a no goodnick called ‘Pepe Le Pew:



That nasty skunk!  Of course, we laughed at his very clumsy attempts at loving a female cat or anything else in the vicinity.  I have a huge tuxedo female cat with a gigantic fluffy tail and yes, a male skunk would definitely fall for her, too!  The entire joke about the skunk was, he was a SKUNK.  When women get mad at a man for two timing her, what does she call him?


A SKUNK!  Here is a video of Governor Cuomo talking to his aides:



It is funny as hell that the very same people who are screeching about MeToo, DoNotTouchWomen…are DNC leaders, themselves.  We have the troubling situation when women are harassed, abused or attacked but are conservatives, that is OK.  Doing this to leftist females, on the other hand, causes Victorian fainting lady hysteria.  This toughens up conservative women so they are more and more like my frontier ancestresses who had to be law and order, themselves just like I was much of my own life in the wild East frontier.


All over Europe, anti-EU marches and riots continue:



We have seen thousands and thousands of protests, mass crowd events, marches, etc. during this epidemic.  Obviously, massing by the hundreds of thousands doesn’t cause even one covid death!



Note how most marchers refuse to wear masks:



Masks don’t work chant:



Communist style police state rules are being imposed by LIBERALS all over the US, Europe and Australia, etc.:



France has threatened to join Italy and block Covid-19 vaccine shipments to Australia, as authorities in Europe race to justify the decision to ban a quarter of a million doses. Italy’s bombshell decision last week marked the first time officials used their power to stop vaccines manufactured in Europe from being sent abroad.


The shipment was banned because drug giant AstraZeneca has not provided the bloc with as many vials as expected.


I got my first covid-19 shots yesterday.  The only side effect was a sore left arm where the shot happened.  For one hour after the shots, we had a quick flush of the skin and then nothing else.  There were a lot of elderly in the drug store, getting the shots.  All of them were scared of getting the disease and no surprise, NY is one of the hotter hot spots for the disease, after all.



As the vaccine rate rises, the disease rate will fall.  Since 80% of the deaths from the virus are the elderly, it makes total sense to have the elderly get the shots, first.  So the death rate will now decline so long as the vaccine can be pushed out into the population of elderly.  There has been a lot of fear mongering going on, anti-vaccinationists are desperate to push any and all stories possible.


Blatant lies are being spread, deliberately.  This is OK if young people don’t want to be vaccinated but it will kill the elderly if they listen to these frauds.  And yes, this is pure FRAUD.


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  1. Zeke

    I know what you mean. I too, have been the victim of contemplated censorship.

    ‘I feel your pain’.

  2. Moe

    Elaine gets her magic medicine, Excuse me for a moment while I retch.

    I have Ivermectine (which Elaine reported taking many months ago), vitamin D3, zinc, etc., and a healthy immune system with no co-morbidities (a word we never heard of until the onslaught of coronavirus propaganda). But most of all I have a healthy skepticism for authority figures (and that includes Elaine) who make recommendations founded on irrational anxiety or disseminated with fear-based propaganda.

    Elaine has the temerity to proclaim those of us who question the efficacy or safeness of these particular vaccines (though not necessarily all vaccines) as antivaxer death-wishers. What irrationality, what Chutzpah!

  3. Zeke

    “healthy skepticism for authority figures” = essential attribute for everyone – should be, anyway.

    “The Duopoly” is rotten.

  4. snoosebomb

    @ 2 , yes Elaine now follows the lead of those she speaks against.

  5. snoosebomb

    @ 3 ‘ healthy skepticism for authority figures”

    cept CNN MSNBC etc. LOL

    Hey Zeki R U an anarchist ?

  6. In other news, printing money to infinity has gotten a classic propagandistic name: “Modern monetary theory.” Academics have begun selling it to the intelligencia.

  7. lou

    Culture of death news.

  8. Zeke

    MMT = Weimar Republic rehash.
    Destruction of wage purchasing value & Theft of Savings – retroactive Slavery & return to Feudalism.
    All to prop up asset, stock market prices & real estate prices.
    Worsening wealth gap, worsening income gap, worsening homeless crisis, worsening shelterless crises, …..
    “Central Banks” are criminal institutions operating under positive sanction of law. Etc.
    THE most important issue of the Decade, THE only issue of the decade.
    MSM maintains omertà like cone of silence on issue. Lots on celebrity ‘news’, Kardashians, corporate mercenary ‘sports’ but no real news reporting allowed.

