Black Criminals Love Looting/Burning Cities, Any Excuse Will Do


Black Loot Matters strikes again.  The normal level of chaos and crime in hell hole DNC cities continues unabated in these voter strongholds that is exploited by super rich DNC gangsters.  In between looting our entire country in various interesting ways, the voter base for all this runs literally riot at the drop of a hat.  I keep pointing out, ‘BLM’ is all about and ONLY about protecting career criminals who are systematically destroying black neighborhoods which is where they live and loot and kill.  These violent lunatics drape themselves with the ‘racist’ mantle while they go around, looting, killing and burning cities!!!  THIS IS INSANE.


I know that community from inside.  I know how the looters operate.  Like hawks, they survey the situations and it doesn’t take much of anything to set them off.  For crying out loud, simply a thunderstorm blasting Con Edison in NYC and causing a city-wide blackout led to massive looting and burning of huge hunks of the black communities in the city.  From Coney Island to the South Bronx: the looters and arsonists attacked relentlessly that night and for several days afterwards.


The DNC leaders did NOTHING.  The mayor even went on TV, to my great rage, and said, ‘Nothing happened.’  A friend of mine had to shoot and kill a looter to prevent him and his lunatic buddies, attacking the store his mother owned and operated.  None of this made the news!



One rather cynical comment to the story about the latest looting expedition: ‘Hitting Foot Locker first to get better traction while undocumented shopping – expert level looters!’


Another cynic replied: ‘It must be spring again – the perpetualy-offended are back on the streets. Nothing quite says ‘peaceful protest’ as well as the smell of burning stores and the sound of newly-acquired Nikes running in the streets.’


Another in the army of cynics tired of the excuses for looting: ‘Looks like they received reperations early.’


Here is just a few examples of last summer’s many, many DNC hell hole city riots based on criminals demanding cops not arrest or fight or shoot obvious violent criminals!



Here is why shootings with criminals is a proper response by police:



Authorities on Friday released a mugshot of 39-year-old Omar Felix Cueva, whom the state police chief indicated had a “violent criminal history that included drug trafficking and other felonies” in California.


A state police official on Friday provided ABC-7 with a lengthy list of Cueva’s convictions. It showed his first arrest at age 13 for vandalism, repeated drug possession in his teens and drug trafficking at 21, culminating in possession with intent to distribute crystal meth at age 29.


The complete list of crimes for which he was found guilty included:

  • 06/1994 Vandalism
  • 06/2000 Possession of a controlled substance
  • 09/2001 Possession of Controlled substance
  • 10/2002 Importation of a controlled substance
  • 4/2004 Importation of Cocaine
  • 8/2006 Fictitious Check, False check, Burglary
  • 3/2007 Probation Violation
  • 3/2008 Import of a controlled substance
  • 9/2010 Possession with intent of Crystal Meth or ICE


Cueva shot and killed 28-year-old Officer Darian Jarrott during a traffic stop on Thursday in Deming along Interstate 10 and drove off, authorities said. It sparked a chase that ended in a highway shootout 30 miles later in Las Cruces, during which Cueva died.


U.S. Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Leticia Zamarripa indicated their investigation was “targeting transnational criminal organizations” operating in New Mexico and Texas, but she declined to elaborate further on the specifics of Thursday’s probe that led to the deadly traffic stop.


This murderous monster was working with  ILLEGAL ALIENS who cross the border illegally frequently on drug runs!!!!  He was operating with them, being Hispanic, himself.  I know Las Cruces, like where I grew up, it is near the Mexican border.  This illegal alien was heading back to Mexico when the police cornered him and killed him.  This is why cops kill criminals!  All the criminals have to do is SURRENDER.  But today, they are encouraged to resist arrest, to fight for as long as possible.


