Too Many MeToo Tootsies Drag Killer Klown Cuomo Down


Cuomo could kill thousands of elderly and nothing happens, but smooching and touching MeToo DNC Females is totally verboten and will be severely punished.  So the craven crowd of corrupt Democrats are now demanding he go away, fast.  I think this is very stupid, personally.  These same Democrats sneer if a woman claims a Democrat President raped them, for example.  The entire MeToo mess is all about ‘ONLY Democrat Females, Too.’  I say, to hell with all of these wilting flower females.



Meanwhile, note how NYC public schools which are still closed, are teaching children about dirty sex.  Good lord, where are all the fainting flower female leftists?  Why are they Venus Fly Traps in between being hysterical about men touching them?  This flip flopping on sex is very annoying.


(Cuomo accuser) Hinton’s claims are made all the more startling given that her husband is lobbyist Howard Glaser, a longtime Cuomo ally and confidante who worked as his director of state operations and senior policy advisor until 2014.


The other new accuser, Ana Liss, a policy and operations aide who worked for the governor from 2013 to 2015, said he’d behaved inappropriately while on the job in Albany.


The governor called her “sweetheart” and asked if she had a boyfriend, Liss recalled to the Wall Street Journal.  Liss said Cuomo touched her on her lower back during an event, once kissed her hand and asked her if she was dating.


Good lord, a woman was TOUCHED?  Wow.  Rape!  HAHAHA.  Good grief.  And why aren’t these hysterical females attacking BIDEN???  He openly molested young prepubescent children!  I am still aghast he hasn’t been taken down for that which has been filmed not once or twice but dozens and dozens of times.



The DNC rushes through their mad spending spree bill.  Most of the loot is for looters.  Arrest them all.  Arrest Biden.  Arrest Cuomo, too.  Get rid of all of them.  Thanks in advance.



We are being invaded.  The DNC is enabling this.  Arrest everyone in the DNC who are enabling invaders.  Arrest the invaders, too.



Meanwhile, citizens are rising up against the coronavirus restrictions.  Don’t arrest them.


In Canada run by Bilderberg gang operatives who pretend to be ‘liberals’: quarantine hotels set aside for travelers cost $1000 a day and have horrible services!




Now on to poor Portland.  The DNC gang has turned that place into a total hell hole.


This has to be the dumbest newspaper on earth.


By The Oregonian/OregonLive Politics Team


The headquarters of Portland Public Schools was vandalized overnight in what the district superintendent is calling “an attack on our city’s public school system.”


Multiple school district vehicles were set on fire, office windows were broken and graffiti was scrawled on the district headquarters, 501 N. Dixon St., Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero said.


No mention who did this crime.  Here is a real reporter telling the truth, as always:



The concealment of this crime and hiding vital information from citizens is typical of communist operatives.  The Oregon newspaper article mentioned ‘there was graffiti’ on the truck and building but refuses to say what the graffiti said, of course.  ‘It was unclear who was responsible’ for the graffiti which was an ANTIFA tag!  Amazing.


None of the Oregon ‘news’ operations tagged ANTIFA as the attackers but Fox News in Oregon did report this information!  Good for them.



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13 responses to “Too Many MeToo Tootsies Drag Killer Klown Cuomo Down

  1. lou

    Meanwhile, Jewish Privilege,
    President Joe Biden’s attorney general nominee Merrick Garland as a college student at Harvard University wrote in a review of a musical that a song about rape was one of the play’s “hilarious group numbers.”

  2. lou

    Elaine, you might get a kick out of—

    Senator Blows Almost $300K at Morton’s Steakhouse
    According to the creed of our ruling class, we should all be held to the same standard of living. If some live better than others, this is a violation of equity, and government coercion is required to put it right. However, those who apply the coercion are entitled to live very differently. That’s why the Democrat Party’s ideology is called “oligarchical collectivism.” While regular Americans struggle to keep businesses afloat despite tyrannical lockdowns, here is how the oligarchy lives:

    New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez has dropped just over $298,000 at Morton’s Steakhouse since 2003, averaging more than $16,000 a year…

    The Democrat charged the bills to donors of his Senate campaign committee and his New Millennium Leadership PAC. The largest single check — a $12,957.69 whopper — came in February 2020. …

    A 2019 profile of Menendez in the Star Ledger called the eatery one of a “few indulgences” which also included after-dinner cigars. Those smokes cost the senator’s various committees more than $3,200 at Jamie’s Cigar Bar & Restaurant in Clifton, N.