  9. Richard

    Elaine, I enjoyed reading your blog site for almost two
    Sad to read you took the jab.
    Calling the experimental jab a vaccine is like
    calling mold on bread, cheese.
    Did they at least have
    you sign a consent form and include all your contact data?
    Well keep us informed while you can.

  10. @8 printing money buys them a little more time to pose as masters of the universe. The 2008 financial crash was solved by printing too. As long as the dollar stays the only measure of value, I suppose it works. The whole world pays for what the US spends, through devaluation. But how long can the world be compelled to make that deal?

  11. Jim R

    Based on Ben Stein’s remarks, you will experience most of the symptoms after the second shot, in two or four weeks, whenever that is.

    And if Karl Denninger is correct, a later infection with this virus, or a similar Corona virus, will elicit even more dramatic symptoms. I don’t know about that one — but it’s worth considering that several of the ‘philanthropists’ and royal family members who bankroll these modern vaccination efforts have also talked about ‘overpopulation’. Just something to think about . . .

  12. snoosebomb

    re ”the only issue of the decade ”

    ziki got one right ,

    ‘ cept the financially sound solution results in Mad Max [ a good place for ziki maybe ? ]

    Martin Armstrong has some saner ones but we will go through the wormhole first.

    @ 7 lol ,,

  13. lou

    thanks, snoose. a friend claims her friend [old person] died a few days after getting the shot.

  14. snoosebomb

    yes and if it is a targeting system we might never know as the crime will be hidden in the lack of data. The next ” conspiracy theory”.

  15. AT

    The fact that the vaccines are not approved for children tells you they have not been properly vetted yet.

    Elderly tend to do most of the dying from lots of causes. These days if they also happen to have a cough in their medical record the deaths get blamed on COVID.

    Nevermind they are lying about the numbers, lying about the source of the dud-buoweapon, and covering up how it was released and who released it. Nevermind the goals is destroying economic tissue, not saving yours. Go ahead and believe everything they tell you about the vaccine. Lol.

  16. AT

    MMT is the dumbed down version of what is going on.

    Non-inflationary money printing with pricing controls and no shortages happens in only two ways:

    Increases in goods and services year over year (front side of the Hubert curve in the last century oil age)


    Decrease in demand (plandemic response lockdown and/or green new deal)

    Problem is that destroying demand to create deflationary headroom for money printing is a death cult. At -10% a year it can’t last more than half a decade.

    This is the final countdown for the failed policies of Baron Keynes and Lord Rothschild and ilk.

    If you don’t understand what I wrote you can have no clear world view of what is really going on.

  17. Jim R


    To continue discussion (my bloviations) from the other thread, I’d like to recommend this episode of TWIV:

    The guests in this episode, Eva Harris and Janet Smith, are the researchers who worked out the structure of Flavivirus protein NS1. Dengue is a member of the Flavivirus family. NS1 is a nasty little viral toxin that sabotages the immune system in various ways, one of which is triggering inflammation in small blood vessels, making them permeable so the virus can pass through. And therefore causes bleeding.

    This is a different family from Corona viruses, it includes mosqiuto-borne diseases, as it also propagates in insects. But it’s interesting that one small peptide can cause so much mayhem.

    Several of the Corona-family NS (non-structural i.e., not part of the viral capsid, the icosahedron that encloses the delicate bits) protein functions are not known. They are small molecules that do various things such as shepherding an RNA molecule to the rough ER where it can be translated, and help the finished virion escape from the cell. Molecular biologists give them numbers, NS1, NS2, … Also, there is a small piece of the S (spike) protein that comes off in the process of infection, and floats away — nobody knows whether it has another function, or what its fate is — there are also spike subunit numbers like S1, S2, etc. A big part of the S complex is like a spring-loaded hairpin that penetrates the host cell, forcing the viral envelope to merge with the cell membrane. (Flavivirus NS1 and Corona NS1 are completely different, unrelated proteins — whole different virus family)

    Then there’s another complex called ‘ORF8’ (open reading frame 8), which no one has any idea what it does — might not even code for a protein. It is simply a stretch of readable genetic code. AFAIK none of the vaccines include this bit. The whole Corona genome is about 30,000 bases long, quite large for a virus.