Meanwhile, the DNC leaders run off to fancy luxury yachts and palaces to chat with each other and figure out how to destroy the rest of us via the ‘global warming’ hoax:


Blast from the Past: 2017 when all the celebrity and famous Bilderberg lunatics where screaming at Trump about ‘global warming’…


Four of the coolest Americans alive hung out at a party in French Polynesia without the rest of us.


Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Springsteen, and Tom Hanks all gathered on a 450-foot yacht off the coast of Tahiti on Monday for what we can only imagine was the coolest vacation of all time.


The famous quartet (along with former first lady Michelle Obama) boarded a luxury yacht called the Rising Sun for an island-hopping tour of French Polynesia. They went for lunch on Vanilla Island, made a stop at Le Taha’a Island, and will continue on to Bora Bora. The trip will end at The Brando, a luxury resort where Obama has stayed for the past three weeks while working on his White House memoirs.


Just this week, in APRIL, blizzards blanketed Europe:



Ice floes and snow in Valencia, SPAIN:



Turkey, of all places, had yet another BLIZZARD, too!!!  Also, in the Arabian/Egyptian deserts, more floods:



Baseball sized hail this week in Alabama!



Yelling about ‘global warming’ while sailing about on mega-yachts, the super rich avoid danger zones even as all the earth gets much colder and more bad weather on the way.  This bizarre behavior is a sign that our ruling elites are utterly insane and should be locked in a looney ward!  Or simply arrested and charged with crimes against humanity.


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10 responses to “Black Criminals Love Looting/Burning Cities, Any Excuse Will Do

  1. Petruchio

    Sometimes taking note of what is NOT there is more revealing than what IS there. One thing to note that is not there is ANY action by Our President in Title Only, Sleepy Joe Biden. A number of Major Cities in the Country are being gutted and what does our alleged Prez do? Promote the LGBTQ Agenda and promote gun control. Nothing about the Cities being destroyed. This should be Biden’s Major Priorities, as in he spends time on the subject every week–and more days than one per week. Instead, Biden slavishly serves his–mostly Jewish–owners. The USA is turning in to a Banana Republic.

  2. KHS71

    Saw a item on TV yesterday. They have changed the definition of reparations. Instead of just slavery reparations (1865), it will now include reparations for all the Jim Crow laws (1865-1960), and then for all the wealth gaps and mass incarceration of blacks (1960-2020). This way even the blacks who did not have an ancestor who was a slave can receive reparations. Such as Barack Obama and others. Also all the other immigrants, Asians and Hispanics, who have come here will now owe blacks reparations. Moving to goal posts again. What a racket. I’m glad I am 67 but worry about my grandchildren and what they will face.

  3. Zeke

    What they don’t realize or don’t care is: there’s a difference between a ‘reason’ and an ‘excuse’.

    When Black parents give “the talk” to their NFL Linebacker sized offspring – it would be most helpful if they would also include instructions such as:
    – don’t resist arrest,
    – don’t fight with the cops,
    – do record all pertinent info such as id and badge number, witnesses, etc., for which to file a complaint, etc.
    To the extent there are intact family units. Suspect that long gone “baby daddies” don’t give “the talk” to feral spawn.

    Ann Coulter parsed crime in usa thru a racial lens.
    She said that Black crime was comparable to that in africa. White crime rates similar to that of europe.
    The nfl and the nba and the prison system are full of black males.
    Neo-liberal Progressives are outraged at the racial disparity in the prison sys. and consider that to be evidence of bigotry, implicit bias, and institutional racism.
    Michelle Obama ridiculed Whites for “running away” from Black crime. That was the great White diaspora. It was White survival. Whites are ‘displaced persons’ in their own country.

    There is bigotry, bias, and racism – but there is no excuse for violence, murder, looting, or arson.

  4. @3, it isn’t safe for black Americans to follow police orders. Police accountability is vanishingly low. Black people are generally poor, so less likely to have access to good lawyers. The legal system is set up like a game, and getting police convicted of anything is nearly impossible. This is the sort of thing that drives revolutions.

