False Fauci and Bimbo Brix Attack Trump, Lie With Biden About Wuhan Flu

Fauci and Brix both are running about, telling everyone they were the people who pushed for shutting down Kennedy Airport, etc. at the beginning of the epidemic.  People who actually watched the news closely and reported the news like myself, knows this is false.  Trump pushed for swift actions immediately while those two dithered just like so many others.  Both are Democrats, by the way.  The messes created by the DNC gang are growing worse and worse by the hour!  Media giants can’t cover this up anymore, it is explosive and dangerous: foreign invaders are now pouring into the country!


This is increasingly unpopular with voters.  Of course, the army of illegal alien voters who voted with no proof of citizenship in 2020 wanted the Democrats to run things so more can invade!  Duh!  They were quite open about this.  These illegal aliens are replacing blacks in the job and housing markets.  As a proportion of the population, blacks are at the same percentage as 50 years ago.


The Hispanic population has skyrocketed.  Mainstream media refuses to talk about all this.  They focus on ‘bad white male’ news.



This video above isn’t about the topic of Biden blaming Trump for his own open border mess he deliberately created.  This, alone, is reason to impeach him.  He isn’t taking any responsibility for his own actions!  The DNC tried to impeach Trump on trumped up charges they made up.


Inviting an army of aliens to invade, on the other hand has a name: TREASON.  I keep pointing this out, it is obvious to me.  Of course, citizens are warned, they cannot call invaders ‘invaders’.  We aren’t even supposed to use the words, ‘illegal aliens’, too.  They keep on trying to create a name for the invaders that disguises them as much as possible.


This is simple: TREASON.


Now, in California, teachers are being ordered to come to the invasion shelters to teach the children of the invaders while at the same time, teachers who normally work for citizen’s children are not allowed into the classrooms due to the coronavirus event.  This is utter insanity!  Especially since the coronavirus infection rate is ten times higher in the illegal alien invader shelters compared to citizen’s own children.



The White House made it perfectly clear: US citizens whose children are not allowed to see any teachers should shut up, he thinks it is very important that foreign invader’s children be taught in person because he intends to release all of them into our population, deliberately.


The US police are being hamstrung now as they fight dangerous black criminals who resist arrest violently or shoot at cops, etc.  Now, if the violent criminals die for any reasons, the cops are examined closely and then can end up in prison.  Who on earth wants to be a cop now?  No one sane.


So black thugs have a green light in DNC states to be maliciously violent and to do horrible things to innocent people and they think this is OK because only black thug lives matter.  They mistakenly think that Hispanics are going to let black criminals run riot, forever.  Nope.


The Hispanics don’t like this at all and will stop this when they gain enough collective powers.  The Asian community is law and order, very much.  But vote DNC because of the desire for more immigration.  I am not against Asians immigrating.  I am against populations that are violent, immigrating here and being violent.


Asians come here and open stores and train to be doctors, etc.  Their children do very, very well in schools.  Many other entrants to the country from other cultures do the opposite and schools deteriorate instead of improve.  But both are in a political alliance which the DNC built up.  This also will lead to some interesting events as the DNC supporters who are the violent minorities end up looting and burning and destroying Asian businesses.



Steven Crowder has been running detective stories covering the voter frauds in Nevada.  He proved that many, many ‘voters’ had no real addresses but were lying, totally and might even not be in the state at all.  So YouTube/Google went to work and banned him again!  He is suing, of course.



The Daily Wire is very interested in this story because the SJW mob at YouTube/Google want very much to get rid of the Daily Wire.  This is where the banned actress, Gina Carano went when she was fired and annihilated by the SJW mob for making a joke that pointed out that the SJW mob are really Nazis.  So Shapiro hired her and she is now a producer for their shows.   So the Disney/Mainstream media giants/DNC/SJW mobs are out to annihilate the Daily Wire which has lawyers on call just like Louder With Crowder.


These lawyers intend to go forwards with First Amendment rights and violations of contracts, etc.  YouTube is very communistic now, the censors there will not tell anyone what the rules are nor do they inform anyone as to why they are being punished, too.  This is typical of communists.



Disney demanded YouTube prevent anyone from downvoting their dumb videos.  So YouTube changed the rules so Disney can pretend their garbage is edible.  I have disliked Disney since around 1960.  Back then, their cartoons became uglier and uglier so I disliked them more and more.


HAHAHA.  You go, dog!  Good boy.


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