    Anyhoo, I was just pondering whether the ‘unanticipated’ symptoms of the Corona vaccine might be due to the fact that most of them code for the whole ‘S’ complex, the hairpin, various cleavage sites, the ACE2 recognition bit,. . . and nobody knows how all that chit interacts with your immune system.

  18. Funny, I have not the slightest problem so far. By the way, I know first hand, how it feels to die of a virus, I nearly died once. It was hideous.

    Vaccine fears are some of the STUPIDEST fears on earth. The punishment is obvious: one gets to play Russian roulette with germs. Germs often win.

  19. I have figured out that 99% of the fear of vaccinations are fake. I often ponder, why people fall for this. There has to be some explanation. One that I have is, people are surrounded by enough sane people, they don’t fall for fake stories about vaccinations.

    So diseases don’t spread so badly thanks to the vaccinated population. But as the anti-vaccination people scare everyone and convince everyone to not get coverage, this gets weaker and weaker and voila: we have epidemics again.

    This recent epidemic was relatively small when it came to kill rate. It killed mainly the elderly unlike the HONG KONG FLU.

    The next one might be much, much worse.

  20. snoosebomb

    stuck in a time warp ,,,, RNA, whoops ! here we are

  21. Jim R

    Get back to us in four weeks, after your second shot.

  22. lou

    Elaine has every right to trust Big Pharma.

  23. Zeke


    Thanks for being so open and sharing.
    We are at loggerheads on a couple of issues, mostly 180° out of phase re. Trump.
    Nonetheless I do admire and appreciate your being ‘out there’ with your honesty and openness and sharing personal experiences.
    Just thought I should mention that.


  24. snoosebomb

    Jim , amazing what they know these days , way above my reading level. I heard once that to combat pests in Australia they can design very specific and subtle viruses. With ADE the virus binds with the antibodies to invade cells.
    Protein folding is another rabbit hole.
    I watch Eric Weinstein or Sabine hossenfelder, i can get a bit of the gist of it.

  25. Jim R


    That Wikipedia article on ADE has the smell of BS all over it. A diagram appears to show a virus, riding along on a molecule of antibody — the scale of that diagram is ridiculously wrong, antibody molecules are much smaller than viruses.

    That’s not to say that there is no such thing as ADE, it is well known to occur with Dengue. Your second case of Dengue is worse than the first, and the vaccine potentially makes the first case worse. But viruses do not go for a ride on antibody molecules — if the antibody glomps onto a virus, that is a tag for destruction, period.

    It is when the antibody mistakenly glomps onto a healthy cell from your own tissues that you have a problem. . .

    As for Cov19, the jury is still out on that stuff Denninger was talking about. There have surely been some bad reactions but I don’t think anyone knows if it will hypersensitize people to the virus.

    I’m just a little leery about taking version 0.1 of an experimental shot.

    * HIV is an exception to a lot of virus rules — it somehow slips inside of the antibody-producing lymphocytes without getting killed/digested. But Corona family viruses are not able to do that trick.

  26. Zeke

    Do either of you two have any expertise in this area? Y’all remind me of children playing wit yur food.
    You’re posing as if you two have a superior level of knowledge. Authenticate it if so.
    ‘We’ find this very boring. You’re monopolizing the space. ‘Get a room.’
    Can’t you go to some kind of private chat room to hash out yur crap.
    Alternatively, if you two do have the KSAs, experience, and higher level of training or education; post a PDF of your specialized education in virology, immunology, etc. along with any peer reviewed articles you’ve written, etc. so that we can be assured y’all are not just blowing smoke out yer pie holes.
    ‘A little knowledge is a bad thing.’
    You could be spewing dangerous misinformation about an important health matter.
    Enough can be too much.

