NY Post: Black LIES Matter As Black Con Artists Use Dead Criminals To Enrich Themselves


Black LIES Matter!  The scandal of the looting by Marxist leftist radical blacks is just beginning.  Mainstream media is resisting this story because they pushed this con game, themselves, BIG TIME.  All the DNC pushed this stupid con game which I recognized as a con game way back last spring when I did NOT join the chorus condemning the police way back then.  I WAS RIGHT.  And no surprise, either!  I knew the Black Panthers, for example, way back in the 1960’s.  This is so ridiculous and so obvious and doesn’t surprise me one bit, either.


This is 100% the fault of the DNC gangsters and the mainstream media Bilderberg gangsters.  Together, they looted corporations which pumped a billion dollars into an obvious con game pulled by people who had been arrested in the past for various crimes.  Well, SURPRISE: many of the DNC/mainline media are…CRIMINALS…too!  HAHAHA.  Obviously.



The con game continues, the DNC is now debating giving billions and billions to anyone who can claim they are ‘black’ and who ‘suffered from slavery.’  This is absurd.  These criminals will bankrupt the country, handing out goodies to illegal aliens, blacks who immigrated here recently like some of them in Congress, for example, the huge funds for public housing and welfare fed to black families who suddenly gave up working or marrying, we paid all this already.


And they want more!  One of the big cons by blacks in the past and in the present was public housing: mostly, violent black families that are broken families, live there.  Why is that?


They are very, very violent.  Anyone else trying to live in public housing will be robbed and killed and certainly abused nonstop.  I saw all this, first hand.  The most dangerous place in NYC public housing is the elevator.  This is where the crime rate would shoot upwards, immensely.  Gangs of idle blacks hang out in the lobbies and then enter the elevator when the victims step in and then punch the top floor only and have a long ride upwards, whereby they can rob the victims, for example.



So, millions of illegal aliens are also invading.  They, too, want money from us so they blame us for everything.  Many of these invaders are so fat, they are waddling.  The young males aren’t fat, yet.  They look ready to go to business and we know how dangerous that is!



And Biden’s gangster Democrat crooks are demanding we send billions to countries that are literally invading us, too!  I remember the Roman Empire.  Guess what?


They paid roaming hordes of migrating people (as the climate cooled from the Roman Warm Cycle) to either stay out or work the great estates of the wealthy Romans.  This opened the door to looting and burning of all of Western Rome.  This is what happened next.  Exactly like today.


Goofy DNC Governor Witless Whitmer demands more vaccinations for the inner city populations:


Officials in Michigan are reporting more than 7,000 new infections per day, seven times the number reported per day in early February.


“I made the case for a surge strategy,” Whitmer had said of her conversation with the president, adding that she’s disappointed he won’t fulfill her request. “At this point, that’s not being deployed but I am not giving up.”


“I’ve talked to a number of my colleagues, a lot of my fellow governors. They’re very worried about what they’re seeing in their numbers. Michigan often has been on the front end of the surges and that could be the case here, and that’s why it’s so important that we surge vaccines into hot spots. And I’ll continue fighting for that.”


Michigan has a gigantic army of idle/difficult/needing more welfare money for the army of out-of-wedlock babies needs more vaccinations!  Biden simply continued what Trump put together.  He passively let things go the way Trump set up things.  So complaining to Biden is useless.  The man doesn’t give a damn.


Here are some reader’s comments:


  1. Its called a double standard. Joe could murder the Pope, and give 3 Trillion to North Korea and the media would praise him for outstanding leadership and compassion.

2. Exactly right. In spite of how often she went out of her way to vilify Trump, he still accommodated her requests for help. That woman from Michigan didn’t care to acknowledge how good she had it last year with federal assistance. Now Biden denies, and she’s merely “disappointed”.

3. Exactly, the democrats and the liberal stream media heads would have blown clean off their shoulders. Biden… nothing to see here. Consider she was on Joey’s two fingers short list for VP due to her outstanding leadership skills. Do we still have a media or have they all officially moved to the Democrat Propaganda Wing?


The DNC gang is deliberately releasing 50 illegal aliens a day in towns with less than 1,000 US citizens!


On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit,” National Guard Association Chairman Michael McGuire said that due to crowding in migrant facilities, Customs and Border Protection are releasing “up to 50 personnel per day” into communities “that have less than a thousand people in them. And that creates a humanitarian and a public health crisis for these very, very rural and under-resourced communities.”


This is a deliberate attack on GOP red state voters.


McGuire said, “I believe it’s safe to say that they are looking for loopholes to take advantage of this, and the time is becoming so crowded in the facilities that Customs and Border Protection are releasing, in some of our more rural communities, up to 50 personnel per day that are either adults or family units into the communities that have less than a thousand people in them. And that creates a humanitarian and a public health crisis for these very, very rural and under-resourced communities.”


Our town has slightly over 1,000 people.  We have no ambulance service, no hospitals or doctors, no police, nothing.  We care for ourselves.  Including shooting criminals, if they try to rob us, for example.


Rules Are for the Little People: Gov. Whitmer’s Top Aide Defies Gov’s Travel Warnings to Hit Florida Beaches and Post Pics Online – Then lashes Out at Breitbart After She’s Caught


Back to Witless Whitmer and her gang: arrest them all.


Arrest all Democrats running Portland, OR.

And this is the definition of ‘stupid as a rock.’  These idiots should be demonstrating against black lies because BLACK LIES MATTER as I said at the beginning of this very long article at Culture of Life News.


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3 responses to “NY Post: Black LIES Matter As Black Con Artists Use Dead Criminals To Enrich Themselves

  1. lou

    I saw the photos of her house. Topanga, near Malibu, is White.

    Im surprised EMS has not posted about the broke footballer who killed 5. he even killed the gardener.


    ELAINE: if only you read ALL the stuff I post here you would realize, I DID cover that story.

  2. KHS71

    If you could not see through this scam last year you were emotionally blind. Just like the Lincoln Project scam that was being run. Just another thug group supported by the DNC. The black KKK.

  3. lou

    off topic..China Inc,

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