Corrupt DNC Teacher’s Union of NYC Is Refusing To Reopen Schools Even After Vaccinations!


The feisty crew at the New York Post continue to jab at the mayor of NY and the Governor of my state, both of whom are criminals.  Perhaps they can do something useful like OPEN NYC SCHOOLS!  Upstate, our schools are functioning just fine now.  Not in NYC.  Everything is screwed up there due to it being totally run by SJW Democrats and illegal aliens.  Not to mention all those weirdo people who have all sorts of strange ways of living and who hate normal schools, too.  All fo them are united in keeping schools closed for various reasons.


Meanwhile, This liberal publication pretends the notorious Teacher’s Union of NYC isn’t responsible for the schools remaining closed even though all the teachers have been vaccinated!


The NY Post is going after the Teacher’s Union again.  I went against them way back in 1980 when I started ‘Save Our Schools: SOS.’  They are very entrenched, very nasty and are totally OK with nonfunctional schools.  The coronavirus event has made things infinitely worse.  The Teacher’s Union is a huge power inside the DNC machine and is why the DNC is now so utterly corrupted.


Public-school closures do harm poor students at a depressingly disproportionate rate. Their parents can’t afford tutors and often lack the technology required to successfully complete classwork at home. A January study estimated that if schools were to close for a full year, high-school freshmen living in the poorest communities would experience “a 25 percent decrease in their post-educational earning potential.” Wealthy students would likely experience no such loss at all, it added.


Schools need to reopen, but the process is complicated by problems created by years of underfunding, not by teachers unions. The CDC guidelines say it’s “critical” for schools to open, and stay open, as soon as possible. But they have to do so safely, the guidelines add — a caveat that Abramsky and Trump Jr., have both ignored. The virus-mitigation strategies the CDC recommends aren’t possible in all school buildings: Social distancing can be impossible in some, and adequate ventilation remains a serious concern.


My own rural schools barely paused for the virus and by this year, have been open and running normally.  All the teachers who wanted to be vaccinated, are vaccinated.  In NYC, the teachers are REFUSING to be vaccinated.  They want the schools closed forever while they sit at resorts, collecting paychecks and being fake teachers online, unsuccessfully.


My local political hot ready to go upwards politician is Congresswoman Elise Stefanik!   She is in the news today due to the possibility she could be our governor!  I hope NY is saved!  She would be fantastic as governor, too.  She is very brave and has seen literal warfare as well as working to save Trump from the DNC Bilderberg gang in DC, too.  Her work at the impeachment farce was fantastic.  I totally endorse her and would love to see her as governor, too.


Rep. Elise Stefanik is receiving “encouragement” from supporters across the state as she considers whether to mount a gubernatorial bid in New York in 2022, with advisers saying she is “not ruling anything out,” Fox News has learned.

Stefanik, whose congressional district represents Watertown, Plattsburgh and Glenn Falls, is getting support “from all corners of the state” according to her senior adviser Alex DeGrasse. The strong response comes added DeGrasse because Stefanik “would immediately be the strongest Republican candidate in both a primary and general gubernatorial election.”


The four-term congresswoman “continues to set records as the most prolific New York Republican fundraiser ever in state history consistently earning the strongest performance at the ballot box cycle after cycle on Election Day,” DeGrasse added, “She appreciates the widespread encouragement and is not ruling anything out – nor will she make her decision based on others’ timetables.”


Zeldin, a staunch ally of former President Trump and a four-term lawmaker who represents the state’s 1st Congressional District in the eastern half of Long Island, made his announcement in a live interview on “Fox and Friends.”


“I’m running for governor of New York in 2022,” Zeldin said on “Fox & Friends.” “We are going to win this race.”


Both Republicans served in the military.  The one with the best chance of winning though, is Stefanik.  She has national and international recognition from her days at the Trump Impeachment Trial in the House.  She was superb, grilling the Democrats, grilling witnesses, talking sense to the press which resented this greatly.


The Democrats are terrified of Stefanik. They cannot find anything wrong with her at all.  They can’t even make up stuff because she is Snow White and I laughed at her dealing with the Wicked Witch and the dwarfs in the media.


New York is a state captured by illegal aliens in the pay of the DNC leaders in Congress.  They rely on this illicit voter base to maintain power and to keep the base happy, they hand out money to them all.  This is bankrupting NYC and NY state.


Biden gang blames shorter lifespans of blacks and Hispanics on RACISM, not constant violence and crime by both groups!


Racism is a ‘serious public health threat,’ the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday, becoming the largest U.S. health agency to identify the longstanding problem as such.