  27. snoosebomb

    Jim, from ;

    To block this viral attachment to target cells, antibodies that target the viral surface proteins specifically are secreted, which bind and neutralize the viruses, weakening their infective ability. However, in some viruses, the binding of specific antibodies to viral surface proteins can promote viral invasion into certain types of cell instead, and enhance viral i

  28. snoosebomb

    And i see the Brown Nose Bat has returned, i heard they might go extinct

  29. AT

    I’m fine with taking vaccines and have never refused one to date.

    This vaccine is more politics than science, and that does scare me. Once it is fully tested (and approved for children) I will probably take it.

    Admittedly the risks of long term harmful side effects like ADE are likely very very small.

    What is more likely is that the vaccine will not be very effective for its intended purpose and/or require new and different vaccines each year or so.

    Given the risk of anaphylaxis and the short term discomfort from circulatory issues and sometimes days of not feeling well. . . Given the colossal exaggeration of the actual harm caused by the virus itself. I’ll pass for now. Other vaccines have none of those dogs.


    ELAINE: I am very old. All my very long life, anti-vaccine people have the same fears and tell the same fake stories over and over and over and over again. They hate vaccinations and wish they lived in the good old days when 30% of the population died of preventable diseases instead of less than 1%. This is very pathetic and insane. But then, I won’t stop them all from choosing to die if they so wish. I just think it is very foolish to play Russian Roulette with Death.

  30. Jim R


    Interesting article. I shall have to watch the rest of the immunology lectures to get a better perspective. Still, I would say the diagram in the Wikipedia article is not an accurate representation of anything.

    From the clinical updates, we now know that the symptoms are essentially all inflammatory responses, and not directly caused by the virus itself. (also true of the flu — the ‘cytokine storm’ people talk about is an indirect consequence of infection) By the time symptoms appear, the virus is already mostly gone, leaving a very dysregulated immune system in its wake.

    It was my impression that ADE was simply an exaggerated inflammatory response, and the virus was not directly involved. Your Science Direct paper shows some other theories.

  31. AT

    When I post, folks look through the thread for all my previous posts.

  32. Jim R

    Your previous posts were all spot-on.. misspelled ‘Hubbert’ but it’s hard to avoid typos in these little edit boxes. This comment probably has a typo in it.

    Now that we’ve reached peak everything, there isn’t anywhere to go but down. And no doubt the plague hysteria is part of the effort to manage the decline.

    This is your crucial thought, I believe:

    Problem is that destroying demand to create deflationary headroom for money printing is a death cult. At -10% a year it can’t last more than half a decade.

  33. This plague is like previous plagues. The scary part was, it was created in a Chinese lab where they create germs for warfare. The problem with war germs is, once released, they go everywhere, easily.

    Unlike most people, I have a life long fascination with the history of epidemics, I nearly died of the Hong Kong flu and during my year of recovery, I read a lot about previous epidemics.

    the connection between epidemics and invasions is very intense, by the way. Population invasions (barbarians according to the Romans and the Chinese authorities) is very connected to epidemics, too.

  34. snoosebomb

    @ 33 enter the real WW3 , new and much improved ! no more guns and bullets , your folks can stay home and enjoy their bat soup. Then when your target pop has died off your victims will deny there even was a war . now there is space and jobs for your smart obedient people who have been civilized for 5000 yrs ! AND finally revenge for those opium wars

  35. Jim R

    This plague is like previous plagues. The scary part was, it was created in a Chinese lab where they create germs for warfare. The problem with war germs is, once released, they go everywhere, easily.

    No, it is not. Previous plagues made a noticeable dent in the human population. There would be dead bodies stacked everywhere. For some of them, at the end, the human population would be down by 1/3 or so. In many of them, everyone was affected including royalty.

    This virus with its 0.016% mortality rate does not qualify as a plague, although I don’t know exactly where is the dividing line. And ‘royalty’ is getting a free pass — while the victims we have known were either in elder care homes, or were simply sent home with some quinine and aspirin and told not to leave the house, Mr. Trump got the latest-greatest monoclonal antibody treatment, steroids, and etc.

    What’s new is the extreme suppression of information, and the degree to which much of officialdom appears to be working on the side of the germs. Someone uploads a preprint of a study showing that deaths from all causes are not significantly higher this year, and it is as quickly deleted and withdrawn. And then you have Cuomo FORCING nursing homes to accept sick patients, while the hospitals and various emergency medical facilities sit empty.

