More ‘Free’ Countries Are Imposing Secret Laws/Regulations On Citizens While Enabling Illegal Alien Invasions


Canada doesn’t have a First or Second Amendment, they have European-style legal rules which lets liberals impose Maoist rules with no recourse in courts.  In this case above, an alternative news service which actually goes out and records events and then puts these online so we can see things happen in real time, has won a lawsuit in a case where the government tried to shut them down.  But a father of a son who decided to transition to being a boy was put in prison in Canada not because he stopped the drugs the child under the age of 16 is taking, he simply refused to say ‘he’ to his former daughter.


Rebel News is in a huge battle on behalf of the father while liberals sneer:


We are taking on a huge legal fight against the unreasonable British Columbia court-ordered publication bans that have resulted in a B.C. father sitting behind bars, and our inability to effectively inform you about why his being there is one of the most controversial punishments we’ve seen in Canadian history.


The father is being locked up exactly like Tommy Robinson, the conservative radical in England when he was suddenly hauled into a secret prison where even his wife was not allowed to talk to him or visit or even know which prison he was in, this case is identical!


I am legally bound to refer to the father as C.D. He is stuck in a Vancouver jail after allegedly breaching some of the silencing orders, a.k.a. publication bans, that prevent him from freely warning other parents about the circumstances surrounding his child, a biological female who now identifies as a transgender boy. C.D. is attempting to speak out about rapid onset gender dysphoria and the radical systems that came together to provide his child with cross-sex hormone treatments that can cause permanent physical damage, such as sterility, without his consent.


This is forever, the girl can’t change her mind later.  Letting a child make this lifelong choice is highly dangerous.  Children are particularly vulnerable during puberty.


These bans haven’t just succeeded in officially silencing the father as he’s been cut off from society. They’ve also restricted myself and any other Canadian journalist who is brave enough to report on the potential harms associated with children suffering from rapid onset gender dysphoria being able to access such life-altering treatments.


Just like C.D., I could end up behind bars if I’m found guilty of breaching one of the many conditions of multiple gag orders involved in this case. The amazing lawyer who we hired for the case, Kyle Bienvenu, says some of these orders have even been filed in secret, and are hidden from the public. Yet I’m expected to follow them anyways?


YIKES.  So, the fake liberals are most anxious to impose sexual remedies to juvenile confusions without the consent of the parents and…they have SECRET LAWS and ORDERS that can put someone in prison but don’t publish these or inform the parents about these regulations, rules and laws????


This is total tyranny!  Using sexual dysfunctional situations in order to create a new pile of laws and regulations that are legally SECRET is extremely destructive, this is how they build a police state.  Google and Facebook and other online Bilderberg gang operations do this, too.


They have all sorts of ‘rules’ but users are not allowed to know what these ‘rules’ are and can be summarily eliminated totally with no warning for ‘breaking rules’ no one ever sees.


Breaking borders: Biden is doing this deliberately.  He and his DC/mass media gangs are pretending there is no border crisis even as record numbers of illegal aliens openly invade and mayhem, murder, deaths and chaos is growing rapidly.


The gang in DC pretends, this is NORMAL.  So we have increasing draconian laws here in the US and Canada while at the same time no real laws we used for generations are being enforced as DNC cities turn into chaos and hell hole messes and the media giants and DC midgets all claim, ‘THIS IS NORMAL.’


Arrest them all, I say.


Now on to dying England. They, too, are being invaded.  They, too, are ruled by Bilderberg monsters who think we are all going to roast to death in between blizzards and tornadoes and other Cold Cycle hazards:



Yes, according to the BBC and others, we will cause the world to burn down if we toast marshmallows over an open fire.  These lunatics are insane!  They are openly trying to set us up to starve to death in freezing cold, a la Mad Madam Mao style.  They want to kill off most of us and rule the survivors in the cruelest ways possible.