  5. AT

    The incidents that go poorly for the officer most often occur when an officer is working alone.

    These crooks get froggy, not just when they have a death wish, but when they think they have a shot. My PD does traffic stops with patrols consisting of at least two uniformed officers in one or two marked vehicles, then there’s often an officer in an unmarked vehicle behind that, and often a tactical officer in a pickup behind that or the two unmarked are close by driving a side street in a satellite patrol. If they think they are stopping a crook the number of vehicles really increases.

    With 20/20 hindsight, at this point, a huge portion of the blame rests on police leadership for choosing to continue sending officers and troopers out alone. We can trace this leadership failure to the culmination of several factors:

    1) leadership desire for (the appearance of) presence over mass

    2) internal police preference to create and staff lots of police jobs outside traditional uniformed traffic and presence patrol: SWAT, detectives, legislative liaisons, etc. etc.

    3) trading partners for overtime and a general abuse of overtime and pension systems

    4) modern diversity forcing departments to abandon 20th century policies of only hiring folks over 6 feet tall who can demonstrably street fight.

    What you have are departments that are deliberately understaffed in order to ask legislatures for big overtime budgets, where no one wants to do the uniform work anyway, but the higher ups still want the appearance of presence over mass.

  6. lou

    AT, my father was in law enforcement. back then, there was a tough written test [basically an IQ test] to get hired, you had to be smart. I think height was more like 5’8″, not 6′.

    A book, Tom Sowell or Bell Curve or Pat Buchanan’s book mentioned high standard for NYC police, pre 1960s.

  7. AT

    Boston PD was 6 feet.

    Retired troopers I used to work with told stories of taking new recruits to bar fights (without any weapons) just to practice and inoculate them to violence.

    Ex-football player deputy sheriff I knew let a crazy guy chase him around his cruiser with a knife for over ten minutes rather than shoot him, while waiting for backup to come help take him down without killing him.

    Look at that guy in the video. He’s a three time loser felon in possession of a firearm. Nevermind he probably had drugs in the truck, he was probably looking at 10 years in federal prison anyhow. How responsible was it to send one officer to stop that guy and hold him there?

  8. I have made MANY arrests including very dangerous, armed criminals.

    Many things I did are now not allowed like the ‘choke hold.’ This, I used on men larger and stronger than me. It stops them totally when the oxygen level drops suddenly. I used to wrestle with cattle and horses and such so this was pretty normal just like shooting a gun.

    I assume people who are criminals, when we intersect, want to kill me so I act accordingly. I know exactly what it is like, say, someone on drugs drives off the highway and crashes. I ride up on old Socksie and start telling him what I am going to do to rescue him.

    Then, when he goes nuts, I give him a quick choke to cut off the hysteria. Then I tell him to lay still or I would use harsher methods. Ahem.

    I DID THIS. When only 14 years old, too. Look, people today want ‘magic cops’. Absolutely no one calls the cops more than black women, they call them all the time and then argue with the cops when they show up since the reason for these calls are due mainly to out of control, childish black males or females being very violent with each other.

    This is their reality. They want magic cops who arrest people they are fighting but don’t want the cops to stop CRIMES especially stealing stuff all the time. THAT, they want to continue nonstop!!!!

    Good lord, this is so easy to understand.

  9. And policing has collapsed in ALL DNC run hell hole cities big and small. The actions of this gangster party are obvious: they invite illegals into the country, let them run wild, blame the victims and they encourage stealing stuff. Why?

    The entire DNC is now riddled with thieves! Some of the GOP is, too. Trump tried to clear out the thieves in the GOP and they got really mad at him for this.

    BOTH parties were and are looting our country! Why is this being allowed?

    Liberals want no law and order, they want endless goodies showered on them and their hell hole urban voter base. And this is fatal.

  10. lou

    Blacks call the popo? What about the no snitch policy? The grim sleeper killed maybe 100 plus black women. People knew he dealt in stolen cars. But its a no snitch zone.

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