  3. Richard

    Been watching the US bond markets over the past month, and foreigners are not buying US bonds. Bond dealers have been stuck with up to 40% of the unsold bonds. The Fed Reserve can only buy so much. If the Treasury can’t raise money, due to lack of bond purchases, where is the $1.9 trillion going to come from ? Will the Fed Reserve be forced to purchase all the bonds? If so, then the US more than likely heads towards hyperinflation.

  4. Petruchio

    “Cuomo could kill thousands of elderly and nothing happens, but smooching and touching MeToo DNC Females is totally verboten and will be severely punished.” The two are related. The #MeToo story is a smokescreen for the REAL Cuomo scandal: the Nursing Home deaths due to Cuomo. Now the MSM has an excuse to not cover the deaths of the elderly at the Nursing homes. The DNC are sacrificing Cuomo because they have to. As for #MeToo it was created as a Political Weapon. A way of destroying Enemies where their targets could not fight back. Its founder and main Promoter, Sheryl Sandberg is a VP at Facebook. And–SURPRISE!!!!–she is a member of the Tr#be. It was Henry Ford who said, “Wherever you find the Sowers of Hate. The Sowers of internal Conflict. Wherever you find the Sowers of the seeds of Society’s Destruction, there you will find the J#w, hard at work.” #MeToo was never about eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace.

  5. The turn on Cuomo is pretty startling. But we in NY have had quite a lot of high level scandal in Albany, among governors and, most sadly, Attorneys General:


    ELAINE: I was instrumental in the arrests of five NY politicians including a Congressman when they conspired to threaten my life via using a Queens detective to ring my doorbell and tell me, people were going to kill me due to my crime fighting activities. I chased him down and had him arrested and then Giuliani who was the NY Special Prosecutor back then in 1981, tapped my phone so he could record politicians attacking me and then put taps on their phones, too.

  6. AT

    Cuomo is a card carrying member of the bio-terrorist death cult gripping the world with lockdowns to destroy demand. He meant to kill those elderly because the dud-bioweapon didn’t turn out to be as lethal as the World Economic Forum Event 201 had hoped. He was trying to pump up the numbers. Afterwards, the death cult fixed the problem by simply declaring deaths due to COVID regardless of the cause.

    Irony is folks dying in Hospice care (at the conclusion of the comfort pack of meds) are getting called COVID deaths, leaving all their extended family and friends calling bullsh#t, family after family after family.

  7. Except that happened in all countries everywhere. NY was no different.

    The coronavirus was very nasty for anyone my age (elderly). The death rate for us old folk was over 10% which is high. Luckily for all humanity, small people like children it was near 0%. I am happy my grandson was and still is, safe.

  8. Petruchio

    I have to note one of the quotes on The New York Post’s front page. Upper right hand corner: “More Cuomo accusers come forward: ‘I was just a skirt,’ says one.” Well what a tender little flower she is!! The problem is, Society has brainwashed some groups of people to think there are benefits to being a Victim. So claim Victimhood every chance you get!! You know, there was a time when nice looking Women (I assume these “Cuomo Women” are attractive, but maybe not. Some Men like overweight and plain looking.) knew how to handle the advances of Men who were physically attracted to them and to do it in a firm but polite way. There was a time when Women knew better than to work with a “horn dog” like Cuomo and stay away from him. But NONE of these Women want to take responsibility for dealing with Cuomo. Cuomo is pinching you on the ass and you don’t like it? Get transferred. Slap Cuomo across the face as a way of telling him you don’t want his advances. And there is this. These Women screaming about Cuomo now are going to be PERMANENTLY tainted as #MeToo B#tches. NO MALE IS EVER GOING TO WANT TO WORK WITH THEM. EVER.

  9. snoosebomb

    The coronavirus was very nasty …

    Especially when victims were told to go home and wait for it to get worse , then they were stuck on the fatal ventilators. Simple remedies like vitamins HCQ , Ivermectin steroids were hidden pilloried or banned.


    ELAINE: 100% correct!

  10. Jim R

    The bioweapon was a dud because they outsourced it to China, and China makes shoddy merchandise.

    If it were from a German lab, it would work.


  11. lou

    The coronavirus was very nasty for anyone my age (elderly). how old r u?

    –uh, maybe it was designed that way? An answer to the pension crisis is to kill the pensioners.

  12. snoosebomb

    What am i complaining about anyway ? The roads parks and planes are too cluttered with peasants. It will be nice to have lots room on the road for my Ferrari. And uncluttered views of the landscapes.

  13. The British royals openly talked about eliminating a huge swath of peasants! Daddy Duke himself said he wanted to be reincarnated as a GERM! I hope he is so we can eliminate him for good.

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