    It really is different this time.

  36. AT


    My typos are mostly the result of my crazy spell checker messing with what I am typing and then if I don’t catch it there is no edit.

    Do you have a link or title of the study?

  37. Everyone should read me more carefully. I carefully explain that the overall population had a low death rate, very low for under 18 years, nearly none. But the elderly had a much, much higher rate, a rate high enough to be called a major epidemic. Using all our abilities to isolate and take care, we didn’t ALL die, thankfully, but my own life was very restricted whereas, no children should have been restricted at all.

  38. When it hit NY and NJ first (I used to live in NJ and in NYC) it had a terrifying death rate. All the elderly in the first families to get the disease, died together! We watched that news in full terror and if you review my blog back then, you can see I was terrified.

  39. lou

    MEANWHILE Newsom winery thriving throughout the pandemic.

    his company received 1.2 million in ppp loan when that money was supposed to go to struggling small businesses. he’s is worth 10 million if not more.

    I don’t understand with all these regulations, he’s thriving in his business.

  40. Jim R

    In YOUR state, Elaine, the Governor issued orders FORCING nursing homes to spread the virus among their residents.

    And, of course, the elderly are much more vulnerable to respiratory viruses. Old immune systems take longer to develop a resistance to them, and the viruses exist along the air/lung interface where it is hard for white blood cells to get to them. And the virus makes millions of copies in a matter of hours, while the immune system takes days.

    Children typically shrug off such a virus in a day or so without much trouble. Young immune systems act quickly.

  41. Yes, Jim, in MY state and how long have I been calling for Cuomo to be arrested for mass murder as well as other crimes?

    I knew his dad. This is so very disgusting. Utterly infuriating. Andrew is a creep. I am royally pissed off at him.

  42. Jim R

    Here is the article I was thinking of — from the Wayback Machine:

    I mis-remembered it as a pre-pub of a study meant for the science journals. It was actually more along the lines of a simple news article for the Johns Hopkins online newsletter. Still, a serious publication though.

    Genevieve Briand, assistant program director of the Applied Economics master’s degree program at Hopkins, critically analyzed the effect of COVID-19 on U.S. deaths using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in her webinar titled “COVID-19 Deaths: A Look at U.S. Data.”

    Of course, it has been picked apart by ‘fact checkers’, reminiscent of JP Sears’ comedy routine — “Water is wet — FACT CHECK! — Wrong!”

    I tend to be skeptical of government statistics any more, whether it’s about healthcare or elections. And recognize the extent of the corruption, there do not seem to be any legacy media outlets that are not craven stenographers of their ‘facts’.

    Anywho, that was the article, you can decide for yourself.

  43. Graywolf

    Where did you get your shot?
    Hoosick Falls?


    ELAINE: South Troy CVS.

  44. AT

    @42: Thanks. Initially the CDC had the total death statistics that showed this on their website. Then they obscured the data with their own “predictions” of what the past state reported data should have been. Lol.

    what do you expect from the CDC, the federal agency that commissioned the creation of COVID in 2015 with a grant and an exception to its own ban on “gain of function research” at UNC North Carolina where Prof. Baric combined into a chimeric virus the Asian killing SARS virus with the coronavirus, and then tested it on humans lung tissue for effectiveness and resistance to treatment.

  45. AT

    @42 The methodology of both the green new deal and the plandemic response lockdowns are overbroad for their joint purpose of demand destruction, resulting in excess cruelty to humanity for the sake of their respective fictions. The leaders of the bio-terrorist death cult gripping the world are destroying demand faster than oil supplies are falling simply to control pricing and create deflationary headroom for their almighty self-enriching, money-printing. Half of it goes to bribes and bailout to ensure that the demand destruction continues globally, and the other half props the markets, essentially lining the pockets of big corporations and the super rich, and allowing bloated fiscal un-sustainability to continue. Businesses are now gone or else have become money losing place holders and fig leafs for more bailouts.