Romanian TVee is a funny guy who grew up in a police state run by communist dictators:



This week in stupid is very funny.  The guy from Romania has a very droll sense of humor.  Do watch his entire video, I highly recommend it.  Here are more screen shots from his video like the one about banning BBQs:



I love how the black woman is wearing a wig made from hair grown on women’s heads in India!  Black women absolutely hate their natural hair which is shocking to me, frankly.  Indeed, that woman barely looks ‘black’ even her nose isn’t ‘black African’ nor is her chin, for that matter.  What?  HAHAHA.  She has this high cheekbone but so do my ‘white’ sisters.



This is the stupidest story about a stupid school that learned a smart teacher was asking too many questions.  Once upon a time, many eons ago, I made extra money in school, helping a professor process essays.  About half of these were nearly illiterate.  I was astonished, how terrible these were so we would get drunk and laugh while grading the papers!  HAHAHA.  I should have written ‘hahaha’ on some of these.  Questioning students today is criminal.


What?  Expect them to know anything at all?  Perish, the thought.  Brain dead is brain 100% DOA.  Don’t call any ambulances.



Above is a government official being honest.  HAHAHA.  He explained to reporters that the earlier hour for Covid-19 curfew was made by him just to annoy everyone!  Give him an award for being one of the very few truthful bureaucrats on earth.  Bravo, sir.  Bravo.



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22 responses to “More ‘Free’ Countries Are Imposing Secret Laws/Regulations On Citizens While Enabling Illegal Alien Invasions

  1. snoosebomb

    And we are fined and jailed [ covid ”hotel” ] for daring to leave the country and come back.
    BC has been relatively relaxed about C-19
    US/cdn border is closed and i expect it to be permanent , used to be nice to go hike Mt Baker area.

  2. lou

    Covid IS magic. It cured the common flu and a host of other more deadly diseases. It also killed millions without altering the overall mortality rate. Oh, and it destroyed the economy and democracy too. Far better than pulling rabbits out of a hat.

  3. snoosebomb

    Hey! i see NY state will be the first with covid passports , Elaine will be joining the Fascist minions

  4. Good lord. The reason other flues vanished is due to the shut down of society. Next year, it will be back. ALSO, back when the Hong Kong Flu happened and the Spanish flu happened, both vanished and weaker flues showed up instead.

    As I patiently point out, hyper flues happen roughly every 50 years.

    Also…there will always be an army of crazy people who make up goofy stuff. I don’t bother listening to them. Unlike them all, I had the Hong Kong flu very early on when it was at its most fatal form and barely survived, by the skin of my teeth.

    I also lost five teeth during that flu! It was horrible. I also lost the ability to recognize people I know when they are not where they belong…the part of the brain for that skill was damaged during the fever.

  5. lou

    No, covid appeared but theres no altering the overall mortality rate

  6. Jim R

    … unless you are an illegal alien. In that case, no passport of any kind, no vaxx, no testing PCR or otherwise, no quarantine hotel, no cost to the illegals, and no requirements at all.

    And that, dear children, is how the globalists will keep Covid alive to break out another ‘wave’.

  7. snoosebomb

    The reason other flues vanished is due to the shut down of society””

    WOW that’s really poor stuff , shutdowns just prolong outbreaks

    Look at texas , went back to normal no rise in cases.

    i am afraid U really do not have a conception of whats going on.

  8. Zeke

    Shilling for yer sponsor AGAIN ?

  9. AT

    Overall death rate did not increase.

    States that imposed no lockdown restrictions are no worse off.

    Complete jackassery now, with vaccinated people being forced to still wear masks despite scientific validation of 90% immunity conferred by said vaccination.

    Over a year of unnecessary constitutional restrictions without respect to their necessity, consistency or effectiveness, impacting not just the economy and the democratic voting process via willy-nilly mail-in-ballot harvesting, but religious freedom, travel freedom, freedom of assembly, etc.

    Without a constitutional amendment, none of these are constitutionally tenable after a year, even were this a true pandemic.

  10. Jim R

    As I patiently point out, hyper flues happen roughly every 50 years.

    And as some of your readers patiently point out, this is not the flu, nor has it ever lived up to the news stories about it. Overall death rate is not higher than previous years, the hospitals remained empty, bodies did not stack up.

