Court of Appeals Agrees: The DNC Used Dominion Computer Programming To Cheat In Last Election


We already know that the entire DNC leadership is now all about NO ‘law and order’.  On the contrary, they want their vision of hell hole cities which are utterly destructive but politically, extremely useful, to extend to the ‘red’ parts of the voting map: rural America.  Rural America is now being LITERALLY invaded by an army of illegal aliens being deliberately and secretly shipped to small towns which are then forced to give them welfare money and other services which these towns cannot do, this is what cities do.  Being forced by Democrats who have little to no political support in ‘Red State America’ to spend money on illegal aliens a lot of whom are diseased or will end up in gangs…this is INTOLERABLE and may lead to open INSURRECTION.


I used to live in the open range near the border of Mexico when I was growing up so I have a good idea what happens in these situations.  Many years ago, we were ordered by the Democrats to take down ‘trespassers will be shot’ signs.  Step by step, the right to defend property was removed.  Now, the DNC is tying the hands of the police to the point, they cannot function anymore.


All DNC hell hole cities feature cops who let crime roar along because they are punished if they go after obvious criminals!  This is ridiculous and insane and destructive.  To gain power to do this to us, the DNC cheats in elections.  The mainstream Bilderberg media giants joined the DNC to sneer at us, the last election was the most ‘fair’ and had ZERO cheating which is a bald faced lie.


The coup creeps are now aiming at the court system so they can flood it with an army of SJW judges who come from hell hole schools that are collapsing due to radical leftists destroying everything in their paths.  These ‘new’ judges will be anti-rule of law and pro-feeling good, letting leftist criminals run riot while imposing severe punishments on anyone who politically defies the Regime.


People continue to sue in court over the previous election and in this case, won.  They proved that the DNC openly conspired to cheat.  Click here for entire PDF file of the court case about blatant DNC vote cheating systems during the previous election:




The DNC computer experts used this key to change how the COMPUTERS used for voting in some districts, to program these to overcount the number of votes for Biden while erasing Trump votes.  The clue here is, in ALL these states and voting districts using the Dominion (obvious evil name) computers did the same thing: 125% voter turnout which is impossible.



Note that this happened uniformly in only places using the Dominion cheating machines.



The judge in this case is amazed at the level of cheating.  The judge also notes that the criminals in the DNC cheating machine were obviously cheating but they covered this up by calling cheating, ‘an incident’ instead of identifying it as deliberate fraud.



Note in particular, ‘consistently…exeeding county population demographics…’

Note how all had a near perfect match with each other, too, in registration keys.




The judge agreed with the plaintiffs that yes, there was cheating and yes, computers were designed and programmed to cheat and therefore…hello!  WE HAD MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD IN THIS ELECTION.  This is treason.  Arrest the DNC leaders.  Arrest Biden and Harris, too.


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10 responses to “Court of Appeals Agrees: The DNC Used Dominion Computer Programming To Cheat In Last Election

  1. Petruchio

    “Time for a Black Supreme Court Justice”. These people are more Racist than any group they despise. They don’t care. So e live in a Country that has a quota system when it comes to hiring employees. God forbid any Objective qualifications should be considered. This points out one of the real problems when you hire based on Gender and/or Racial quotas. The people getting these jobs never consider getting any REAL qualifications. They don’t need to.

  2. Jim R

    Who will arrest these miscreants? Military officers, who have sworn to defend the Constitution? US Marshalls? Red county sheriffs in corrupted states? Citizens in self-organized committees?

  3. KHS71

    Why do they want Breyer to retire? I would think that they would be after Thomas. He’s black and a conservative. You’re right, they are the most bigoted and racist group. It’s all about power and corruption. I suggest that Janice Rogers Brown if they are looking for a black women to serve on the Supreme Court. Maybe she would come out of retirement.

  4. Elaine, It’s me, Hal Brown from the old days of The NY Times comments and my visiting you from Massachusetts. I posted a story on Daily Kos which referenced you (not by name). You can find it on my blog halbrown dot org … I’d like to catch up with you. Much has changed in my life. It is great to see you are still active online.

  5. AT

    Right but that was one County. The discovery goes on to show that the other counties didn’t cheat. Basically, Antrim County has some criminals who defrauded the vote. But, one County does not steal a Presidential election.

    I’m not saying there wasn’t more cheating, and maybe it rose to a much higher level, but there hasn’t been any smoking gun evidence yet.

    Has it occurred to you that sometimes lawyers press cases in order to lose them, by shanking the evidence they present? Then the matter is “decided”.

  6. Zeke

    Let’s hope they don’t coddle this damn fool.
    He believed the Big Lie. Now he’ll pay the price.

  7. lou

    6..meanwhile terrorists, rioters, blacks walk free. slap on wrist.

  8. I took a look at that linked pdf. I’m no expert, but it looks to me as though whoever wrote it doesn’t know what an algorithm is.

  9. Zeke

    ‘He said he would lay down his life for Trump, and wrote that he wanted to “lock the swamp rat tyrants in the capitol and burn the place to the ground.”’

  10. Joseph E. Kelleam

    Whadda crock.

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