Pennsylvania Court Proves DNC CHEATING In Election Using Corrupted Computer Motherboards


Even monkeys could run a better voting system than the DNC gang.  The picture above shows a computer expert at work proving there was no cheating in the election, it was just a bunch of monkeys toying with computers who changed the election results, not Democrats.  Monkeys are dangerous!  They are smarter than Biden, too!  Maybe we should have monkeys run our country, they would do a much better job than AOC or Biden…and Kamala Harris, for that matter.  Meanwhile, mainstream media refuses to report ANY legal news about this election that featured nonstop cheating by Democrats!  Here is the latest LEGAL news that should be front page news:


This HUGE news is officially ‘NO NEWS’ at Bilderberg mainstream media misinformation sites!



Below is the legal documents to this case clearly showing rampant cheating in the previous election and how the DNC gang ‘ran out the clock’ on vote verification deliberately so they could steal the election in Pennsylvania:


Click to access collective_response_to_motions_for_protective_order_040921.pdf


It is hair raising legal news, this should be front page news but like all real news, will be buried and ignored by globalist media giants and Congress and Biden and so forth.  So far, NO ONE is allowed to discuss this important LEGAL news on You Tube or Twitter, etc.  ‘There was no cheating in the election’ is the mainstream story and the Bilderberg online businesses are enforcing their rule of ‘no discussion of the election is allowed’.  They trumpeted for months that there was no cheating and now they are cornered: JUDGES FOUND CHEATING HAPPENED.  Yet again, no less!


Arrest all the owners of online ‘news/discussion’ sites that lied about this election, openly lied, stopped all discussion about these lies and now censors anyone discussing these lies.  They are CRIMINALS who coordinated with the DNC to stage an open COUP, stealing an election is a GRAVE CRIME.  Arrest them all.


Right now, the same obnoxious criminal crews are attacking Ted Cruz with intense ferocity as he defends our borders and they flood the US with invading aliens who are destroying our country systematically:



When Boehner ran the GOP, I hated the GOP.  I would vote third party than vote for the GOP.  I then voted for Trump and signed on with the GOP when he ran for office!  Boehner goes to the secret Bilderberg meetings and conspires with foreign powers to exploit and destroy our country!  He is a traitor.



Boehner is an open traitor who hates our CONSTITUTION, too!



He wants to work with the DNC gang to destroy our Constitution.  Already, they are attacking the First and Second Amendments which my own ancestors thought were the most important issues for the Constitution to address aside from designing how the chambers of power operate, etc.  The Amendments addressed all sorts of issues particularly ones applied to the general population.


No where in Europe does anyone have the right to arm themselves.  Europe still has massive murders including religious warfare openly applied to helpless populations who can only cower or scream and run when attacked by foreign invaders, for example!  Nor can they discuss who these invaders are, either!!!  No ‘free speech’ for them!


You can be arrested in Europe if you say the wrong things.  I was arrested there for saying the wrong things back in 1968 so I have first hand experience in this matter!  All of this is deadly serious.  We now live in a country where authorities who are Democrats are unable to correctly count votes in elections nor can they register or run voting with out cheating outright and openly.


And these same monsters want to disarm us and prevent us from talking about all this which is why big shot, evil monsters running YouTube, Google, Facebook, Titter, etc. are all united in preventing any discussion about how their DNC buddies cheated in this last election!  They are all in collusion with each other to prevent us from learning about cheating and seeing COURT CASES about them cheating, etc.  This is so monstrous, it is also extremely infuriating!


And all of these monsters are surrounded by armed guards who protect them as they despoil our country!


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12 responses to “Pennsylvania Court Proves DNC CHEATING In Election Using Corrupted Computer Motherboards

  1. snoosebomb

    We NEED a catastrophic failure of science, and C-19 response might do it , to end faith in these governments and the AGW scam.

    The price of freedom is blood .

  2. lou

    3–o m g…2 camps here, us ‘stupid’ anti covid vaccine folks, and Elaine, who seems to be alone in believing in this pandemic.


    ELAINE: This is because I am sane. Also, healthy.

  3. AT

    I see no court ruling.

    The meat and potatoes of the case is here:

    Click to access ex_5-10.pdf

    Basically Deperno shows conclusively (IMO) that the voting machines are crappy, too many ballots get rejected for hand “adjudication” by officials with no paper trail once they decide what the ballot “really” voted. 68% of ballots were adjudicated in some instances. FEC calls for a fraction of 1%.

    He shows conclusively that the security protocols were crappy, the admin password was not secure and every single user was given the admin password to do basic things. Shady IP links to Taiwan and Germany. Etc.

    He shows conclusively that his team was stonewalled and didn’t get all the discovery it needed to examine much more.

    He shows conclusively that officials erased and tried to erase records.

    In short, there is no smoking gun.

    Except in Antrim County Michigan where 125% of the population voted. There he shows presumptive fraud, if true.

    But again this is one side of the case and no court trial or ruling yet.

  4. AT


  5. Zeke

    This article is fakakta.

  6. AT

    It’s not fake; just overblown at this point given the evidence.

  7. Zeke

    That’s not what fakakta means. Look it up.
    “‘Well, I tell you I’m a crazy guy, I really am, I’m just really crazy,” Giuliani continued.’

    Wondering if Giuliani will cop a plea similar to Kraken Lady – of ya gotta be a stone cold moron to believe me.

    It’s all fun and games until somebody files a lawsuit.

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