    A small minority of people have distinctive symptoms of a new virus, symptoms which are easily treated by some very old cheap medicines (when they are not being banned), and some have died from those symptoms. Molecular biologists are having a worldwide cluster**** about it, but it ain’t the Spanish flu, nor even the Hong Kong flu.

    It’s more of a glorified cold. (please note that people occasionally die of a cold virus, too — if they are immunocompromised, etc.)


    ELAINE: It was much worse than the common cold. Each major flu/virus outbreaks kills particular populations. The Hong Kong flu, for example, hit young people very, very hard. It was deadly. Luckily for us all, the present disease mostly kills the elderly or people who are too fat, for example. Its kill rate for the elderly is above or around 10%. This is a high death rate since common flues kill less than 1%.

  11. Zeke

    Mitch McConnell said. “I would encourage all Republican men to do that … Take the vaccination.”

    “So there’s no good argument not to get the vaccination. I would encourage all men, regardless of party affiliation, to get the vaccination.”

  12. lou

    I found this—



  13. snoosebomb

    I’m a researcher. I focused my career on developing ways to maximize the probability of an outcome occurring. Usually I’m trying to maximize the potential for a vaccine to treat cancers or prevent infectious diseases.

    But if you were to ask me as a scientist, how would I design an experiment that would maximize our chance of generating a highly immuno evasive variant of the SARS coronavirus two?

    My answer would be essentially the exact way were rolling out these vaccines, precisely the way they’re rolling out these vaccines.

    And I just want to highlight this. So what do I mean by that, as a scientist, there’s kind of three key things that I would want in my experimental design if I wanted to maximize the chance of generating a variant that can evade all of our current COVID-19 vaccines.”’

  14. snoosebomb

    ”And as a consequence for the sake of global health, we absolutely need people to maintain faith in vaccines in general. We don’t want to see a resurgence of diseases such as tuberculosis, right? That are otherwise relatively well-controlled in most parts of the world.

    And so with that said, I just want to differentiate two terms we’ve been hearing a lot about during this pandemic:

    One is anti-vaxxers. And usually when that term is used, it’s often referring to people who tend to hold an extremely negative view of all vaccines, regardless of what the scientific data has to say about them.
    But I want to highlight that vaccine hesitancy is very, very different. And a lot of people who have the vaccine hesitancy are being made to feel very bad these days, right? ”

  15. Everyone can play Russian roulette with the Germ Community. Germs are very ancient forms of existence. They once lived openly in the global oceans back when the earth was very, very young. These critters now live inside the bodies of creatures who evolved, too. These germs now need the living populations of the planet.

    If anyone wishes to play this game with the Germ Community, go right ahead. If you lose, you die. Of course, most germs want you to live and be ‘sick’ but they sometimes evolve the wrong way and kill their hosts. The longest lived germ gene pools are the ones that don’t kill their hosts.

    This is why host killing germs are bad. They destroy their own environment! This isn’t good! They want to live inside other life forms, damn it!

  16. Jim R


    When did they come up with a tuberculosis vaccine?

    (also note that tuberculosis is a disease that is spread by illegal immigrants, and people living in unsanitary conditions generally)

  17. Jim R

    Never mind, I see that there has been one since 1921. But it is rarely given in the USA, because the disease is rare and the vaccine is crappy.

    Which brings us back around to the topic of crappy, untested vaccines for rare diseases…

  18. AT

    Lockjaw still kills 60,000 people a year, despite the ubiquitous tetanus vaccination.

    The bio-terrorist death cult that dropped this dud bio weapon and has most of the world leaders in its grip can keep spinning this one for as long as people put up with being ruled by a bio-terrorist death cult.

    No nation last long if it is ruled by those who hate it.

  19. People die of lock jaw due to getting the shots TOO LATE. And who dropped this latest ‘bio terror’ event?


  20. The Black Plague came from central Asia, too. Wuhan is on the western side of China near where all these diseases originate.

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