More Police Shoot-outs With Violent Criminals, Meanwhile Riots Continue By Criminals In DNC Cities


We have the same old same old story: cops shoot a felon, other felons riot.  Most criminals have been let out of prison or not arrested due to the coronavirus disease so we are overrun with violent criminals who riot at the drop of a hat.  On top of this, the DNC stole elections so they now have total power over our nation which is why they are busy destroying civilization as fast as possible.  This is, of course, obviously going to have a very bad ending.  To read all about this, read ‘The Decline and Fall of Rome’ which is a 240 year old book explaining the obvious.


One suspect was killed, another was wounded, and three law enforcement officers were injured during a police chase that ended in a shooting in Georgia on Monday morning, authorities said. Carroll County sheriff’s spokesperson Investigator Ashley Hulsey said the chase was initiated by the Georgia State Patrol in Bremen and ended near Georgia 61 and Flat Rock Road, just south of Interstate 20.


Law enforcement officials said on Monday that the incident began with a traffic stop on Interstate 20.


Many such shootings begin the same way.  You never know who you are stopping.  Felons know exactly who they are!


A Georgia State Patrol trooper stationed near Villa Rica, about 50 miles west of Atlanta, noticed a Nissan sedan that was clocked at 111mph. The trooper pulled the Nissan over to the side of the road and approached the vehicle.


Career criminals do this trick: they stop, the cops get out of their cars then bingo!  The crooks take off at a very high speed.  This happens all the time.


Moments later, a chase ensued, during which the trooper performed a ‘pit maneuver’ – a tactic used by law enforcement officers to get a speeding car to turn sideways abruptly, causing the driver to lose control and the vehicle to stop. The pit maneuver was successful, but the driver managed to regain control of the car and the chase continued.


Hate to tell this but the ‘pit maneuver’ is practiced by the criminals.  You can see where they do this by the loop-de-loop tire burns on intersections.


That’s when one of the suspects who was armed with a rifle fired gunshots at the trooper’s vehicle, disabling it. The trooper then radioed local law enforcement in the area. The three wounded officers are seen left to right: Rob Holloway, Chase Gordy, and Jay Repetto.


Biden and Harris are on the side of the rioters and career criminals.  Being criminals, themselves, they appreciate the need to avoid arrest.  Biden’s son is a fine example of this.  Here is another funny story from the DNC gang in DC:


Kildee is terrified and needs psychiatric help.  HAHAHA!  I have had a very rough life including rape, multiple attempted gun shots aimed at me and missing…lightning bolts hitting me five times, riots, deportations, jail time, near death from diseases…this guy is a coward.  What a coward.  He should resign and crawl back under his bed with his teddy bear.  What a baby.


Note the much tougher Republican, attacked nonstop by liberals who are hysterical, raising huge amount of money and is going after bankers and other Bilderberg agents.  HAHAHA.  No baby tears from him.



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16 responses to “More Police Shoot-outs With Violent Criminals, Meanwhile Riots Continue By Criminals In DNC Cities

  1. shawntoh

    Listen up, Elaine said, and we said, we shall seekth it and find it here, read out loud to ye and ye… dig it…

  2. lou

    The counties of Hennepin, Ramsey and Anoka are under curfew at 7pm in Minnesota tonight.

    That’s almost 50% of the population of the entire state..first place looted…shoe store. get some Nikes or whatever.

  3. Pete


    UK and US issue Ultimatum
    to Turkey-Must fight Russia!
    Prepare for War in Ukraine.

  4. Joseph E. Kelleam

    Copsuckers gotta suck cops.

  5. Pete


    Events are moving fast now

  6. snoosebomb

    @3 , i’m sure that will work out well ,,, how does this fit the ‘great reset ‘ ?

    one smart guy , putin vs a bunch of idiots

  7. Pete


    Zelinsky stated a few days ago that they will
    take back Crimea.100,000 Ukrap troops are
    on the border of Donbas. Wants NATO to come in.

    So Putin moving 250,000 troops to Uke border.
    Says will defend citizens in Donbas.

    Massive build up on all sides.
    Poland moving troops,
    UK says Turkey must fight with NATO.
    Blinken going to EU tomorrow.

    Russia meeting now with Iran.
    China did massive simulated bomb
    run on Taiwan. NK getting ready.

  8. Always, people poke at the Bear and then are shocked when the Bear beats the hell out of them all.

    People seem to have forgotten that Russia and China are nuclear armed nations.

    This is, of course, insane: Europe is collapsing due to foreign barbarian invaders plus a collapse in child birthing by the European natives so they are going extinct soon and of course, they are utterly incapable of fighting anyone, anymore due to a collapse in the male collective which is who has to do this ‘fighting’ business.

    Young ladies are terrible fighters in wars if conscripted, all will become pregnant, pronto. If forced to have abortions, they will be lousy fighters because they want to SURRENDER. Duh.

    This is one of a million reasons to not have young women on the front lines in times of war. This is suicidal but note how the West is very suicidal right now.

    Note also, they think we are going to roast to death! While it is SNOWING IN APRIL in Europe and all of Europe is shivering cold right now as I type. So much for ‘global warming’ which is a joke.

  9. lou

    Europe fight back? If you complain bout rapists and violence, you go to prison.

    Search ‘Emma West.’

  10. Ken

    Biden is too far gone down the road of dementia to make any war time decisions. Someone else is making the decisions. But who? If Russia has not figured out who the real power behind Biden is, and how they think, then the risk of misjudging some action is very high.

  11. snoosebomb

    There is another trouble brewing , Ethiopia is building a big dam on the nile,-Egypt-to-Nile-dam-summit

  12. WE don’t even know who is running DC now. The DNC doesn’t know! This is pure chaos now.

  13. Moe

    @11 Ken

    No way are the Russians uninformed about who is running the DNC/DC show.

  14. snoosebomb

    13 , yes we do, klaus schwab , WEF , Bilderberg

  15. Kenogami

    Klaus Schwab is a useful idiot. The real powers need some lightning rod buffoons for when the masses get really angry.

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