    I know the leaders of this death cult tell their underlings they are guiding humanity through a dark period where the present course is preferable to WWIII, which would be the historical likelihood. I partially agree. However, I think there were less dark alternatives to choose from. And, ultimately, I’m not sure the current course won’t land us in WWIII anyhow. Ultimately, the acid test of this false virtue is that the death cult is not using half the new funny money for future sustainability: solar panels, infrastructure, etc. The false virtue behind the plandemic lie boils down to self enrichment and kicking the can down the road another decade, or half a decade, even if it makes the end-state twice as bad as paying the piper today. Most of them are so old they’re gambling they won’t live to see it.

  46. Zeke

    Who’s sick falls

    aptly named?

  47. As I constantly explain here, the real problem in the future is the next Ice Age. We are definitely in the declining part of the present Warm Cycle. The fact that we are seeing ‘odd weather’ is proof enough.

    The transient warming of the atmosphere due to continuing CO2 content is no where near enough to prevent the looming next Ice Age. All Ice Ages start suddenly, by the way.

  48. They also end very suddenly and the hottest weather is at the beginning of the Warm Cycle, not the middle or the end.

  49. Jim R

    Here in Texas, our ‘miniature ice age’ ended suddenly. It lasted a little over a week and broke all kinds of weather records.

    One day we had six inches of ice on all the roads, pipes were breaking, and all the semi-tropical landscape plants were getting frozen solid. (they are dead now, by the way) Next day it was 60℉ and sunny. The day after that, streets were dry and it was back to ‘normal’ winter weather in hot dry Texas.

    And it is still hard to find a plumber who will answer the phone.

    This wasn’t the fault of ERCOT or any politician, by the way. Mother nature does not care about your puny politics.

  50. Jim R

    #44 – #45,

    I completely agree with you about the ‘official’ response to the virus. The deep state has wanted a crisis for more than a decade. And officialdom, not merely Cuomo but other globalists as well, have been all-but-publicly cheering for the virus, promoting its propagation in any way possible. If a case breaks out on a cruise ship or a military vessel, they ‘quarantine’ it at sea, without support nor medical supplies, to let it run its course (followed by an apologetic release of all affected/infected). And foist off patients on nursing homes, which were never equipped to deal with such things. And of course they instantly ban any traditional tropical medicine treatments for these things. And censor the journals and literature.

    I think Obama was salivating over the prospect of pulling the plandemic trigger when there were a few cases of Ebola in the USA. But Ebola did what it always does and fizzled out in a short while, partly because it doesn’t spread through the air.

    By the way, I think ‘gain of function’ is a red herring issue. An almost meaningless phrase. It essentially outlaws anyone doing any scientific research on viruses, since ‘gain of function’ can be any change to the viral genome, possibly even including deletion of stretches of code. Molecular biologists seek answers to the question “what’s this thing do?” by manipulating a virus.

    I think the source of this outbreak was not some nefarious UN/globalist depopulation agenda, but an accidental escape from that research lab in China. Officialdom merely responded to it with plans from long ago. The depopulation agenda is in the plan — independent of the virus, they can disrupt food and energy supply chains and wreak havoc.

    And finally, I just saw a headline saying the CDC is at it again, fearmongering about another Ebola outbreak somewhere.

  51. Zeke


    “This wasn’t the fault of ERCOT ….. ”

    People usually aren’t fired for doing a good job.
    “Texas’ power grid operator ousted chief executive Bill Magness on Wednesday, as the fallout continues from a deadly blackout last month that left residents without heat, power or water for days.
    His departure followed fierce criticism by state lawmakers of the handling of the crisis by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which has led one large electricity provider to seek bankruptcy and put several others near to it.”

  52. Texas like southern Arizona and southern California, has once in a hundred years super cold events. I remember the mid-1960’s in Tucson with one snow storm after another along with massive floods! I actually couldn’t go to school sometimes due to this!

    It was ‘historic’ back then, 50 years ago! I remember throwing snowballs when lightning nearly hit me as I stood near a saguaro.

  53. Jim R

    The cold spell of this past February broke all the weather records for cold in the southwest. It must have been like the storm that stranded the Donner party in the Sierras of California. Unlike that storm, of course, Texas now has modern utilities and millions of people live here now. Thank the fates, we have natural gas via underground pipes, and that stayed on.

    That weather record would include both our lifetimes, Elaine. It has NEVER been so cold in February during the last 150 years or so. It might have been so in previous centuries, the archaeological and geological evidence shows that the southwest has been prone to climate chaos in the past.