‘Racism’ isn’t killing many except perhaps racist blacks and Hispanics attacking Asians and whites!  This business of blaming all of us for all that ails ‘blacks and Hispanics’ is pure raw politics of the most racist sort.  These populations have problems and all of these cause caused by them making certain personal choices.


On Thursday, the CDC launched a new initiative to address the effects of racism, saying the life expectancy of ‘non-Hispanic/Black Americans’ is four years lower than that of their white counterparts.


Many of them eat too much!  Being grossly overweight, kills.  Overweight whites die early, too.  Being male means dying earlier than similar females, too!  Why isn’t this sexism?  How dare the Grim Reaper do this.


‘Racism – both interpersonal and structural – negatively affects the mental and physical health of millions of people, preventing them from attaining their highest level of health, and consequently, affecting the health of our nation,’ the CDC said on its website.


The only ‘structural racism’ I see is DNC rulers making separate rules for ‘minorities’ so they can do worse on tests for schools and jobs and still ‘win’ over smarter, better prepared ‘whites’ and ‘Asians’ who have to do super-well on tests, for example.  Blacks merely have to get a passing grade, not compete with other races.  THIS IS RACISM and operates so that blacks get a free pass while whites and Asians have to wait at the back of the bus.


CDC figures show that Black and Hispanic Americans are around three times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid-19 and around two times more likely to die from the virus than white Americans.


Rather than genetics, factors known as ‘social determinants’ of health are to blame, scientists say. These non-medical factors include where people are born, their level of education and their access to housing and basic amenities.


Whites with the same problems…OVERWEIGHT and with diabetes and other health issues also die in greater numbers than healthy people.  True, living in HELL HOLE DNC CITIES has a much higher mortality rate and this is due to these places being turned into hell holes.


Biden talks about all this yesterday and he talked like this:


Meanwhile, where we have poor black women living and driving fancy cars, a bunch of them decided to beat up the FEMALE white postal worker because she didn’t give them the Biden Goodies Money he promised them all.  And all of us, it appears.  Only the leftist black want double this money due to ‘slavery’ 150 years ago.


BRUTAL: Female Postal Worker Viciously Beaten in Flint, Michigan Over Delayed Stimulus Checks (VIDEO)


Not to be outdone by Biden, Cuomo pushed through this:

Excuse me!  Illegal aliens should be DEPORTED!!!!  Not paid to stay at my tax expense.  This is absurd.  Arrest all DNC politicians and charge them with looting the taxpayers and allowing an invasion of illegal aliens at our borders which the DNC refuses to protect!!!!


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8 responses to “Corrupt DNC Teacher’s Union of NYC Is Refusing To Reopen Schools Even After Vaccinations!

  1. Are we just going to focus on `preserving the fatherland for the master race,’ while the Fed openly inflates everything?

  2. Ken

    Of course the teachers in New York don’t want to go back in the classroom. For the same reason Elaine took her kids out. Any school with a majority black enrollment is highly dangerous. White children are particularly at risk, but so are the teachers. I’m sure that the white children are quite happy with the current arrangement. Just like the teachers.

    This is not a complicated matter. It’s just politically incorrect to acknowledge what everybody knows.

  3. Zeke

    ‘The Fed’ = The Bubble Factory


    Parents sending their children to “‘inner city”‘ schools are guilty of committing child abuse.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths the DNC machine will go to hide from reality and admit, ALL DNC run hell hole cities are hell holes because of ‘school integration’ which led to all cities being ‘schools for black children only’ and these being hell holes that teach only how to be a criminal!

    This is ridiculous, I gave speeches about this way back in 1980 and that was 40 effing years ago!!! This is INSANE and utterly obvious at the same time.

    Everyone knows this inside the DNC and they love this!


    These hell hole cities are their power base that votes nearly 100% DNC. DUH.

  5. Zeke

    Currently in the ‘news’ is the mourning for the overdose death of cultural spokesperson and entertainer DMX.
    Promoted by Hollywood Elites, advertised by Madison Avenue Elites, financed by Wall Street Elites, the exaggerated angry Black Man trope has an almost exclusive fan base of purchases by suburban White Youth.
    ‘In the hood’ and ‘in the burbs’ his fan base wants to emulate his synthetic presented ‘lifestyle’ complete with drug use, rebellion, and misogyny.

    “DMX was the father of 15 children from nine different women.”

    In some ‘communities’ there are no fathers; only “baby daddies”. No adult supervision; the spawn age rather than mature or grow up. The offspring are feral. This is the raw material input of ‘inner city’ school systems.
    The school systems are dangerous way-stations on the road to the prison systems.
    This intentionally promoted ‘lifestyle’ which is more a death spiral, has metastasized from the hood to the burbs.

  6. lou

    7–what about the killing of 5 by the footballer?

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