Watch Wicked Witch of the West, VP Harris, Cackle!

The WHITE HOUSE put up this video of Harris cackling at her ‘jokes’ about keeping children out of school and teachers happy at home in front of a teacher’s union event.  She is obviously deranged in some frightful way.  She and her boss, Biden, are pushing for an agenda that places illegal aliens above citizens!  They intend to keep these invaders so they can gain political power.



These illegal aliens have ten times higher rates of covid-19 infections than the US population at large.  Note how the DNC has concern for foreign students while has allowed teachers to openly refuse to do their jobs properly.  The Teachers Unions support Biden very, very heavily.



Politicians trying to record the chaos in the processing centers are told to not film anything by a Hispanic guard who is working for Biden and who wants to conceal these invaders who Biden intends to send to every city in the USA so they can ‘tip the scales’ in elections via voting illegally just like this last year.



Now Harris is supposed to be in charge of this invasion.  Then she said, she isn’t really.  I think these clowns have a dim idea they are doing treason.  I want them arrested, of course.  I said this frequently in the past.



I used to live on a ranch in southern Arizona.  I used guns to stop intruders.   I also did Search and Rescue and was one of the youngest to do this while still only 13 years old.  We had no ‘police’ and 50 years ago, I was the ‘law’ and could, at gun point, order adults around and secure them.


Actually, it was ten times more dangerous in Tucson when I lived next to University of Arizona!  We even had a shoot out with kidnappers back then!



And now the liberals who advised the President during the cornoavirus event are blaming Trump for the mass murders by DNC governors who refused Trump’s help and who then put sick elderly and even young people into nursing homes, spreading the disease rapidly there.  Blaming Trump for the illogical or messy things or evil and illegal things that happened: that is not talked about by these fiends.


Dr. Brix decided it is time to join the mobsters and she is a fool.  She is also now officially responsible for the mass deaths of more than 10,000 elderly patients.


Now on the Black Lives Ain’t Worth S…t:



Singer Pharrell Williams (left) has revealed that his cousin was the armed man who was fatally shot by Virginia Beach police during a chaotic night of gun battles in the street that left eight others wounded and a reality TV star dead.


I want to see that episode!  Sounds like a typical night in a DNC run hell hole!  Will give me happy memories of when NYC was being destroyed by drug gangs.  Sheesh.


Donovon W. Lynch, 25, (main) was killed on Friday night in a ‘police intervention shooting’ after officers responding to a pitched gun battle at a beachfront street party found him ‘brandishing a handgun’ (bottom right) which was recovered at the scene, police said.


Stupid people die stupid deaths.  You pull a gun, you better know what you are doing.  By the way, the only time I used a gun to arrest someone was when I was under the age of 16.  After that, I developed techniques to take down people without shooting them.


In a third nearby shooting incident, which is believed to be separate, former Bad Girls Club cast member Deshayla ‘Shay’ Harris, 29, (inset right) was killed by what is thought to be a stray bullet.


This reality TV will be a huge hit!  The hits go on and on and on!  Multiple hits!  Whoopee!


Three suspects (inset left) have been charged in the initial shootout that caused panic in the streets and drew police to the scene, and police have not yet determined whether Lynch fired any shots that night.


Pharrell, the Grammy-winning ‘Happy’ hitmaker, issued his demand for ‘justice’ in a gut-wrenching Instagram post on Monday, writing: ‘The loss of these lives is a tragedy beyond measure.’


The loss of those losers is no loss at all.  They had a typical end to typical out of control lives.  They created this and they had exactly what they should expect.  Dying via wild shooting is what these people do nonstop while whining about the police.


This is now utterly ridiculous.  Black Lives Do NOT Matter AT ALL.  They are utterly reckless and irresponsible.


Yes. we are seeing a crime wave in NYC. Under Giuliani, we saw a steady, wonderful fall in the rate of crimes. Black lives were saved by Giuliani.  Note how there is near zero gratitude for this!  Indeed, nothing pisses off black politicians more and the fact that Giuliani and Trump made black lives better.


Nope, they want full DNC control which leads to a very high death rate of crazy blacks killing each other for no reasons at all in between killing anyone or everyone around them, too.  Wonderful, isn’t this?  Paradise.


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4 responses to “Watch Wicked Witch of the West, VP Harris, Cackle!

  1. Zeke

    “I want to see that episode!” ( you won’t.)
    Reality has been cancelled. Only that which conforms to the script will be presented.

    The TV show “COPS” has been “cancelled”.
    “In June 2020, Paramount Network pulled the show from its schedule in response to George Floyd protestsagainst the killing of George Floydwhile in the custody of the Minneapolis, Minnesota Police Department,[8] and announced its cancellation days later.[9]”

    Another victim of the killing of G. F. Show was perceived as being biased in its choice of locations, depictions, and editing.
    Yet another victim of ‘cancel culture’.

    The spate of “reality TV” shows started in reaction to shortage of scripted shows because of the screen writers guild strike in Hollywood. Without scripts, producers went with the ‘real thing’ documentaries bypassing the screen writers guild. (along with bs shows like Survivor and Apprentice, etc.)

    Looks like we’ll only get what is ‘scripted’ from here on. Reality documentaries are too real, too harsh. You can’t handle the truth.

  2. ‘Cops’ showed cops being careful. It was good instruction about how to handle the public.

    The show did not focus on the really violent criminals, it was mostly traffic stops, etc. Other reality shows were about detectives figuring out murder events, for example. These were quite instructive for the public.

  3. Zeke

    ” ….. television program that ran for 33 seasons, premiering on the Fox network on March 11, 1989. The series followed city police officers and sheriff’s deputies, sometimes backed up by state police or other state agencies, during patrol, calls for service, and other police activities including prostitution and narcotic stings, and occasionally the serving of search/arrest warrants at criminal residences. Some episodes also featured federal agencies. The show assigned television camera crews to accompany them as they performed their duties. Its formula followed the cinéma vérité convention, which does not consist of any narration, scripted dialogue or incidental music/added sound effects, depending entirely on the commentary of the officers and on the actions of the people with whom they come into contact, providing viewers with a fly on the wall point of view. Each episode typically consisted of three self-contained segments which often ended with one or more arrests.”

    IMO, the show’s embedded crew were perceived as presenting police in too favorable a light, being police friendly, in the current atmosphere of skepticism, criticism, and downright anti-police sentiment.

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