    As for ERCOT, it should not exist, or at least it should be much less important than it is. The problem is not who is running it, the problem is the regulatory framework that enables it to exist in the first place.

    From Wikipedia:

    The deregulation of the Texas electricity market occurred in two phases: the wholesale generation market in 1995 and the rest of the sector in 1999. The 1999 deregulation was aimed at counteracting a shortage of generation capacity in the state. Since deregulation, retail providers and power generators were unregulated, although regulations on transmitters continued to control the placement of electrical lines. The legislation abolished the former system, in which power was both generated and consumed locally.[20] Instead, under the deregulated regime, retailers could contract with providers across the state, creating a complex market.[20] The 1999 deregulation also dropped limits on rate increases. Prior to deregulation, residential electricity rates were significantly below the national average; after deregulation, residential electricity rates increased, rising 64% between 1999 and 2007.

    I watched this happen, the ‘deregulation’ was driven by Enron lobbyists. Remember Enron? Texas never fixed its electricity market after Enron, and I don’t think California did either. ERCOT was given new bureaucratic powers so that Enron could milk the ratepayers for money, and not to maintain electric transmission lines.

    Finally, I know it is popular to compare the performance of wind turbines in Antarctica or Greenland to Texas wind turbines. Here’s a clue: it was an ice storm. Each and every surface was coated with 1/2″ of ice, and suddenly overhead power lines weigh literally a ton in between every pole. Centuries-old live oak trees were broken by tons of ice, a little bit on every twig an leaf. And the wind turbines stopped working for much the same reason that airplanes cannot fly through icing conditions — their aerodynamics were ruined, and each blade suddenly weighed many tons.

    In Antarctica, they do not have ice storms. Hard to believe, I know — the weather is quite dry there, sometimes ice crystals blow around like in a sandstorm, but ice does not coat the turbine blades.

  54. When it is WARM cold, you get ice coating everything, The colder the storm, the more the water is like tiny crystals more like sand. So when it is 28 degrees F, for example, and it is an ice storm because the higher up air is warmer than the ground temperatures, we get ice coating everything.

    Below zero, add wind and the ice crystals are like bullets. They hurt. The coldest temperatures are when it is very, very dry. The slightly below freezing is when you get tons of ice.

    Below zero freezes rivers and busts pipes. Especially if there is wind, it gets into walls.

  55. Zeke

    Focus . Focus . Focus

    The question remains – was ERCOT responsible.
    That is – was havoc of subfreezing temperatures predictable, foreseeable.
    Could the ensuing disaster have been prevented or at least mitigated.

    The city of Galveston, TX was destroyed 120 yrs. with terrible loss of life. No satellite tracking, no developed weather service predictions, little communications. No one knew a hurricane was brewing just off the coast.
    That’s not the case now.

    Supervising authorities fired ERCOT CEO. His severance pay was relinquished. Other board members resigned.

    Granted that unusually low temp. was extreme. And they failed to modernize, update for possible interconnect ….. it’s an open question as to whether they could or should have foreseen, used due diligence ….. etc.

    To just summarily proclaim that ERCOT is not at fault is presumptive and conclusionary.

    It’s like saying the White Star Line and Capt’n E. J. Smith were not responsible for the sinking of the Titanic.
    The iceberg was unusually far south. Nobody said ‘icebergs happen’ or just shrug their shoulders and say ‘$hit happens.’
    ERCOT officers were supposed to have specialized knowledge and were paid commensurately. There was an expectation of competence.
    Their responsibilities should be more than just collecting checks from rate payers.

  56. Jim R

    We had an ice storm, around 28 or 29, followed by more cold blasts bringing snow. Austin had powder snow, like at a ski resort, it was amazing. And an overnight low of 7. And yes, an ice storm is caused by freezing rain — the drops are cooled as they fall, and then stick to everything they hit as a coating of ice.

    But the power lines had already been knocked down by falling trees, or collapsed under their own weight.

    My local utility did heroic work, and had the lines connected again some time after midnight. The house was cold but did not get down to freezing inside. Others were not so lucky.

    But after that, we had rolling blackouts for 3 or 4 days, because the system was overloaded and a lot of generators were offline.

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